20 best gifts for 18 years old girl – what will you give your friend, sister, daughter?

An important date! We always celebrate 18 years like no other date. Coming of age becomes important for the girl herself, and for her parents, and, of course, for friends. This is an age that opens up new horizons and opportunities, new roads to adulthood already. And, of course, gifts on this day should be special, significant, for a long memory.

What to give?

  • Gold chain with a cross (if the girl is baptized) or with a commemorative talisman pendant

Usually, such presents are given by mothers. Moreover, most often this gift is a heirloom, passing from generation to generation.
You can pack it in an elegant mini-chest and, attaching a mini-postcard, leave it on the sly at your daughter’s bed on the nightstand.

It’s not so commonplace if it’s a ring, again – a heirloom jewel. Or, for example, it is not only a decoration, but also a marriage proposal. Such a gift from a loved one will be very touching and pleasant.
There are a lot of options – to present it. From a glass of champagne to a beautiful velvet box. You can also hide it in a box (of course, in the shape of a heart) under rose petals, after placing a tropical live butterfly there.

  • Bank card

Or a deposit in her name. Such a gift will be appropriate only from parents (or godparents). Your bank account is a great idea. Let the “newborn” save money to implement her plans.
You can solemnly present the card at a gala dinner by sealing it in a beautiful envelope.

  • Apartment or car

A very expensive gift that, of course, no girl will refuse. Donors are only parents, and nothing else. From a man, such a gift would be too obliging (unless this man is a husband).
A car can be decorated with a huge bow and placed under the windows, and the keys to the apartment can be “lost” between other small gifts.

  • Driving courses

Has your daughter been dreaming of passing her license for a long time? Help your child realize his dream! If you already have the license, you can donate a subscription to other courses – extreme driving. Let him learn to ride competently.

  • Fitness club membership, a certificate in a beauty salon and a certificate for the purchase of cosmetics in her favorite store

Such a present will come in handy, both from mom and from a friend. But what is there – and from a loved one, he will also come in handy! A series of wrapping procedures, manicure, massage – everything will be in place.
Certificates can be lowered to the bottom of the box, sprinkled on top with sweets and tinsel, and the box itself can be pasted over with funny photographs from the life of a “newborn”.

Of course, only high quality and expensive ones. No cheap “pencils” and perfumed water from the kiosk! If a young man knows her favorite fragrances, he will be in the cards. Just do not experiment with new smells – it will be a shame if she uses expensive perfume to wipe the laptop screen or lubricate mosquito bites.
Pass this gift in your basket of sweets through the courier. And don’t forget a bouquet of her favorite flowers (or maybe even a flower toy?).

  • Personal photo session

A great gift from friends. Make the girl feel like a fashion model. Just don’t skimp on the photographer – choose the best!
An invitation to a photo session can be issued on a solid invitation card and handed over (with a traditional bouquet / sweets) together with a courier.
Do not forget to sign that this is from you (so that she does not take the invitation as a joke), and check the process.

Already 18? It’s time to go to the islands! Mom and Dad can make their daughter happy with a trip to Bali or the Seychelles (or “where there is enough money” – in the Crimea, for example, the rest is no less memorable) at a family tea party with a candle blowing.
So that the daughter is not alone bored, it is better to take 2 vouchers at once – for a daughter and a girlfriend (or a friend, he will look after her). Just first send a text message to your child – “Lucky, you’re going to the islands!” Let him be surprised and a little worried.

  • Good coffee machine + a couple of packs of expensive aromatic coffee

A solid and useful gift from friends. A fresh cappuccino or latte in the morning is a dream come true! Please your friend – let him pamper yourself and you with a delicious drink every day.
This gift, of course, cannot be hidden under a pillow, but it can also be presented in an original way. You pack 2 boxes beautifully – in one you put the coffee machine and the coffee itself, and in the other – a couple of unnecessary and easily breakable bottles (plates). You hide the first gift, and you drop the second one “accidentally” when giving it – the louder the breaking glass rings, the more spectacular.
When the birthday girl’s shock has passed, hand her the hidden coffee machine (and a bottle of valerian as a bonus).

  • A set of items for her hobbies

What is the “newborn” hobbyist? If she is an artist – donate a set of good paints, brushes, canvases (there are never many of them, and they are always useful). Do you do handicrafts? Run into a shop for needlewomen – there probably are a lot of gizmos that she does not have time or money to buy.
Pack everything in a large wicker basket and mask on top with 18 plush hares (or bears – whatever you like).

  • New laptop (or the mobile phone she wanted so badly)

It can be given by friends (to chip in “a little”) or parents.
You can give it in the following way: send a courier in the usual mood and in the usual overalls (agree with someone from your acquaintances). He must give the newborn a package of documents for signature – an annual (or rather unlimited) supply of Love, Health, Good Luck, etc. Of course, for each document (beautifully designed and pre-printed) – a separate sheet with a free space for her signature.
The gift itself (laptop or phone) should be presented at the very end, in gift wrapping paper.

An original and definitely a pleasant surprise from a loved one. You can agree on such a surprise in any company that organizes holidays. The lyrics for the song can be composed independently or entrusted to the organizers.
It is better if the performers are waiting for the newborn, for example, at the exit from the restaurant (cafe) after your gala dinner.

  • Congratulations on the billboard

Today, such a gift for a beloved girl can be ordered in any city – just contact the appropriate outdoor advertising company. Every passer-by will see your congratulations.
But the main thing is that she should see it. So look for a billboard closer to her home. She will appreciate (100%)!

  • Janitor with a mouthpiece

Better to come to an agreement with the artist (although the janitors sometimes too – oh, how artistic!). The janitor has to wander under her windows all morning and recite poetry through the horn, previously written specifically for the newborn.
After that (when the girl is already tired of “hanging” in the window and giggling), the janitor should be surrounded by “passers-by” (we also agree in advance) and sing “Happy Birthday” (or “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”) with him.

  • Prince on a white horse

A gift from a loved one. A fountain of emotions is guaranteed for both. We rent a white horse for a few hours and ride under the windows of our beloved adult princess.
It is not worth acting out the scene with salvation from an evil mother (the future mother-in-law may be offended), but a ride on a white horse from her house to the nearest restaurant will be a delight. A prerequisite is that she must be in a dress (princesses do not wear jeans). And already in the restaurant you can give her a small gift at dinner.

  • Glossy magazine with her photo on the cover

Of course, on order. And of course, it will not be cheap. But such a present will definitely add vivid emotions to the holiday.

  • 2 mugs (or 2 T-shirts) with a picture for two

Such a gift won’t drain your wallet too much, but it will be very expensive and memorable for her. The drawing itself can be drawn or ordered by a specialist in a company where you will order “emotions” for your beloved.

  • To Paris for a couple of days

Yes, it’s as simple as that – you book in advance a table in a restaurant on the banks of the Seine and a hotel room. Unless, of course, your relationship has already reached the stage where you can afford such liberties. True, tickets will have to be taken after the birthday so that you do not have to ask her parents for permission to take the “child” abroad.

  • A holiday in the country

This gift can be organized by a loved one together with the friends of the newborn. And with my parents too. At someone’s dacha, everything is organized to the smallest detail – from tartlets and salads to kebabs, fireworks and pleasant surprises (horseback riding, an artist with her portrait, live music, etc.).
The main thing is not to warn where she is being taken and who is waiting there. Maybe she has long dreamed of seeing old friends? Call them there – let it be a surprise for her.

And do not forget to pack your gifts in the brightest positive emotions. Only a gift from the heart will become truly dear and memorable.

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