20 best New Year Soviet cartoons

The best Soviet cartoons about the New YearCartoons of the Soviet period are still popular among Russian (and not only) viewers. The secret of success is simple – Soviet cartoons bring up in children the very “bright, kind, eternal” that is lacking in modern animation and in the modern world as a whole.

New Year’s fireworks will burst out very soon, and in order to prepare for the holidays 100%, we invite you to remember about cartoons from the USSR about New Year and just about a winter fairy tale.

Still, the New Year is, first of all, a children’s holiday.

Winter in Prostokvashino

Released in 1984.

Everyone’s favorite, familiar characters – Sharik, Matroskin and Uncle Fyodor celebrate the New Year in Prostokvashino. And even with dad! And, maybe, with my mother, if she still has time to visit them in the village from the New Year’s light.

Winter in Prostokvashino

The only pity is that the TV set in Prostokvashino does not work …

One of the kindest cartoons of the USSR, which both adults and children watch with pleasure.

Santa Claus and summer

Released in 1969.

A touching cute old man Santa Claus lives alone at the North Pole, making gifts and dreaming of seeing the summer.

Santa Claus and summer

In what he was helped by Soviet animators, sending Grandfather to the summer to the song “About Summer”, which instantly became a hit.

Moroz Ivanovich

Released in 1981.

Fantastic New Year cartoon film by Ivan Aksenchuk.

The idler Malasha plays the fool all day, her sister, the needlewoman Dunyasha, works tirelessly. One day their grandmother is overcome by an illness, and the whole household already completely falls on the fragile shoulders of Dunyasha.

Moroz Ivanovich

So Malasha would be messing around if Moroz Ivanovich peering through the window …

Timoshkina’s tree

Released in 1966.

Is the New Year’s holidays possible without a Christmas tree? Of course not!

Timoshkina's tree

So little Timoshka decided in the same way, after which he boldly dashed in the company of his faithful puppy into the forest behind a New Year’s tree …

Miraculous well

Released in 1956.

Another wonderful (puppet) story about two sisters – lazy and hardworking.

Miraculous well

One day a bucket of sisters falls into the well. What to do – you will have to go down for him directly to the kingdom of Santa Claus …

Snowman mailer

Released in 1955.

One of the most amazing New Year cartoons from Soviet animators.

On the eve of the holiday, the boys make a snowman and send him to the forest with a letter to Grandfather Frost – the guys really want a Christmas tree and gifts.

Snowman mailer

The snowman boldly goes into the forest in the company of a dog named Druzhok. Interesting adventures and dangers await him, with which he can easily cope …

The traditional quality of Soviet animation, excellent musical accompaniment, the voices of the heroes performed by your favorite actors – a great New Year’s fairy tale for children of all ages.

Santa Claus and the gray wolf

Released in 1978.

Remake of the 1937 cartoon.

In this fairy tale, the children are waiting for Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, as well as their amusing retinue. Together they will save the bunnies from the evil wolf and the cunning crow, and also will not forget about the New Year tree.

Santa Claus and the gray wolf

A kind, fabulous cartoon that will certainly make you smile.

New Year’s journey

Released in 1959.

Boy Kolya is very worried that his dad, a polar explorer, who is spending his days in Antarctica, will be left without a New Year tree on holiday. Falling asleep, Kolya sets off on a journey – dad will have a Christmas tree, and that’s it!

But the dream ends, and with it the magic …

New Year's journey

The cartoonists did their best: this beautiful cartoon for the whole family has been included in the lists of the best New Year’s stories for children for many years.

12 months

Release year: 1956th.

Frosty and snowy winter covered the whole country. But while everyone is wrapping themselves in blankets and listening to the crackling of logs in the stoves, the evil stepmother pushes her stepdaughter out the door, demanding snowdrops for the holiday …

12 months

This fabulous story is familiar to everyone from early childhood. And among her many adaptations, this one is one of the best.

Classics of the genre!

Umka is looking for a friend

Released in 1970.

A festive series from a short cycle of stories about Umka the bear.

Umka is looking for a friend

A curious bear cub comes to the polar explorers’ station to find his friend. In search of a boy, Umka, who escaped from his mother, studies the life of polar explorers, dances by the Christmas tree, eats cakes and finds himself in various comical situations.


Released in 1973.

New Year’s fairy tale lesson about a nut cracker toy that comes to life and goes to war with the mouse king.

A beautiful cartoon with meticulous drawing of details and characters: an immortal story with classical music and unobtrusive instructions for young viewers.


A real gift for the New Year, which will teach the child courage and kindness.

Christmas Eve

Released in 1951.

Vakula is deeply in love with the beautiful Oksana. His love is so strong that he is ready to fulfill any of her wishes – yes, at least to saddle the devil himself in order to get to the Russian Empress, and to beg for some slivers from her for his beloved Oksana …

Christmas Eve

A high-quality, atmospheric, amazing cartoon based on the story of the same name by Gogol – for older children and adults.

New year’s night

Released in 1948.

A wonderful Soviet cartoon about Santa Claus, who on the eve of the holiday was looking for a Christmas tree for the kids.

New year's night

A cartoon in which the characters speak a beautiful, purest Russian language, which is so important for modern children “studying on the Internet” from the cradle …

How a hedgehog and a bear cub celebrated the New Year

Released in 1975.

The face of every kid who watches this cartoon invariably lights up with a smile. A simple, but such a wonderful, sweet and kind story about a bear and a hedgehog who celebrated the holiday together.

How a hedgehog and a bear cub celebrated the New Year

They never managed to find the Christmas tree, and the Hedgehog decided that he himself would become the Christmas tree …

When the trees are lit

Released in 1950.

Little Lucy demands a bunny from Santa Claus, and her brother demands a bear cub. The Snow Maiden with Grandfather Frost are in a hurry to see the kids, but the evil wolves confuse all plans.

When the trees are lit

A bunny with a teddy bear that fell out of the bag are forced to get to the children on their own …

One of the favorite cartoons for many generations is the real magic of Soviet animation.

The Snow Queen

Released in 1957.

Everyone knows Andersen’s story about the snow queen, Kai and Gerda. This cartoon is one of the best adaptations of a wonderful tale about saving a boy from ice captivity, about Gerda’s loyalty, about the fact that kindness can melt even the coldest heart.

The Snow Queen

A marvelous, beautifully drawn story that Andersen himself would have liked for sure.

A small masterpiece of animation, which is highly recommended for viewing for modern kids.

Christmas story

Released in 1972.

Christmas story

In this adorable puppet cartoon, little Grisha meets the Snow Beast in the forest, which is only supportive of polite children …

Snow Maiden

Released in 1952.

Another masterpiece of animation, which successfully combined opera and artistic talent of the creators.

Snow Maiden

The heart of the Snow Maiden, which became the fruit of the love of Spring and Santa Claus, does not know love – it is covered with ice, and human feelings are not familiar to him.

But what is the point in life if there is no love in it?

Come for a visit

Released in 1979.

Once the forest animals invited an elephant from Africa to visit them on the New Year’s holiday.

Come for a visit

Everyone is very much waiting for him, except for the hooligan wolf, who managed not only to offend everyone, but also to steal the gifts brought by the elephant …

Last year’s snow was falling

Released in 1981.

Not a single New Year is complete without this cartoon. Tatarsky’s plasticine masterpiece is adored by both children and adults.

Last year's snow was falling

A humorous, surreal winter fairy tale about a man who was sent by his wife on the eve of a holiday at a Christmas tree. A truly folk cartoon – atmospheric and instructive.

What cartoons about the New Year do you like and watch? Looking forward to your feedback and advice!

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