20 effective phrases will put a colleague in place if a colleague is rude or nagging

For many people, work is not only a source for replenishing the family budget and an anchor of stability, but also a hobby that is a way of self-expression and brings a certain joy in life. Unfortunately, work is not always associated only with bright and pleasant emotions: relationships with colleagues can force even a calm person to slam the door.

How to put in place insolent colleagues?

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5 responses to a colleague if he constantly nags at work

Is your “comrade” at work vigilantly watching your every step, groundlessly picking on every little thing, exhausting you with attacks, reproaches and jokes? Do not rush to splash lemonade in the face of an impudent person or send him on a long journey to a well-known address – first, make sure that you have exhausted all cultural methods.

  • “Would you like a cup of coffee?” And have a heart-to-heart chat. You will be surprised, but goodwill sometimes not only discourages the impudent and deprives him of “thorns”, but also quickly solves the problem. In the end, adequate adults are always able to find a common language.
  • Be flexible and compromise. Even if nothing comes of it, your conscience will be clear – you at least tried.
  • “You have parsley stuck in your teeth.” Limit all attacks to a joke. With a smile, but categorically “move out” from any reproach. And continue to calmly do your job. On the principle of “smile and wave.” On the 10th time, a colleague will get tired of your answering jokes and “non-action” (the best answer to a hammam is precisely non-action!) And will find himself another victim.
  • “Your suggestions?”. And really – let him show and tell. Give the person the opportunity to express themselves, and give yourself the opportunity to move on to a normal dialogue with a colleague. Calmly listen to his objections and suggestions. Also, calmly agree or, in case of disagreement, reasonably and, again, calmly voice your point of view.
  • “And indeed. And how did I not immediately realize? Thanks for noticing! Let’s fix it. “ No need to go into the bottle. The most bloodless option is to agree, smile, do as you are asked. Especially if you are wrong, and the colleague is a more experienced person in your work.

5 right steps to be followed by a work colleague and reported to your boss

Have you got a “sent Cossack” in your team? And more and more for your soul? If you are an exemplary worker and have a firm habit of keeping your mouth shut, then you do not need to worry. However, it will not hurt to know about the rules of behavior with “informers”.

  • Putting a colleague in an information vacuum. We discuss all important and personal issues only outside of work. Let the comrade starve without food for denunciations. And, of course, we take a responsible approach to our work. If you come in after noon, run away long before the end of the working day, and spend most of your working time in the “smoking room”, then the boss will assign you indefinite vacationers even without the bad guys.
  • We act from the opposite. Calmly and confidently we launch “misinformation”, and let the informer warm his long ears and spread this misinformation around the company. The minimum that awaits him is a reprimand from his superiors. The method is radical, and it may well turn out to be a double-edged sword, so choose the material for the “disinformation” very carefully.
  • “Who is there?”. We ignore the colleague himself and his attempts to ruin your life. And as for the bosses, there is no need to worry: no one likes informers. Therefore, do not try to run after your colleague-informer to the head and insert your 5 kopecks. Just “sit by the river and wait for the corpse of your enemy to float past you.”
  • “Well, shall we talk?” A heart-to-heart conversation is a very realistic solution to the problem. But without bosses and in the presence of witnesses – other colleagues. And preferably those colleagues who are on your side. In the process of a sincere conversation, one can explain to a colleague that everyone knows about his actions that no one supports these actions, and that at all times the fate of informers was unenviable (everyone chooses the tone of the conversation and epithets to the best of their intelligence). It is worth noting that as a result of such conversations, informers very often realize their mistakes and take the path of correction. The main thing is to convey to the person that in your friendly and strong team with such life “principles” they do not linger for a long time.
  • To hell with delicacy, we count the ribs of the snitch! This is the worst case scenario. It will not increase your “karma” unambiguously. Therefore, emotions – aside, sobriety of thinking and calmness – above all. Better yet, humor can help relieve tension. It is humor, not sarcasm and skillfully inserted hairpins.

In the matter of denunciations, it is always harder than with ordinary rudeness. A boor can, if desired, be pulled over to his side, calm down, brought to a conversation, turned into a friend from an enemy. But to be friends with an informer – this pride, as a rule, does not allow anyone. Therefore, if a snake has started up in your friendly team, deprive it of its poison right away.

A colleague is openly rude – 5 ways to lay siege to an insolent person

We meet boors everywhere – at home, at work, in transport, etc. But if a bus boor can be ignored and forgotten as soon as you got off at your stop, then a boor colleague is sometimes a real problem. After all, you will not change jobs because of him.

How to lay siege to an insolent person?

  • We answer every boorish attack with a joke. So your nerves will be more intact, and your authority among colleagues – higher. The main thing is not to cross the line in your jokes. “Below the belt” and black humor are not an option. Don’t stoop to the level of a colleague.
  • We turn on the recorder. As soon as the boor opens his mouth, we take out the dictaphone from our pocket (or turn it on on the phone) and with the words “Wait, wait, I’m recording,” we press the record button. There is no need to frighten the boor that you will take this audio collection to the boss, write down “For history!” – defiantly and certainly with a smile.
  • If a boor asserts himself in this way at your expense, deprive him of this opportunity. Does he bother you during your lunch break? Eat at a different time. Does it interfere with your workflow? Transfer to another department or work schedule. There is no such possibility? Ignore the lunges and see point 1.
  • “Want to talk about it?” Every time someone tries to piss you off, turn on your inner psychiatrist. And look at your opponent with the forgiving eyes of a psychiatrist. Specialists never contradict their violent patients. They pat them on the head, smile affectionately and agree with everything the patients say. For especially violent ones – a straitjacket (a phone camera will help you, and the whole series of videos on YouTube).
  • We grow personally. Take care of yourself – your work, hobbies, growth. With personal growth, all boors, scammers and gossips remain somewhere outside of your flight. Like ants underfoot.

5 answers to how to deal with a gossip colleague

Of course, everyone is thrown off balance by the false rumors spread behind their backs. At this moment, you feel “naked” and betrayed. Especially if the information about you spreading at the speed of light is true.

How to behave?

  • Pretend that you are not aware of the situation and continue to work calmly. They’ll gossip and stop. As you know, “everything passes”, and this too.
  • Join the discussion of yourself. With humor and jokes, jokes. Get involved in the gossip and boldly add a couple of shocking details. Even if the gossip continues, at least relieve the tension. Further work will be much easier.
  • Point a colleague to specific articles of the Criminal Code on libelwhich he breaks with his gossip. Doesn’t understand in an amicable way? File an honor and dignity lawsuit.
  • Every day, deliberately and defiantly throw a colleague a new topic for gossip. Moreover, the topics should be such that in a week the team is completely tired of them.
  • Talk to the boss. If all else fails, then only this option remains. Just don’t rush into the boss’s office and do the same thing that your colleague is doing. Calmly ask your superiors for help without naming names – let them advise you on how to get out of this situation with honor without harming the general microclimate in the team.

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