20 exciting books to be read in one go

Despite the abundance of e-books, tablets and audio formats, it is impossible to discourage a book-lover from going through the pages. A cup of coffee, an easy chair, the incomparable smell of book pages – and let the whole world wait!

To your attention – TOP-20 of the most interesting books. We read and enjoy …

  • In a hurry to love (1999)

hurry to love

Nicholas Sparks

The genre of the book is a novel about love.

It is generally accepted that only female authors succeed in romance novels. “A Haste to Love” is an exception in this specific genre. Sparks’ book won the love of readers around the world and became one of his most popular works.

The story of the touching and incredible love of the priest’s daughter Jamie and the young man Landon. The book is about a feeling that intertwines the fate of two halves only once in a lifetime.

  • Foam days (1946)

Boris Vian

The genre of the book is a surreal love novel.

A deep and surreal love story based on real events from the author’s life. The allegorical presentation of the book and the unusual plane of events are the highlight of the work, which has become for readers a continuous postmodern with a chronology of despair, spleen, shocking.

The heroes of the book are gentle Chloe with a lily in her heart, the author’s alter ego – Colin, his tiny mouse and cook, friends of lovers. A work full of light sadness that everything ends sooner or later, leaving only the foam of days.

Twice filmed novel, in both cases it is unsuccessful – no one has yet succeeded in conveying the whole atmosphere of the book, without missing important details.

  • The Hungry Shark Diaries

the hungry shark diaries

Stephen Hall

The genre of the book is fantasy.

The action takes place in the 21st century. Eric wakes up with the thought that all the events of his previous life have been erased from his memory. According to the doctor, the cause of amnesia is severe trauma, and the relapse is already the 11th in a row. From that moment on, Eric begins to receive letters from himself and to hide from the “shark” devouring his memories. His task is to understand what is happening and find the key to salvation.

Hall’s debut novel, consisting entirely of puzzles, allusions, allegories. Not for the general reader. Such a book is not taken with them on the train – they do not read it “on the run”, slowly and with pleasure.

  • White Tiger (2008)

Aravind Adiga

The genre of the book is realism, novel.

The boy from the poor Indian village of Balram stands out against the background of his siblings by his unwillingness to put up with fate. A confluence of circumstances throws the “White Tiger” (approx. A rare beast) into the city, after which the boy’s fate changes dramatically – from falling to the very bottom, his steep rise to the very top begins. Whether crazy, or a national hero – Balram is struggling to survive in the real world and escape from the cage.

The White Tiger is not an Indian “soap opera” about a “prince and a beggar”, but a revolutionary work that breaks stereotypes about India. This book is about the India that you will not see in beautiful films on TV.

  • Fight Club (1996)

Chuck Palahniuk

The genre of the book is a philosophical thriller.

An ordinary clerk, exhausted by insomnia and the monotony of life, by chance meets Tyler. The philosophy of a new acquaintance is self-destruction as the goal of life. An ordinary acquaintance quickly develops into a friendship, crowned with the creation of the “Fight Club”, the main thing in which is not victory, but the ability to endure pain.

Palahniuk’s special style gave rise to not only the popularity of the book, but also the already well-known film adaptation with Brad Pitt in one of the main roles. The book is a challenge about a generation of people for whom the boundaries of good and evil have been erased, about the insignificance of life and the race for illusions, from which the world goes crazy.

A work for people with an already formed consciousness (not for teenagers) – for comprehending and rethinking their life.

  • Fahrenheit 451 (1953)

degree forentgate

Ray Bradbury

The genre of the book is fantasy, novel.

The title of the book is the temperature at which the paper burns. The action takes place in the “future” in which literature is prohibited, reading books is a crime, and the job of firefighters is to burn books. Montag, who works as a firefighter, reads a book for the first time …

The work that Bradbury wrote before us and for us. More than fifty years ago, the author was able to look into the future, where fear, indifference to others and indifference completely supplant those feelings that make us human. No unnecessary thoughts, no books – just human mannequins.

  • Book of Complaints (2003)

Max Fry

The genre of the book is a philosophical novel, fantasy.

No matter how hard it is for you, no matter how unfortunate life is, never curse it – not in thought or out loud. Because someone near you will happily live your own life for you. For example, that smiling girl over there. Or that old woman in the yard. These are the Nakhis who are invariably by our side …

Self-irony, subtle banter, mysticism, an unusual plot, realistic dialogues (sometimes too much) – time flies by with this book.

  • Pride and Prejudice (1813)

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen

The genre of the book is a novel about love.

Time of action – 19th century. The Bennet family has 5 unmarried daughters. The mother of this poor family, of course, dreams of marrying them off …

The plot, it seems, is beaten to the “eye corns”, but for more than one hundred years, Jane Austen’s novel has been re-read by people from different countries over and over again. Because the heroes of the book are engraved in the memory forever, and, despite the calm pace of the development of events, the work does not let the reader go even after the final page. An undeniable masterpiece of literature.

A pleasant “bonus” is a happy ending and the ability to stealthily wipe away a tear of sincere joy for the heroes.

  • Golden Temple (1956)

Yukio Mishima

The genre of the book is realism, philosophical drama.

The action takes place in the 20th century. The young man Mizoguchi after the death of his father ends up in a school at Rinzai (approx. Buddhist academy). It is there that the Golden Temple is located – the legendary architectural monument of Kyoto, which gradually fills the mind of Mizoguchi, displacing all other thoughts. And only death, according to the author, determines the Beautiful. And all the Beautiful, sooner or later, must die.

The book is based on the actual fact of the burning of the Temple by one of the novice monks. On the bright path of Mizoguchi, temptations are constantly encountered, good fights against evil, and in the contemplation of the Temple, the novice finds solace after the failures that pursue him, the death of his father, the death of a friend. And one day Mizoguchi comes up with the idea – to burn yourself together with the Golden Temple.

A few years after writing the book, Mishima, like his hero, made himself a hara-kiri.

  • The Master and Margarita (1967)

Michael Bulgakov

The genre of the book is novel, mysticism, religion and philosophy.

An ageless masterpiece of Russian literature – a book worth reading at least once in your life.

  • Portrait of Dorian Gray (1891)

The Picture of Dorian Grey

Oscar Wilde

The genre of the book is novel, mysticism.

The once abandoned words of Dorian Gray (“I would give my soul for the portrait to grow old, and I was forever young”) became fatal for him. Not a single wrinkle on the eternally young face of the protagonist, and his portrait, according to his wishes, is aging and gradually dying. And, of course, you have to pay for everything in this world …

Repeatedly filmed book that once blew up a prim reading society with a puritanical past. A book about a deal with a tempter with tragic consequences is a mystical novel that should be re-read every 10-15 years.

  • Shagreen leather (1831)

Honore de Balzac

The genre of the book is a novel, a parable.

The action takes place in the 19th century. Raphael gets pebbled leather with which you can fulfill your desires. True, after each fulfilled desire, both the skin itself and the hero’s life are reduced. Raphael’s delight is quickly replaced by insight – too little time has been allotted to us on this earth to waste it so ineptly on unaccountable momentary “joys”.

A time-tested classic and one of the most fascinating books from the master of the word Balzac.

  • Three comrades (1936)

three comrades

Erich Maria Remarque

Book genre – realism, psychological novel

A book about male friendship in the post-war period. It is with this book that one should begin acquaintance with the author who wrote it far from his homeland.

A work filled with emotions and events, human destinies and tragedies – heavy and bitter, but light and life-affirming.

  • Bridget Jones’s Diary (1996)

Helen Fielding

The genre of the book is a novel about love.

Easy “reading” for women who want a little smiles and hope. You never know where you will fall into a love trap. And Bridget Jones, already desperate to find her half, will wander in the dark for a long time before the light of her true love dawns.

No philosophy, mysticism, psychological spirals – just a love story.

  • The Man Who Laughs (1869)

Victor Hugo

The genre of the book is novel, historical prose.

The action takes place in the 17-18 century. Once in childhood, the boy Gwynplaine (who was a lord by birth) was sold to the Comprachicos bandits. At the time of the fashion for freaks and cripples, who amused the European nobility, the boy became a fair jester with a mask of laughter carved on his face.

Despite the trials that fell to his lot, Gwynplaine was able to remain a kind and pure person. And even for love, the disfigured appearance and life did not become an obstacle.

  • White on Black (2002)

Ruben David Gonzalez Gallego

The genre of the book is realism, an autobiographical novel.

The work is true from the first to the last line. This book is the life of the author. He can’t stand pity. And when communicating with this person in a wheelchair, everyone immediately forgets that he is a disabled person.

The book is about the love of life and the ability to fight for every moment of happiness, in spite of everything.

Dark tower

Stephen King

The genre of the book is an epic novel, a fantasy.

The Dark Tower is the cornerstone of the universe. And the last noble knight in the world Roland must find her …

A book that occupies a special place in the fantasy genre – unique twists from King, close intertwining with earthly reality, completely different, but united into one team and reliably described heroes, vivid psychologism of each situation, adventure, drive and the absolute effect of presence.

  • Future (2013)

Dmitry Glukhovsky

The genre of the book is a fantasy novel.

The transcoded DNA at the output gave immortality and eternity. True, at the same time everything that had previously forced people to live was lost. Temples have become brothels, life has turned into an endless hell, spiritual and cultural values ​​have been lost, everyone who dares to have a child is destroyed.

Where will humanity come? A dystopian novel about the world of immortal, but “inanimate” people without a soul.

  • The Catcher in the Rye (1951)

over the drink in the rye

Jerome Salinger.

The genre of the book is realism.

In 16-year-old Holden, everything characteristic of a difficult teenager is concentrated – harsh reality and dreams, seriousness, replaced by childishness.

The book is a story about a boy who is thrown by life into a whirlpool of events. Childhood suddenly ends, and the chick pushed out of the nest does not understand where to fly and how to live in a world where everyone is against you.

  • You were promised to me

Elchin Safarli

The genre of the book is a novel.

This is a work that falls in love with from the first pages and is taken away for quotes. A terrible and irreparable loss of the second half.

Can you start living anew? Will the main character cope with his pain?

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