20 most read books in the world – popular book bestsellers of all times and peoples

The most read books in the world - the world's best bestsellersThe most popular books on the planet are, of course, the Bible and the Koran, the number of reprints of which is impossible to count. But we will not include religious literature in our rating of the most read books.

To your attention – TOP-20 best-selling books: masterpieces of fiction that have become the best-selling in the world.

Harry Potter

Released in 1997.

Author: J. Rowling.

A series of fascinating fairy tales about the young wizard Harry has become the most popular in the world, and not only among children.

Harry Potter

The circulation of books translated into 67 languages ​​is breaking records in the world book market: more than 400 million books were bought by Hogwarts fans in the first 11 years after the book was published.

The sensational series of books also became the basis for the films of the same name, after the appearance of which the Harry Potter fans arrived in the regiment.

Have you read about Harry to your children yet? It’s time to fill this gap!

Lord of the Rings

Released in 1954.

Author: D. Tolkien.

No less popular than about Harry Potter, a series of books (or rather a large book of 3 parts) about the fairy-tale ring of omnipotence conquered many people (note – the circulation has already exceeded 500 million copies). The world of hobbits and gnomes, the terrible Mordor and the eye of Sauron, Frodo and Gandalf – perhaps there are practically no people who have not heard of them.

Lord of the Rings

Films based on the books became a pleasant surprise for Tolkien’s fans, although it is, of course, impossible to replace the writer’s books, even if they are of high quality, with screen versions.

It is worth noting that Tolkien’s first book about the hobbits also sold a solid circulation – more than 100 million. This background to the main books (“The Hobbit or There and Back”) is listened to and read by children who have not yet matured to the trilogy itself.

One of the cult books of the 20th century definitely deserves its honorable 2nd place.

Little Prince

Released in 1943.

Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

How to tell about the most difficult things in an accessible and simple way? Exupery knew how, answering the most pressing questions in his book, which instantly gained popularity immediately after its first publication.

Little Prince

In addition to the most amazing fairy tale, the author presented the world with his illustrations, which in various interpretations, but still are present in various editions of the book – by the way, translated into 100 languages ​​and sold over 200 million copies.

The Da Vinci Code

Released in 2003.

Author: D. Brown.

Just a few years after the release of this novel, the circulation “exceeded” 81 million copies. Bestselling book translated into 44 languages ​​and successfully filmed. No other book written in the same genre of thriller with an intellectual bias has gained after such popularity.

The Da Vinci Code

The author managed to masterfully pull the invisible strings of the reader’s soul: even after 14 years the book is being bought very actively and no less actively arguing about the ideas put forward in it.

In no small measure, the book was promoted by the speech of Archbishop Angelo, who openly condemned this literary masterpiece.


Released in 1988.

Author: P. Coelho.

A novel, understandable to any generation, and necessary for everyone. A book that will become the perfect springboard to a new world of self-development. A cure for depression and a wind in the back for everyone who lacks the courage to move forward.


One of the best-selling novels, with circulation exceeding millions for a long time. A fairy tale-parable about striving for your dream, published in 117 countries and written in an accessible language.

The novel “The Alchemist” is among the most important books that teenagers must read

Green Mile

Released in 1996.

Posted by Stephen King.

King’s sensational novel bypassed many literary bestsellers in popularity. The story of the death row prison, which is being led by a former, already aged warden Paul, brought many readers to tears.

Green Mile

The book was filmed in 1999, and the film with Tom Hanks in the title role to this day occupies a leading position in the ranking of the best.

A 100% immersive novel.

gone With the Wind

Released in 1936.

Posted by Margaret Mitchell.

A screened novel, the name of which is familiar to readers of almost any country. An amazing book about love (as well as friendship, loyalty, betrayal …) that happened against the backdrop of the US Civil War.

gone With the Wind

Worldwide love of readers and 8 Oscars for film adaptation, more than 50,000 copies sold on the first day of the novel’s release, 31 reprints and more than 40 million copies (however, this number is constantly growing).

If you have not yet had time to enjoy this literary masterpiece, do not deny yourself the pleasure – time will not pass in vain.

The novel “Gone with the Wind” is one of the most beloved and read women’s novels

Master and Margarita

Released in 1940.

Author: Mikhail Bulgakov.

This fantastic novel could not be filmed for a long time. “As if the dark forces were in the way,” as the participants in the failed film adaptations told later. Until the moment when Bortko got down to business.

Master and Margarita

A novel that does not need advertising at all, and which has conquered the whole world.

A love story, a visual aid about human vices, a philosophical novel – everyone decides for himself what this book will become for him.

Three comrades

Released in 1936.

Author: E. M. Remarque.

There are three of them. Three friends who are united by a common front-line past. Comrades who were thrown into the jaws of world wars, like other youth.

Three comrades

But, despite the ghosts of the past and the post-war crisis, you need to look for your own path and fight for what is dear.

A novel filmed in 1938.

The Picture of Dorian Grey

Released in 1890.

Author: Oscar Wilde.

A scandalous and successful book from an author who has become popular at all times. A real masterpiece of English literature about a hero who fervently desired eternal life.

The Picture of Dorian Grey

The novel was filmed twice, in 1945 and in 2009, but for all the beauty of the films, they, of course, could not compare with the book.

“The Picture of Dorian Gray” is among the most interesting world bestsellers, from which it is impossible to tear yourself away

Anne Frank’s diary

Released in 1960.

Author: Anne Frank.

One of the most famous books written about the Holocaust in the world. The book was first published in Holland, where a 2-year-old Jewish girl wrote her memoirs during the German occupation.

Anne Frank's diary

Today, this book, translated into 17 languages ​​and sold in millions of copies, is considered one of the most popular in the world.

You won’t find the literary smoothness of a venerable writer here – it’s just a diary written by the hand of an ordinary 13-year-old girl whose childhood ended very quickly.

The Catcher in the Rye

Released in 1951.

Author: D. D. Salinger.

The boy Holden is only 16, he is a classic “goof” and a dreamer with a big heart.

The Catcher in the Rye

A story for which there are no boundaries of time – as a reflection of tens of thousands of lives of young girls and boys, free from frames, still able to dream and not noticing the close edge of the abyss.

Loneliness on the web

Released in 2001.

Author: Ya.L. Vishnevsky.

A modern novel on the burning topic of human loneliness in the Internet age.

Loneliness on the web

Is it possible to experience the same vivid emotions from falling in love on the Internet, as in reality? How deceiving are these feelings? And what will happen then when you decide to meet in real life?

The book, which has become a bestseller, and which so far has not been surpassed in popularity by any novel with a similar theme.

Pride and Prejudice

Released in 1813.

Posted by Jane Austen.

A true classic, timeless.

Pride and Prejudice

A world-famous work about a strong woman, absolutely free from prejudices, stereotypes and even her poverty. Elite prose, which has become not only a classic of love literature, but also a whole life lived for readers – atmospheric, sensual and relevant for all times.

Monday starts Saturday

Released in 1964.

Author: Strugatsky brothers.

Monday starts Saturday

The book, deservedly considered the pinnacle of the authors’ creativity.

Psychological fiction, from which even those readers who have not yet had time to get acquainted with the work of the Strugatskys are immediately delighted.

The Great Gatsby

Released in 1925.

Author: F. S. Fitzgerald.

Sometimes it’s still better (and calmer) if dreams remain unfulfilled …

The Great Gatsby

The book is about love and dreams, about the times of prohibition and post-war rapid enrichment, fashionable jazz and capital, amassed not in the most honest way.

A successfully filmed novel in which the author painfully and sensitively described his own love.


Released in 1949.

Posted by George Orwell.

Heavy, but super-popular grotesque novel about three powers, constantly fighting (traditionally) for territory.


A book thoroughly saturated with hatred and fears associated with totalitarianism. Control over people, over their thoughts and feelings, over desires, control over the mind and denial of any emotions and manifestations of freedom. Total lack of freedom, more terrible than which, according to the author, there is nothing …

This book cannot be read on the run – it takes time to comprehend and understand.


Released in 1955.

Author: Vladimir Nabokov.

It was from this scandalous book that fame came to the author.


Few people know, but the events described in the novel really took place back in 1948, in the United States.

Despite the contradiction in which the “disgusting plot” and the aestheticism of the whole novel enter, it still attracts and attracts readers.

Alice in Wonderland

Released in 1865.

Author: L. Carroll.

Who would have thought that this work was created by the author so long ago – in 1865.

Alice in Wonderland

The book, which has been at the top of the popularity charts for one and a half hundred years, has sold (and continues!) Around the world in millions of copies.

“Classics of postmodernism” – this is how “Alice” was described in the list of the best science fiction books.

Sleep in the red chamber

Released in 1791.

Posted by Cao Xueqin.

A gripping novel by a Chinese, world-renowned author about 3 generations of the aristocratic Jia family.

Sleep in the red chamber

A book with a clear storyline, elements of the author’s autobiography, supernatural incidents, intrigue and love lines.

A true literary masterpiece with a circulation of over 100 million copies. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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