20 sayings about karma from Sadhguru

Sadhguru is a yogi and mystic, as well as a person who approaches his mission with special passion and responsibility. He has been named one of the 50 Most Influential People in India, and his work has helped millions of people around the world through his self-discovery and self-improvement programs.

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Sadhguru has the unique ability to make the ancient yogic sciences relevant to modern times. His approach does not apply to any belief system, as it offers special, proven and, most importantly, effective methods of self-transformation. Sadhguru strives for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of humanity and is able to accurately and succinctly characterize many phenomena.

20 wise quotes from Sadhguru

We offer you his statements about such a concept as karma.

  • Karma means you are the creator of your own life.
  • Every moment of your own life, you take action – physically, emotionally, energetically, and mentally. Every action becomes a part of your memory. This is karma.
  • Commitment to oneself and one’s work destroys karma and leads to liberation.
  • Old karmic layers are able to stick to you only if you persistently continue to apply new and new layers of “karmic glue”.
  • Karma is your action and your memory. Without action, there is no memory, and there is no memory without action.
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  • Karma is not in your actions, but in your will and your choice. Karma is “made” not by the content and essence of your life, but by its environment and setting.
  • Karma works according to certain tendencies. But if you have awareness and focus, you may well give it a different direction.
  • Of all the varieties of karma, the use of occult powers for personal gain or for the purpose of harming other people has the worst effect.
  • Karma can be compared to old recordings that are put on repeat. Yoga helps to make life not just by playing old records, but by new experiences and new possibilities.
  • Conscious action does not affect karma – it is influenced by your reaction and opposition.
  • Whatever activity you do – if you do it with enthusiasm and joy, you are already a karma yogi.
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  • Nothing is accidental. All physical existence is a relationship of cause and effect.
  • Karma means your life is being created by you. Karmic “accumulation” can be either progressive development or a heavy burden – the choice is yours.
  • It doesn’t matter what karma you have accumulated in the past, the karma of the present moment is in your hands.
  • Whatever you do, just make sure – are you doing it just for yourself or for the well-being of everyone? This will remove any confusion about good and bad karma.
  • If your perception is colored by memories or the strength of your memory, then it is karma. Memory is the basis of all your prejudices, fears and complexes.
  • Karma is both your chance of survival and your bondage. If you handle all this correctly, then karma can also become your liberation.
  • Karma yoga does not mean service. It means overcoming habitual and partly obsessive actions.
  • Karma means supreme responsibility. You even take responsibility for your genetics.
  • If you really learn to meditate, you will go beyond karma.

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