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The year 2020 made its own adjustments to the film industry and the filming of many films was suspended. The directors looked forward to the lifting of restrictions, worked in difficult conditions, the actors were isolated from family and friends. But the pandemic only showed that there are no barriers for people of art, and closed borders helped to see the local nature from a completely different angle.

Below is a selection of films that you can watch in online cinemas.

1. “Justice League of Zach Snyder” (USA, UK)

Justice League Zach Snyder
Justice League
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What do superheroes die for? Saving millions of innocent lives and always remaining on the guard of law and order, sometimes death is closer than you expect. After the death of Superman, outrage returns to the world again, power passes to people who are ready for anything for the sake of glory and control of the world. The supervillain Steppenwolf has never been so close to his plan to turn Earth into hell.

Inspired by the death of Superman, Batman gathers his entire team to stop the villains and prove to everyone that his friend’s death was not in vain.

The original director’s cut of Justice League (2017) by Zach Snyder won the love of moviegoers from day one.

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2. “Fire” (Russia)

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This film was released at the end of 2020, but it became available on online movie platforms only this year.

Fire is an uncontrollable element that will stop at nothing. He destroys everything in his path and leaves no chance for salvation.

A squad of firefighters and rescuers are throwing all their strength into fighting the flames in order to save the villagers at any cost. One wrong step cuts them off from the outside world, and now there is nowhere to wait for reinforcements.

The film shows how heroic deeds become the daily work of people working for the benefit of the people of our country. The cost of fighting fire is sometimes very high, especially when it comes to saving children.

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3. “Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor” (Russia)

Major Thunder
Major Thunder: Plague Doctor
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An honest and unscrupulous police major Igor Grom works as a law enforcement officer in the city of St. Petersburg. He cannot be bribed, he is able to solve any case and always seeks justice. But everything changes when, in front of his eyes, the “major” is released in the courtroom, who knocked down the pupil of the orphanage to death. This outrages not only the public, but also Igor himself. He does not intend to give up and is ready to fight to the last, so that the culprit gets what he deserves. But he is ahead of the real hero of the city, who calls himself the Plague Doctor. He kills the ill-fated offender and thereby gains the public’s trust.

Igor is faced with a difficult task, to catch the so-called hero and stop the bloody judgment over everyone who deserves it.

4. “Palmer” (USA)

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He was predicted a brilliant career in football, but fate decided otherwise. The first blow from fate deprived him of his professional career as an athlete. And he inflicted the second blow on himself, going to prison for 12 years.

Returning to his hometown, Palmer dreamed of only one thing – to improve life and no longer get into any trouble. But the past cannot be erased from life.

Unexpectedly for himself, the main character is forced to take care of a neighbor’s boy, whose mother leads a riotous lifestyle and prefers to do only himself.

Palmer meets a girl, cares for a boy, and takes on a whole new meaning. But the old friends are not going to just leave him alone, knowing full well that any wrong step will again put Palmer behind bars.

5. “Russian South” (Russia)

Russian South
“Russian South”
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How to win the heart of a girl who is getting married? Help her escape from her wedding. And you can also steal from the second wedding.

Artyom drops everything, spends his last money and buys a one-way ticket to the Black Sea. There lives a girl who, in one jump, changed his whole life. But the brave Moscow guy will have to go through all the tests that Russian South is famous for.

A light comedy about love, the sun, the sea and crazy deeds that only a lover is capable of.

6. “Tom and Jerry” (USA, UK)

Tom and Jerry
“Tom and Jerry”
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Many of us grew up on a bright cartoon, where Tom the cat is desperately trying to catch Jerry the mouse, but all his attempts only lead to trouble.

In 2021, Warner Bros. presented the world with a film about the very Tom and Jerry who won the hearts of children a long time ago, and some are enthusiastically reviewing these series to this day.

This time the good old “friends” find themselves on the streets of New York. Everything starts quietly and peacefully, but then their friendship again turns into an endless race of cat after mouse. But in the end, they will have to unite to help the young woman restore justice. Whether they will cope with this mission, and how the temporary truce will end with them, you can find out by watching this film in online cinemas.

7. “A couple from the future” (Russia)

Couple from the future
“A couple from the future”
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Love lives for three years? No, it is eternal. But not everyone succeeds in understanding this. Someone breaks up after the first difficulties, and someone suffers 20 years, and then it becomes an expensive pleasure.

The main characters Eugene and Alexandra tied the knot, being in love with each other, but lost this feeling after a while. In their time, divorce is very expensive, and not morally, but financially. When they find themselves in a hopeless situation, they get a second chance. They travel back in time, where their journey has just begun.

To avoid mistakes in the future, they do their best to tear themselves apart in their youth. But they had no idea how much they loved each other before.

A wonderful comedy from Alexey Nuzhny will give you the most unforgettable impressions and help you look at your relationship in a new way.

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