26 best remedies for gray hair – how to mask gray hair with and without hair coloring

How to disguise gray hair - and is it necessary?With age, every woman’s body undergoes various physiological changes. Gray hair is one such change. Sooner or later this happens, and we cannot change the law of nature.

But to hide gray hair is quite possible.

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11 ways to hide gray hair with staining – store and home remedies

If you do not want to put up with this sign of aging, then you can hide gray hair by staining. Coloring can be done both in the salon and at home.

You should also pay attention to sparing folk methods of coloring that do not change the structure of the hair. By the way, natural hair coloring is good for expectant mothers.

  1. Coloring gray hairStaining in your own color. There is nothing easier than buying a dye for your natural hair color and dyeing it at home. The gray hair will not be visible, but then you will have to constantly tint the growing silver roots. If you are a brunette, then there is no need to assume that gray hair will rob you of your wonderful hair – coloring will solve all problems. However, it should be remembered that the paint must be chosen without ammonia, so that the already weak hair does not become painful.
  2. Repainting in a different shade. Gray hair is a great opportunity to radically change your image. If before you were a burning brown-haired woman, then you have a chance to turn into a blonde, which, undoubtedly, will only benefit, because when the gray roots grow back, they will not be very noticeable.
  3. Highlighting. When highlighting, only some strands are colored. If gray hair has affected no more than 50% of the hair, then you can safely assume that highlighting will hide gray hair just fine. The gray strands will be painted in a lighter shade than your hair, which means that no one will notice your gray hair.
  4. Coloring. Coloring is very similar to highlighting, but in this case, gray strands are painted in a variety of colors. It can be darker and lighter shades – it all depends only on your desire and capabilities. Coloring looks impressive on both light and dark hair, so this procedure will perfectly help any woman to cope with gray hair. However, you should know that it is better to entrust this type of painting to a professional.
  5. Tint balm. A great way to cope with gray hair caused by metabolic disorders or severe stress. As practice shows, a tint balm allows you to hide gray hair without damaging its structure. At the same time, it does not give a lasting result, and after 2-3 weeks the painting procedure will need to be carried out again. With the help of the balm, you can dye your hair in your own shade, or a few tones darker. And modern balms also have a healing effect on the hair.
  6. Henna. She not only paints over gray hair well, but also heals hair – it becomes shiny, soft and silky. Hair growth improves, and dandruff can be forgotten after the first henna dyeing. This tool was also used by our grandmothers, so you can use it without fear to fight gray hair. The only drawback of hair coloring in this way is the duration of the hair toning procedure (you will definitely have to spend a couple of hours on this).
  7. Walnut peels. Gruel from the green peel of unripe walnuts allows you to radically change your hair color to dark brown. This method does not harm the hair, but rather improves its condition. But, unfortunately, such coloring is available only to girls living in the south, since in most of our cities the walnut simply does not grow.
  8. Coffee. Ground natural coffee gives the hair a brown tint. When making coffee gruel, remember that the less water you add, the richer and darker your hair color will end up. After you have brewed coffee in the right amount of water, you need to apply the thickening to your hair and wrap it in plastic, and then a towel. Hair takes on a rich color in an hour.
  9. Rhubarb root. If you prepare a decoction of rhubarb root, then this product gives your hair a golden and straw tint. You need to rinse your hair with a decoction, after washing it with a deep cleaning shampoo. If the shade does not want to appear, then add one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to the broth (it will speed up the clarification process). Once you’ve rinsed your hair, wrap it in plastic wrap and a towel. The procedure takes about two hours.
  10. Basma. Basma has almost the same properties as henna, but makes the shade darker and more saturated. If you want to improve the condition of your hair, hide gray hair and change your color, then Basma will be an excellent option for you. Basma gruel is brought to the consistency of thick sour cream, and then applied to the entire length of the hair, paying special attention to the gray strands. Then leave for an hour. The color will last for about 2-3 months.
  11. Onion. A decoction of onion peel has been used since ancient times as a natural natural dye. Gray hair, dyed with onion broth, takes on a shade from golden to copper (depending on the concentration of the finished product).

5 quick ways to hide gray hair

If there is an hour before an important meeting, and you will go to tint the gray roots in the salon only at the end of the week, then there are several ways to quickly paint over the gray.

So what can come to the rescue in an emergency?

  • If you are blonde and there are not many gray hairs, then quickly they can be hidden with a hairstyle, in which gray strands will be hidden. The most versatile way will be styling with curls (light on curls always plays very strongly, so gray hair is invisible). However, this method will not work for those with dark hair or gray hair over 25 percent.
  • Tint shampoo can also be considered an express method, since the entire staining procedure takes only half an hour. If you urgently need to go somewhere, then in just 40 minutes you can wash your hair, dye and dry your hair.
  • Regular mascara can provide emergency relief. If you have dark and thick hair, and sparse gray strands still make themselves felt, then you can safely dye your gray hair with mascara, then dry it with a hairdryer and comb it thoroughly with a hair brush. The same method will help if the gray roots have grown, and you do not have time to paint them with paint at the moment.
  • Reflective varnish will be an excellent option for girls with the first signs of gray hair. This method is not suitable for a sunny day, but for evening receptions this option will be simply irreplaceable. The sequins will shimmer beautifully in the light, while the gray hair is not so noticeable even upon close examination.
  • Men use pomade very often., to hide gray hair – you can take it into service and girls. The most important thing is that the coloring pigment in the styling product is not lighter, but rather a little darker than your natural color. If you have 5 minutes left before going out, then tinted pomade for hair is a great way to hide gray hair.

Pomade for gray hair - how to hide gray hair

5 ways to radically disguise gray hair

Some women absolutely do not want to put up with the fact that gray hair has already covered more than 50% of the head. In this case, it would be best to radically hide the gray hair.

What will help to cope with this difficult task?

  • Overhead strands. The easiest and most convenient way is with hairpins that will hide your gray hair. Strands can be either your hair color, while merging with all hair, or in contrasting shades (it looks very impressive).
  • Bang. In women, gray hair first appears on the temples, so if you have never worn bangs, then the appearance of the first gray hairs is the best opportunity for a haircut. The bangs can be either straight or torn – it all depends on your desire and style.
  • How to hide gray hair?Short stylish haircut. If the gray hair has covered more than 50% of the hair, then a haircut will be the best solution. An experienced master will be able to choose such a haircut model for you in order to hide all the signs of gray hair to the maximum.
  • Wig. If you do not have time for procedures, coloring and other ways to hide gray hair, then there is a quick and effective method – a wig. Nowadays there is a large assortment of human hair wigs in various shades – there is nothing stopping you from choosing a wig with hair that would be similar to yours.
  • Injection of 25% magnesia. This procedure is performed in courses and can not only slow down, but also prevent gray hair. However, you should know that injections have a number of contraindications, therefore, you first need a consultation with a trichologist.

Treatments and vitamins against gray hair – what will help to hide it?

In order to prevent rapid gray hair, or to suspend this process a little, you can use special vitamin and care products. They will help not only slow down the aging process of the hair, if it has already begun, but also prevent it if the hair has not yet begun to actively turn gray.

  1. Folk remedies against gray hairTo prevent gray hair, you can rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar mixed in equal parts with water. This will prevent the appearance of gray hair, and if there is already gray hair, it will help to lighten the rest of the hair a little to visually hide the gray hair.
  2. In order for hair to turn gray at a slower rate, you should take B vitamins. (B3, B6, B12). They help your hair grow healthier. These vitamins can be taken internally or added to the shampoo that you use to wash your hair every day. You can also pick up dietary supplements for beauty and health.
  3. Aloe milk will also help prevent the appearance of a large number of gray hair.which should be rubbed into the scalp twice a week. This mask should be on the scalp for 40 minutes.
  4. Rinse hair after washing with chamomile decoction (it is enough just to brew a pharmacy chamomile in a liter of water for an hour to get such a decoction) – this will give an excellent result. The gray hair will appear more slowly and the hair will become more silky. This remedy is also suitable for preventing the appearance of gray hair.
  5. If 90 grams of crushed dry sage leaves are insisted in a liter of water, then such a product would be an excellent option for rinsing hair after washing. The course of hair treatment with such a decoction is 2 weeks. Also, to enhance the effect of rinsing, you can add a couple of drops of vitamin E oil to the infusion – this will improve the condition of the hair and slow down the process of fading of the hair follicles.

We cannot disguise the gray hair – we turn it into dignity!

How to highlight the beauty of gray hair?Many women have gray hair, as they say, “to the face”. Sometimes you don’t need to try to paint over the platinum shade, but, on the contrary, emphasize it.

So how do you care for gray hair to make it look healthier?

  • You need to do a haircut every month. If you don’t want to change something in your appearance, then at least trim the ends to keep your hair looking healthy.
  • A beautiful shade of hair will be given by a special tinting paint of platinum shades. This option is perfect for those who do not like the shade of their gray hair.
  • Despite the fact that graying has already appeared, you need to take care of your hair. Nobody canceled humidification and conditioning. Use hair masks that deeply nourish the scalp.
  • Also massage your scalp to help your hair grow more vigorously. This will help to make hair thicker and more voluminous, which is undoubtedly important for every woman.
  • Go to the salon and get a stylish haircut. The master will certainly tell you which haircut will make your image more fashionable and original.

The website reminds: by performing cosmetic procedures on your own, you take full responsibility for non-compliance with the techniques and improper use of recipes. For professional face-to-face consultation, consult a cosmetologist or trichologist.

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