3 best Belarusian fashion manufacturers

Belarusian clothing is known for its high quality and durability. Fashion in Belarus has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. During this time, eminent brands began to regularly release designer lines with luxurious outfits. A specially created selection will help you find your favorite in this variety of Belarusian manufacturers.

Fashion from Belarus

Burvin – a fashionable titanium from Brest

More than 20 years have passed since the founding of the trade mark. The brand’s collections are focused on versatility, comfort and practicality.


The company’s designers harmoniously intertwine several styles in their creations:

  • classics;
  • modern;
  • minimalism.


You can’t call these clothes pretentious or extravagant. Restraint and conciseness can be traced in each outfit.

TM “Burvin” offers fans of quality and style to replenish their wardrobe:

  • elegant dresses;
  • stylish blouses;
  • strict shirts;
  • luxurious jackets;
  • original jumpers.


Most of the models are suitable for creating romantic outfits. Dresses in retro style are especially attractive. The designers opened the winter season with ultra-fashionable jackets, luxury coats and warm sweaters.


Important! In the face of the Burvin brand, creative individuals will find a lot of creative solutions for themselves. Many ensembles have become the embodiment of triviality and extraordinary.

Anna Majewska and her luxury models

The Brest brand creates clothes in 2 directions: classics performed by a successful woman and practicality in every centimeter. Clothes from TM “Anna Majewska” are suitable for both everyday activities and social events.

Anna Majewska

The couturier of the Belarusian company is used only by:

  • high quality and expensive materials;
  • fashionable colors;
  • chic decor (embroidery, accessories and appliques);
  • solid finish.

Anna Majewska2

Each model has a unique tailoring. The company’s designers know how to combine delicate shades and contrasting tones. In addition, they try to apply trendy colors in their collections. The dress code for Brest couturiers occupies an important place in every line of clothing.

Anna Majewska3

Important! A΄Majewska’s motto is simple truth. The clothes that a woman wears every day will tell everyone where she is from, her field of work and what she loves.

Nelva – an extraordinary view of the world

The mission of the famous Belarusian company is to create clothes for successful women. Each bow reveals the style of a confident lady. Dresses, blouses, skirts and suits serve as an integral part of her spectacular image and handwriting. Designers boldly bring daring ideas to life, combining colorful colors with extra-fashionable styles. However, first of all, TM “Nelva” is a stylish costumes.


Such kits are different:

  • elegant design;
  • fashionable colors;
  • natural texture.


Important! Oversized models made of high-quality yarn look great on slender girls. The volumetric shapes of the knitted fabric give it a special charm.

As the designer of the company Alexander Shitko noted, an ensemble in such a performance will help a woman to emphasize her status in society.

In addition, the Nelva brand produces a wide range of models:

  • down jackets;
  • coat;
  • trench coats;
  • quilted vests.

The company’s designers create poetic images four times a year. Romantic bows inspire girls for bold and extraordinary actions. The couturier’s clothes are always bet on the texture of the fabric. Naturally textured canvases work beautifully with all kinds of cuts.


In total, there are several dozen well-known Belarusian brands. It is impossible to describe all of them, but it is worth mentioning the most popular ones. These include Lakbi, Tikota, Elma, Ninele, Mari Fashion, Ninele, Juanta, Novella Sharm and others. Each of them is the embodiment of style and elegance.

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