3 cold coffee recipes that will invigorate and refresh

Many people cannot imagine a morning without a cup of coffee. We appreciate this drink for its unique taste, aroma and vigor, which it charges us for the whole day.

But summer makes its own adjustments: now we dream of something tonic and cool that will help us escape from the exhausting heat. However, this does not mean that you will have to give up your favorite drink: there are many classic and author’s ways of preparing its alternative version – cold coffee.

Frappe, glace, cold brue – this is just the beginning of that huge list of ice coffees that will be perfect on a hot day. We present to your attention 3 unusual recipes for iced coffee that you can easily and quickly make at home.

1. Mint chocolate ice coffee

What’s as refreshing as ice? Mint, of course. It will not only give the taste of the drink a special spicy shade, but also make the coffee more refreshing in the heat, leaving a feeling of coolness in the mouth. And chocolate will add light sweet notes to the drink.

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The recipe is simple. You will need 300 ml of freshly brewed strong coffee. To do this, you can use instant coffee or brew ground coffee in a Turk or coffee maker. But professional baristas recommend using whole coffee beans for making real rich coffee. In coffee beans, essential oils are completely preserved and are better revealed during brewing.

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Thus, the taste of a drink made from freshly ground coffee beans turns out to be deeper and brighter, and the aroma is more pronounced. Coffee is a kind of science, in which there are many laws of competent brewing, and unknowingly, we often make mistakes. If the technology is not followed, the coffee may turn out to be excessively bitter or sour.

In the preparation of a high-quality coffee drink, cold and hot, besides the type of coffee itself, there are many subtleties: the temperature of the water, the brewing time and the degree of grinding. Therefore, for the perfect taste, it is best to entrust this business to an automatic coffee machine that “knows” all the nuances of preparing a variety of coffee, from tart espresso to light latte.

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So, functional models are represented today by Italian De’Longhi, Dutch Philips, German Siemens and Bosch. In the latter, for example, the VeroCup 500 is able to prepare as many as 4 types of coffee in a matter of minutes by pressing one button, so if you are in a hurry to work and do not have time to cheer up, this device will be a real salvation for you. The coffee machine saves time as much as possible: it grinds the coffee itself, makes milk froth, and removes scale and oils.

And, of course, it can be used to prepare original drinks with a pinch of creativity: for example, for our recipe, brew a couple of cups of Americano in a coffee machine. While the coffee is hot, dissolve the chocolate chips in it. Let it cool slightly, add your favorite ice cream, mint syrup or liqueur, and ice. All this remains to be mixed in a blender, and when serving, garnish with ice cream or whipped cream, ice crumbs and a mint leaf. This creates an invigorating coffee cocktail with a refreshing ice-minty aftertaste.

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2. Coffee ice smoothie

This recipe will definitely appeal to those who like sweeter coffee and want to recharge themselves with vitamins to the maximum in summer. You need a banana – what’s a smoothie without fruit? Mash it into a soft puree – a stationary blender is ideal for this, which will not leave large pieces.

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Then add ice cubes and yogurt for a refreshing creamy flavor. For ice crushing, take a look at powerful blender models: not every appliance will be able to grind solid foods well.

Such blenders can be found at Moulinex, Kitfort. Bosch also has a series of reliable VitaPower blenders: in addition to high power, they have a sturdy titanium bowl and durable stainless steel knives. They will be the right choice for those who, along with coffee, love to cheer up with a vitamin smoothie in the morning.

Add freshly brewed espresso, a pinch of cocoa and cinnamon to your taste. Cool it down and you get the tastiest and healthiest coffee with a fruity note.

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3. Exotic yuan

This recipe is dedicated to lovers of Asia, because this drink comes from China and translates as “birds of love”. The name symbolizes the mandarin ducks, which traditionally represent marital happiness.

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This name was given to the drink for a reason: these birds are very different from each other, but still inextricably linked, just like coffee and … tea! Yes, this combination, which is unusual for us, is considered a classic of coffee in Hong Kong.

Making yuanyang is very simple: first, brew rich black tea and let it brew for a couple of minutes. Next, a quarter of a cup of tea is filled with concentrated or condensed milk for sweetness.

The next step is to brew the same amount of weak coffee. By the way, this can also be done in a coffee machine. For example, with Siemens EQ500 integral, the coffee strength can be adjusted: for this, there are 5 levels from low to strong taste, and you can also set the required volume of the drink.

In addition, she knows how to prepare coffee according to 8 different recipes, ranging from flat white to espresso doppio – you will never get tired of the taste of coffee, and this only opens up new possibilities for “coffee” fantasies.

Mix freshly brewed coffee with tea, chill the drink and add a couple of ice cubes. Yuanyang is ready! You can please yourself and your household with a cup of exotic cool coffee, which will give you a boost of energy and cheerfulness.

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