3 reasons why you don’t have money – psychology

The more money, the more expenses and needs. Or so: happiness is not in money. What then? In their quantity or quality of life that you can afford at their expense?

As you understand, all of the above are the essence of the attitudes that we bring into the world, and it responds to us in accordance with our needs.

If you ask for a wagon and a small cart, and stand at the same time with an outstretched hand, be prepared for the fact that you can overstrain.

Why don’t you have money even though you’re trying your best? Let’s figure it out?

3 reasons why you still don't have enough money
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The first reason is birth trauma.

In Soviet times, being rich was considered shameful and even dangerous. This gave rise to many complexes that our ancestors passed on to us by inheritance. Literally genetically.

By the way, it has already been scientifically proven that there is a genetic memory. You can deny this fact on a conscious level and sincerely crave to get rich, but your subconscious mind will block this action in every possible way, because for it this is a high-risk area. If this resonates with you, you are ready for a change.

I advise you to take a guide to the world of the unconscious, since it is difficult to deal with resistance on your own. From my personal practice, constellations and hypnosis work best with birth injuries.

The second reason is the attitudes from childhood

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The brain of a child under 7 years of age is so arranged that it perceives all the information that enters it as the ultimate truth.

Unfortunately, when we grow up, we do not rewrite the programs, and they continue to automatically guide our lives. Say daddy told you as a kid “Do not have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends”.

It would seem that such an innocent statement, how can it affect your financial condition? But imagine, maybe.

With one of my clients, we surprisingly found out in therapy that it was this attitude that prevented him from finding reliable business partners and getting out of debt pits in his life.

The client unconsciously tried to overfulfill the same plan for friends, got too close to partners, took any disagreement to heart and, as a result, led his financial well-being to collapse.

You can work out the settings in any psychotherapeutic direction. I prefer Gestalt therapy and psychodrama.

Reason three – authorities

The next level of influence, corresponding to the stage of our maturation, is our teachers, coaches, bosses, stars, bloggers, and even just more successful and lucky peers.

Depending on the level of our psychological maturity, we either perceive such people as idols and follow them blindly, even into the cliff, or we envy, and there are two ways.

Black envy leads us along the path of self-flagellation and self-destruction, if we do not work on it, this is the path to psychosomatic diseases.

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Haters leak their envy on social networks, but this does not solve their financial problems. Only white envy is productive, because it indicates that you are ready for the level of well-being that you are so hooked on.

For such people, envy is not a red rag for a bull, but a growth zone. You don’t have to blindly follow the path of successful people, you know how to be inspired by their history in order to go your own way and even further.

If you are stuck somewhere at this level, I recommend working in a coaching approach. It helps my clients to see the future, and not get hung up on what they don’t have yet.

So, why don’t you have money, if you leave out brain excavations?

I offer diagnostics with feedback

Take two blank sheets of paper and write on one the amount that you now have in your account every month and the amount that you would like to have, your wealth.

3 reasons why you still don't have enough money
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Put both sheets on the floor in front of you and alternately stand on one and the other with your eyes closed, observing your sensations in the body and emotions.

As a rule, we do not allow ourselves to have more money, because psychologically and even physically we are not ready for it. There is a feeling of internal discomfort and even a muscle block inside when we stand on paper with the very amount that we like.

If you want to know more about your situation, please get in touch. I will always be glad to help.

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