3 reasons why you should get a cat

Cats are probably one of the most ancient animals on Earth that constantly live next to humans, and they practically did not undergo significant changes over all these centuries.

Does this mean that their soul has remained the same? And how are felines involved in what is happening, evolution and changes on our planet? There is only one answer: they are definitely involved!

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Cats – deities, healers, empaths

Cats had a privileged status in ancient civilizations, and among the Egyptians in particular. The earliest ancestors of the feline date back to 4400 BC. Egyptian mythology is full of stories about cats, their behavior and impact on society and housekeeping.

The Egyptians considered cats to be deities, so they wore gold jewelry and offered food on golden dishes. In our modern world, many psychics have cats and cats, and they use their energy in their practice, as well as to maintain their own energy level.

By the way, cats are great empaths! If you are a cat lover, you know that these are not just wonderful animals, but also the most real healers. They have better contact with the spirit world than we do, and therefore are much more sensitive to our needs and the environment around us.

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1. “Your soul is my reflection, although my soul is much older”

Cats can capture the energy of their surroundings. In ancient Egypt, there was a cat in every house. In Indian mythology, the cat was considered the companion of the goddess Shashti (patroness of children). Even today, in various African cultures, cats are an integral part of tribal ceremonies and rituals.

The presence of a cat is considered a blessing. Ancient legends say that evil spirits always stay away from cats. And in a home with small children and babies, cats are a must. The energy emanating from these animals can ward off the evil eye and help solve problems. And, God forbid you, offend or kill the cat. You will incur a lot of evil upon yourself.

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2. “My paw in your hand means I have time to play games, and to cheer and heal you.”

Have you ever noticed that a cat reacts sharply to your state of mind and your emotions? If you are happy or sad, they know about it. When you feel bad, the cat will come to you, silently sit on its knees or ask for attention and affection. And won’t you feel much better by scratching behind the ear or stroking her head and back?

Cats are more empathetic and receptive than most people. The next time you feel uncomfortable, know that you have a faithful companion and understanding creature nearby.

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3. “I will purr my story to you … when I see fit.”

Empathy is a type of psychic ability. Believe it or not, cats have empathy in their blood, and they also have the ability to anticipate things to come. Any cat has certain behaviors (sometimes not very noticeable), by which you will know if danger is imminent.

For example, a cat may be overly irritable. She can look in a certain direction with concentration, although you know that there is no one and nothing there. When you notice this behavior of your pet, be alert! The cat may well have a premonition of negativity or adverse events.

Take care of your cats and thank them for choosing you!

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