30 ways to put a boor in his place – tips from a psychologist

Sometimes we are faced with a disrespectful attitude towards ourselves. In some cases, this goes beyond all boundaries, and we find ourselves face to face with human rudeness. Someone can and is able to resist, and some believe that it is better not to mess with a boor. But there are people who prefer to defend their personal boundaries and do not allow a boor to spoil their mood.

From my practice, I have identified 30 common boorish remarks that hurt and hurt any woman, even the most psychologically strong and balanced one.

put a boor in his place

THESE ways of reacting to such statements can bring the boor to his senses and put him in his place:

1. “Look at you! Who needs you ?! “

We answer in a calm tone: “May I deal with myself. And I do not need your recommendations and assessments. “

2. “Nobody will ever marry you!”

“You don’t have to worry about it. I will definitely send you a wedding invitation! ” – we say this with a slight smile.

3. “Who needs your child?”

“Don’t let my child bother you. But you should think that with such an attitude towards people you yourself / yourself will soon be unnecessary / needed by anyone. “

4. “Are you stupid?”

“Do you think I should take your question seriously?!? I ask you not to offend me. “

5. “I just don’t want you. I don’t care about you. “

“Okay, I heard you. And you made someone very happy today! I’ll go call you. “

6. “Look at you! What kind of cow are you / fat “

“I’m a beauty! And you have bad taste. “

7. “You cannot be asked for anything”

“Indeed, I should not be asked to do what I absolutely do not want.”

8. “I don’t want to talk to you. How deaf you are! “

“Good! I’ll let you be with it. Calm down and we’ll talk. “

9. “You go … and in any direction”

“Finally. You allowed yourself to be who you really are. Remember, you can’t do that with me! ” – physically get up and leave.

put the boor in place 210. “Why are you still not married?”

“And for what purpose are you interested?”

11. “Do they leave good women? Are the good ones abandoned? “

“And what kind of a therapy evening is this? Can you tell me about yourself better? “

12. “You are hysterical!”

“I am much worse than you can imagine.”

13. “You are a bad mother. Or not a mother at all “

“The main thing is that you are a good father / mother. What kind of mother I am – my child knows. And to evaluate me for him, not for you. “

14. “Well, what kind of wife are you?”

“Indeed, I mixed something up! Forget. Your husband is so-so! “

15. “You are not a daughter, but a punishment!”

“In your opinion, what should I do to make it different?”

16. “Your jokes are not funny!”

“And I was not joking!”

17. “Why are you dressed like that?”

“Get ready, now I will always look like this. And think, what do you care how I look, are you jealous? “

18. “Do you really think that you will be hired? You can’t do anything! “

“Well, you’re not my harsh employer. So, I can be calm and confident in employment. “

19. “You are no mistress! You have a mess and dirt everywhere! “

“What do I need to do to make you calm down? Specifically, what to remove now? “

put the boor in place 3

20. “You are only interested in money! You are a consumer! “

“You know, we have been meeting with you for 2.5 months, and you come to my house to visit empty-handed. This is elementarily impolite. And consumerist. “

21. “You are a manipulator!”

“It’s a compliment?”

22. “You want everything to be just your way!”

“Do you want me to do everything your way? Don’t you think this is strange? “

23. “That’s right, your ex cheated on you! Or gone! “

“I don’t understand what you mean at all. You attach too much importance to the thoughts of my exes. “

24. “Now your money is our money. And my money is not two things! “

“Let’s agree this way: we are both independent and adults. This means we have a part of the total budget. And the rest of my income does not concern you. Remember this once and for all! “

25. “Go to work, get out, cook, take care of the children – you do it better”

“What will you do at this time?”

26. “You are frigid! And all the problems in sex because of you! “

“You know, I would not be so categorical and confident in your conclusions. Since I, unlike you, have no problems in sex. “

27. “You have too high an opinion of yourself! Look at yourself in the mirror!”

“Good! Is that just what you wanted to tell me? Or is there something significant? “

28. “You have a big nose, small breasts, a fat belly, short hair …”

“I’m a beauty! Don’t fool me. Until I began to seriously consider your physiological flaws. “

29. “Don’t mind my brain!”

Silently she got up and left.

30. “Leave me alone! Go away!”

“With pleasure!”, Got up and left.

put in place boor 4

You must understand that any resistance to manipulative cues presupposes your inner self-confidence. Of course, no recipe is the same for every situation. But in this case, you have 30 tips on how to maintain your self-esteem and personal value.

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