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Fear of old age, external transformations, life changes, a change in their personal status – all this scares women with age. Women are afraid to stop being in demand in the world of men, they try to avoid all new age rules and in no way agree to a new female reality.

The main fears of older women

fear of old age

The problem of age carries many psychological aspects that unsettle a woman and make her worry and upset. Of course, aging also affects the basic fear of death, the realization that life is over, beauty and health are lost. Many women, as they get older, revisit their vivid life episodes and live more in the past than in the present and future.

Every person gets old. And this is a transition from one age period to another. And a critical attitude to this issue only adds to the psychological complications. At the age of 35-50, this problem is especially acute against the background of the young and in-demand female generation.

In pursuit of the “leaving” youth, women from an early age resort to cosmetic procedures and operations. Unfortunately, there is a widespread stereotype in society that an older woman becomes unnecessary. Children have grown up, relatives, girlfriends live their own lives, and an older woman seems to be outside the general social system. Before giving up on yourself, it is worth looking at the situation from different angles.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

comparison with others

A woman always compares herself to others. This competition is exhausting and creates a bunch of female complexes. Accordingly, if a woman gets older, she generally ceases to feel full. It’s worth comparing yourself with last year’s, with an earlier version!

Look for your advantages, allow yourself to do at your age what you did not allow yourself at all in your younger years. Compare yourself with yourself at the age after graduation and you will understand that, at least, you have more experience and you look at a lot more calmly, wiser and more rational.

2. You need to grow old beautifully

A woman full of vitality and positiveness is much more interesting than wrinkled and sad raisins. Everybody gets old. Only someone plunges into drama, and your highlight is to live a full and happy life. Many stars are not afraid to age beautifully. They demonstrate their natural beauty and thus become invulnerable, confident and simply gorgeous women.

For instance, Monica Bellucci… Always neat, pretty, sexy, despite her wrinkles and natural human flaws. Her life credo – there are no beauty standards – it is artificial. Yes – naturalness and true chic!

Monica Bellucci
Monica Bellucci

3. Find the pros of aging

Many women, behind their negative emotions about aging, do not take into account the main thing at all – finally, you have time for yourself, your pleasures, and personal interests. The older a woman is, the wiser she is. And communication with her is a desirable elixir for many. It’s interesting with you and your burning eyes filled with life – this is charisma that strikes in the very heart more than just a young body.

Look at the singer Madonna… At any age, she is energetic, good-looking, and very charismatic. This woman still conquers anyone who falls into her field of influence.


4. Keep your own style

Youth is not the equivalent of beauty. Many stars only get more interesting with age. For instance, Lera Kudryavtseva (47 years old) in her youth I tried different looks, and not all were successful.

Unnaturally thin eyebrows, a lot of sunburn and inappropriate clothing. With experience, Lera took into account her strengths and weaknesses and began to look much smarter. A woman with experience understands her characteristics and knows how to emphasize them favorably.

Lera Kudryavtseva
Lera Kudryavtseva

A woman’s age is her psychological satisfaction with herself, her life, and simply the ability to enjoy everything that is happening around her.

A young woman looks at the world with wide open eyes, and an older woman clearly understands what needs to be done and what not, what is worth spending time on and what to postpone with. With age, a woman acquires a personal chic and shine of her own – a shine of individuality and unique charisma.

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