4 female looks are always in trend

The fashion for this style was introduced by Marilyn Monroe herself. The sex symbol of the 1950s adored wearing men’s shirts paired with classic-length skirts. In most cases, Ms. Monroe tucked the blouses inside, and also unbuttoned the top buttons of the product. In addition, the American actress complemented such bows with a coat or raincoat.

Men's shirt for stylish ladies

Grace Kelly appeared in a similar image. For the showiness of the outfit, the star made cuffs on the sleeves.

Men's shirt for stylish ladies1
Grace Kelly

Modern beauties also became imitators of the style of Monroe and Grace:

Ksenia Borodina

  • Svetlana Hodchenkova.

Svetlana Hodchenkova

  • Elena Podkaminskaya.

Elena Podkaminskaya

  • Ekaterina Mukhina.

Ekaterina Mukhina

  • Marina Alexandrova.

Marina Alexandrova

  • Elena Korikova.

Elena Korikova

Bows with shiny skirts of golden or silver shades are gaining popularity among celebrities. Often, celebrities choose white or beige shirts, some prefer bright clothes.

So, Svetlana Khodchenkova at the premiere of the film “Buy Me” appeared in an emerald shirt-cut blouse and wide trousers. Ekaterina Mukhina prefers light cornflower blue tones. The look is complete with the help of sparkling trousers and a formal jacket.

Svetlana Khodchenkova1

Important! Elena Podkaminskaya decided to complement this iconic image with a hat in the style of a cap. Powdery capri pants and high-heeled shoes became a worthy basis for the outfit.

Men's shirt for stylish ladies2
Marilyn Monroe

At the same time, Marilyn Monroe showed fashionistas how to successfully use turtlenecks in her look. She skillfully combined black models with oversized trousers in a Vichy check. Monroe wore caramel turtlenecks with striped midi skirts that featured a high waist and a belt.

Admirers of this style of the 50s were:

Zoya Berber

  • Elena Korikova.

Elena Korikova

  • Maria Berseneva.

Maria Berseneva

  • Elena Podkaminskaya.

Elena Podkaminskaya

His Eminence coat

How can a real fashionista live without a coat? It is like oxygen to her. It is this wardrobe item that inspires the great style gurus to create elegant looks for all the beauties of the world.

Men's shirt for stylish ladies3
Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn

The collection of Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy and Sophia Loren had several dozen of all kinds of coats. The same can be safely said about contemporary film stars in Russia. A striking example of this is Svetlana Khodchenkova.

Her favorite model was remembered by fans:

  • double-breasted style;
  • metal buttons;
  • wide lapels;
  • pagons;
  • maxi length;
  • belts in the cuff area.

Men's shirt for stylish ladies4

At the same time, Sveta is committed to the oversized style, as well as combined products. Maria Gorban also likes samples of outerwear, consisting of fabrics of different texture. She is especially crazy about the unusual combination of cashmere and burlap.

Ekaterina Klimova adheres to more conservative views. She likes loose-fitting outfits in calm blue tones.

Men's shirt for stylish ladies5

Important! Lyubov Tolkalina shows herself from a completely different side when she chooses a light yellow coat for the image. To him, the star picks up trousers decorated with stripes, in a similar color scheme.

The costume is a classic of the genre

Trouser or skirt ensembles will never lose their relevance. The austere lines of blazers and form-fitting skirts describe the charming forms of women. In addition, they give the bow a business touch that raises the lady to the level of a man.

Classic suit
Princess Diana

Princess Diana was very fond of costumes and this won over many. Today, celebrities also often wear them for photography or social events. An example of this is Christina Asmus.

The beauty’s outfit in olive color looked all 5 stars, thanks to:

  • basque;
  • ruffles;
  • the length of the midi;
  • hidden clasps.

Classic suit1

Nevertheless, most celebrities choose pantsuits. The fashion for such an original style was introduced by Marlene Dietrich when she put on a luxurious ensemble made by Coco Chanel herself. After such an enchanting debut, this form of clothing has become a favorite of millions, including Dietrich.

Classic suit2
Marlene Dietrich

To keep all the rules of style, Marlene combined it with ties and a coat. Berets, as well as top hats, were her constant companions. Sometimes the German actress was copied by Catherine Deneuve.

Today Dietrich’s club of fans of this style includes:

  • Maria Gorban.

Maria Gorban

  • Agnia Ditkovskite.

Agnia Ditkovskite

  • Elena Podkaminskaya.

Elena Podkaminskaya

  • Anna Snatkina.

Anna Snatkina

  • Mariya Kozhevnikova.

Mariya Kozhevnikova

  • Valeria Lanskaya.

Valeria Lanskaya

  • Anna Mikhailovskaya.

Anna Mikhailovskaya

All Russian actresses seem to have conspired, having arranged a fashionable flash mob. The favorite shade of their outfits was red. Nobody foresaw such an invasion of fashionistas in fiery scarlet. But it was in this color that the beauties were stunning.

Celebrities decided to complement such ruby ‚Äč‚Äčimages with white, black or burgundy blouses with straps. Elena Podkaminskaya decided to completely plunge into the male style. Instead of a shirt, the sexy beauty put on a vest. But Maria Gorban chose a spectacular hussar-style jacket for her look.

Important! Agnia Ditkovskite decided to be distinguished by her image. Her oversized suit in the shade of a naval blazer gave the actress a masculinity while maintaining her sophistication.

Catherine Deneuve
Brigitte Bardot

The proposed 4 female looks will be in trend for all ages, because they combine femininity and independence. For me personally, outfits with a shirt or turtleneck are closer to my heart. These simple things help create all kinds of bows in different styles.

Which one did you like?

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