4 habits of an elegant woman from Maria Boucher

Not only beautiful shoes and dresses make a woman elegant! Maria Boucher is an example of a real woman who knows firsthand that clothes do not solve everything.

An elegant girl is manners, style of speech, behavior, habits. For Maria, the director of the Austrian Higher School of Etiquette, it is a way of life that she teaches others and shares her advice. So let’s find out what are the habits of an elegant woman.

Maria Boucher
Photo: @mariiboucher

1 habit: not be afraid of white in your wardrobe

– Red. Or white?

– Or white. But you can red. (From the movie “Office Romance”)

Previously, Maria was a real introvert and could not wear white. This is the shade that immediately sets a person apart from the crowd. And in order not to tolerate the looks of passers-by, she tried in every possible way to bypass this color.

However, now Boucher constantly wears dresses, white shirts and considers this one of his habits. A hue can elevate a woman, make her discreet and elegant. The specialist’s wardrobe contains many white items that help her to be feminine.

Maria Boucher 2
Photo: @mariiboucher

I have always wondered how women wear white on a permanent basis and not be afraid to get the thing dirty. However, white has a magical property – to attract the eyes of passers-by. Putting on shirts or white dresses, I immediately feel many eyes on myself, and also feel my own superiority. This tip really works.

2 habit: wear only elegant clothes at home

For many, home is associated with coziness, a place where you can walk in old pajamas. However, Maria believes that a woman should remain elegant even at home. Her dramatic change began with the fact that she replaced all the stretched T-shirts with long dresses, silk nightgowns.

Maria Boucher 3
Photo: @mariiboucher

Boucher had a goal – to start wearing long dresses to the floor, even at home, while moving slowly and doing household chores like a queen. She did it, so she always remains a gentle and elegant person regardless of the conditions and rigid framework.

Once I also tried to wear beautiful things at home. I remember that it was a gorgeous silk set that my husband gave me for our anniversary. I’ve never caught so many glances from him. Clothes even transformed me internally, I began to do household chores with ease and grace.

3 habit: keeping your posture

There must be a mystery in a woman! The head is slightly raised, the eyes are slightly lowered, everything is free here, the shoulders are thrown back. Gait free of the hip. Unchained free panther head before jumping. Men don’t let such a woman through! (From the movie “Office Romance”)

An elegant woman, according to Maria, will always keep her back straight and her head slightly raised. Posture is noble and stately, it immediately stands out and is remembered.

Maria Boucher 4
Photo: @mariiboucher

My friend always had problems with posture until the moment she went to the doctor. As soon as she resolved her back problems, she immediately transformed. This affected not only her own health, but also the general appearance. She began to look more elegant and feminine.

4 habit: wearing a coat on your shoulders

It would seem how an ordinary jacket or coat can transform a girl and make her a queen? However, Boucher herself has not yet figured out this mystery. She knows for sure that it is the clothes on the shoulders that work wonders.

Maria Boucher 5
Photo: @mariiboucher

The woman begins to walk more slowly and measuredly, she gains lightness. According to Maria’s assumptions, the girl feels as if she is wearing a mantle, which is why she slows down so much and begins to maneuver in any places.

According to my assumptions, when a girl puts a thing on her shoulders, she feels protected. In the shackles of clothes, she wants to feel small and delicate, which is why she immediately becomes elegant and tactful.

Elegance is not born with a woman – it is a habit. Maria Boucher studied long and hard to behave like a true woman, and diligence and work made her what we see her always – a feminine, elegant and luxurious woman.

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