4 mistakes of Julia Parshuta that ruined her relationship

Is it possible to enjoy a relationship forever? Yulia Parshuta is a famous singer who knows the taste of relationships based on bullying. The girl herself was more than once in relationships, which finally finished her off not only emotionally, but also physically.

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Relationships are serious work. Parshuta was able to sort out her mistakes and decided to share her findings with all of us.

1 mistake: being afraid to admit failure in an alliance

As Julia herself declares, she could not admit to herself that her relationship had failed, and she chose the wrong man. At first everything was perfect: flowers, candy, dates, but soon she realized that she had contacted the wrong person.

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If the girl left immediately, then it would not be so painful for her to part with the man. However, many girls continue to endure unpleasant relationships in the hope that the situation will change. This is her main mistake – to endure a relationship for years without a future.

A friend of mine experienced a similar attitude. She was happy with her boyfriend. However, as it turned out later, he realized that this was not the relationship he dreamed of, but was afraid to admit to everyone his unsuccessful choice. He was not happy with her, but portrayed a picture of an ideal couple. After that, my friend could not get away from this for a long time. She admitted that it would be better if he said about it right away than later, when their relationship had already taken root.

2 mistake: constant zealous tutelage

If a man begins to care, love, and then does not even allow him to meet with his girlfriends, then this is a sign of zealous guardianship. This is an indicator that the partner does not trust his woman, therefore he controls every step.

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The best relationship, according to Julia, is a relationship based on trust. If partners get along with each other, allow them to relax and take a break from the relationship, then such closeness will only lead to positive emotions.

Jealousy shouldn’t cross borders. This was my problem too – I was often jealous of my partner for no reason. However, now I realized that this person will not leave me, I just trusted him. As a result, his affection grew even more and we have a great relationship with him.

# 3 mistake: relationships come first

Relationships, according to Julia, should not become the meaning of life. There are many other important things in the world. So, the singer herself lived in a civil marriage for a year and could not notice the inadequate attitude towards herself on the part of her husband. This all led to the fact that the relationship became toxic.

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Relationships are important, no one argues, but also do not forget about work, your own development. Having gone headlong into relationships, my mother lost her job in her youth, could not pass the exams normally. People should flourish from relationships, not drown in big problems.

4 mistake: misunderstanding of the partner

If a girl looks at her partner and does not understand what he is thinking, then this is a sign that the relationship has gone in the wrong direction. Thus, Julia was unable to notice the disregard for herself, as well as her own depreciation.

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Parshuta admitted that the unhealthy relationship caused even more harm than one might expect. In fact, they turned her into a victim. So, after breaking up as an abuser, Yulia had a similar relationship, but already at work. Now the singer continues to work on herself, she realized her own mistakes. Yulia advises all women who have experienced domestic violence to move on, continue looking for a way out of a difficult situation, and talk more about their problems.

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It is important to listen to advice from other people who have already been in toxic relationships. This way, experience is adopted, people make fewer mistakes, and as a result, their life becomes better and fuller.

Relationships are the same job. Ideal relationships do not exist, however, you can achieve joint development and prosperity if you approach your partner correctly, do not make mistakes and love sincerely and purely.

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