4 psychotypes of mother and wife on the example of “Desperate Housewives”

The series “Desperate Housewives”, loved by many, perfectly demonstrates to us all the ins and outs of family relationships and shows what happens in real life after the wedding.

The four main housewife characters are very similar to each of us. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, they all make mistakes and do little stupid things.

By their example, we can see and analyze various models of behavior of women in the status of mother and wife.

4 psychotypes of mother and wife on the example of the heroines of the series
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1. Gabi – “selfish”

She walks through life like a real queen, and the man who was lucky enough to become her lover will feel himself chosen, because She looked at him.

And from now on, he must shower her with bouquets of roses, bring coffee to bed and do many, many other things, because such a woman will definitely not tolerate neglect of herself.

Undoubtedly, she loves her husband and children and values ​​family happiness. But she will never forget about her own comfort and her own “I”.

4 psychotypes of mother and wife on the example of the heroines of the series
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Her strengths and weaknesses:

She knows perfectly well what she wants from life, respectively, dissatisfaction and unfulfillment are not about her.

She skillfully builds relationships so that the partner himself is interested in fulfilling any of her desires and whims, be it a new diamond ring or a trip to a resort.

However, its principle “I see a purpose, but I do not see obstacles” does not always work into her hands, especially in relationships. Not every partner is ready to endure such an egocentric person next to him, and at some point he may simply get tired of the role of the Queen’s retinue.

And as a mother, such a woman is far from ideal. Often, in such cases, children either become a tool for the embodiment of the mother’s ambitions, or do not receive proper attention at all (as was the case with Gabrielle).

2. Bree is an “idealist”

She has the most well-groomed lawn in the area, the most educated children, the most polite husband, the cutlery in her house is always cleaned to a shine, and the socks are always arranged in pairs in the correct order. Because her family is her ideal world.

Such a woman spends tremendous energy on being the best in everything and always requires the same approach from her loved ones. In her life, everything works according to a well-coordinated script, which was written by herself.

But, alas, as soon as the system fails, the facade of the ideal life is rapidly collapsing in her eyes.

4 psychotypes of mother and wife on the example of the heroines of the series
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Her strengths and weaknesses:

No wonder her life can be compared to the system. Like an architect or watchmaker, such a woman debugs her life to a state of impeccability, therefore, there is always stability in her house, a quiet haven. Can the ideal be questioned? Of course not!

And what is not questioned is not criticized either. The authority of the idealist in the family is indisputable, absolute and unlimited – after all, she is 200% confident in her own righteousness and ideality.

But alas, this is its disadvantage. At some point, the idealist turns into a psychological abuser, forcing family members to constantly meet her high (and sometimes unattainable) requirements and criteria.

And if suddenly someone from the household dares to speak out against such requests, an idealist will perceive this as a personal insult.

The idealist has the characteristics of a narcissist. When creating an external facade, she prefers to forget about the real feelings and emotions of people, and in the pursuit of perfection she does not have time to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

As a result, she turns out to be unhappy and makes others unhappy.

3. Susan – “princess”

No matter how old she is – 20 or 40 – she will always be naive, gullible and very, very impressionable teenage girl.

Her life is a continuous sugar fairy tale, where there is a place for beautiful princes, even in the person of a plumber neighbor, evil witches, dragons, disasters, adventures and so on.

However, such a view of the world does not repel, but only disposes those around her, because she is very sincere and kind-hearted.

4 psychotypes of mother and wife on the example of the heroines of the series
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Her strengths and weaknesses:

Possessing increased empathy, such a woman, like no one else, knows how to empathize with others, understand, and support. In this regard, she will always be a wonderful mother and sensitive wife, acutely feeling the emotions of people close to her.

It is to her that the children can calmly tell their secrets, and the husband talk about his problems and cry into his vest, her family can seek solace, because she will always listen and understand.

However, the habit of relying on emotions, and not on common sense, often plays a cruel joke with her. Such a woman is especially vulnerable to manipulators and energy vampires, especially if they find themselves in her immediate environment.

In addition, it is sometimes difficult for her to soberly assess the situation and make decisions sensibly, because overwhelming emotions turn any little thing into a tragedy in her eyes.

4. Lynette – “controller”

It seems that inside this woman there is a nuclear reactor or a perpetual motion machine. She never sits still, does not relax, does not devote time to herself, her beloved, because her priority is family, husband, children.

What are they doing, what they are doing, how are they doing, whether someone is hungry, whether they have skinned their knees – that’s what is always in her head. And if the husband decides to open his own business, and the son wants to learn how to skate, then she will support and help them in everything:

  • and take a loan;
  • and rents the premises;
  • and will stand at the counter herself;
  • and buy skates.

The husband and son will not have time to look back, as a loving mother will do everything for them.

4 psychotypes of mother and wife on the example of the heroines of the series
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Her strengths and weaknesses:

Such a female controller is very “convenient” for household members. She always makes decisions for everyone, bears responsibility, does a lot of things at the same time and manages to come and help everyone.

She will rush to her husband’s office to bring him some soup (and at the same time check if everything is in order with her cat), and in five minutes she will be next to the children to attend their game of football.

But the problem is that sooner or later each of the family members may get tired of her endless activity. Children will grow up and want to build their own lives, and the husband may not like the daily overprotection of his wife-mother.

And if the children fly away from the nest, and the husband kicks up, then the controller woman runs the risk of feeling useless to anyone, because her whole life was built around the interests of a friend.

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