4 Ways to Draw Eyes Arrows – Makeup Artist Step-by-Step Instructions

How to draw arrowsArrows are universal makeup. Firstly, it can be used as a day or evening make-up. Secondly, the arrows are suitable for almost all girls whose eyelids shape allows them to be drawn.

If you like to emphasize the eyes with an elegant and neat arrow, but you want to diversify your usual image a little, try the following options.

Arrow shadows

The arrow, which you draw with shadows, will help to give the look more depth and some languor.

It will be less vibrant, graphic and crisp than a painted eyeliner or liner. However, this is the point: the image becomes more delicate, while the eyes remain highlighted.

Arrows with shadows

Important: such makeup requires preliminary application of shadows all over the eyelid.

Use the following algorithm:

  1. Apply the base under the eyeshadow to the eyelid.
  2. Using a flat brush, apply light beige eyeshadow all over the upper lid.
  3. With a round brush, add a light brown or grayish tint to the crease of the eyelid and the outer corner of the eye. Blend.
  4. Use a small, flat, thin-bristled brush to apply dark brown eyeshadow. Shake the brush lightly to remove excess shadows. Draw a line along the lash line. Draw an arrow. If it is not intense enough, go over it with dark shadows again.

Feathered arrow

This is a more festive variant of shooters that requires a little dexterity and some experience.

You can start by drawing lines with a pencil and then duplicate them with shadows. Or, such an arrow is immediately created using a gel eyeliner.

Feathered arrow

We’ll consider the second option as it will be more persistent:

  1. If desired, apply the base under the eyeshadow on the eyelid, and then the shadows themselves. You can create a classic shadow pattern: lighter shadows all over the upper lid, darkening the crease of the eyelid and the outer corner of the eye.
  2. Use eyeliner to highlight the lash line.
  3. Draw an arrow with a gel liner. I recommend using a small flat synthetic bristle brush.
  4. While the product is still fresh, lightly pat the line upward with light strokes. Thus, you only need to shade the part of the arrow, which is located to the outer corner of the eye. Keep the sharp tip of the arrow graphic. Pull it slightly towards the inner corner of the eye.

Double arrow

Such makeup gives room for creativity. After all, both the upper and lower arrows can be completely different colors!

For a more familiar make-up, it is characteristic that the lower arrow will still be in the usual black or dark brown color. It will be beautiful if it is duplicated with a line of gold or silver shade with sparkles.

Double arrow

This option will serve as a full-fledged evening make-up:

  1. Apply a base under the eyeshadow, create a shadow pattern, highlighting or adjusting the shape of the eye.
  2. Draw the first arrow with black eyeliner. Let it freeze to the end.
  3. Draw a second one on top of the black line. It is better to start leading it not from the very beginning of the first arrow, but a couple of mm further, so that there is no visual “clutter”.

If you decide to make both arrows bright and colored, make sure that the shades are combined with each other, complement, or reinforce each other.

Arrow on lower eyelid

It is better to draw the lower arrow with an eyeliner so that you can shade it: there is no place for graphic lines on the lower eyelid.

Arrow on lower eyelid

It can be the same color as the upper arrow, but it is still better if it is at least a couple of tones lighter:

  1. Draw an arrow on the upper eyelid in the usual way.
  2. Use an eyeliner to draw in your lower eyelid.
  3. Use a small flat or round brush to blend the pencil. You can duplicate the top with shadows.

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