5 Diesel Engine Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that diesel engines power more than 76% of total commercial trucks in the US? 

Your diesel engine is an investment you need to take care of to get the total value out of it. You need to take care of some actual diesel engine maintenance items. This will help increase the lifespan of this powerful component of your vehicle. 

Below, we’ll list some of the people’s most common diesel engine maintenance mistakes when caring for their vehicles.

1. Failing to Change the Oil Regularly

One common diesel engine maintenance mistake is failing to change the oil regularly. Not changing your oil can lead to a variety of problems. This includes sludge buildup and increased friction that can cause engine parts to wear out prematurely.

Regularly check your oil and replace it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for oil changes and have a proper engine maintenance routine.

2. Not Replacing Filters

You need to regularly replace the old filters with new ones as part of preventative maintenance. Make sure to check your filters monthly. If they appear dirty or clogged, replace them immediately.

Clean the filters with the manufacturer’s recommended air filter cleaner if they are still clogged with debris. Doing so will ensure your diesel engine runs at its best and for longer. 

3. Neglecting Proper Cooling System

Dirt and other debris can build up and damage the cooling system. Regularly checking coolant levels and hoses for any signs of wear and tear and replacing them as necessary is essential to avoid expensive engine damage.

Taking the time to flush out the cooling system periodically can also help ensure that dirt, sediment, and other contaminants don’t cause severe damage. 

4. Failing to Clean and Lubricate Fittings

Over time, corrosion can build up on fuel lines and valves, resulting in improper fuel flow and a loss of performance. An engine running out of fuel at any given time is one of the worst problems. 

Regularly inspect the fuel lines, valves, and other fittings to avoid this. Cleaning diesel engines can help to prevent fuel leaks, minimize noise and vibration, and help extend the life of your diesel engine. 

5. Not Checking the Fuel Injection System

The fuel injection system is one of the most critical maintenance items for diesel engines. But, if this part is neglected and left unchecked for too long, significant damage can occur.

It is essential to have the system flushed, checked for leaks, and the timing adjusted throughout the engine’s life. Neglecting to take any of these steps can lead to failure in the system, which may require costly repairs or even a complete engine replacement. To avoid this, ensure diesel vehicles have their fuel injection system checked at least annually or following any heavy load, such as towing. 

Avoiding Diesel Engine Maintenance Mistakes

Diesel engine maintenance is critical to the longevity of your engine. Simple steps like regular oil and filter changes, cleaning the air filter, and following the manufacturer’s guidelines can keep your engine healthy and running smoothly. Diesel engine maintenance mistakes can lead to costly repairs and significantly reduce the lifespan. 

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