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I am a very hospitable person and I love to have my family and friends at my place. With my close people, I do not particularly worry about the ideal order or the availability of delicious snacks. I think that you, for the most part, feel the same about it.

But in the life of each of us there are times when we have to accept unfamiliar or not familiar people. For example, meeting the groom’s parents or the mother’s anniversary, to which all her colleagues and acquaintances will be invited.

In such cases, you do not want to “hit the face in the mud”, to miss some important points and nuances.

COLADY presents 5 rules of etiquette for receiving important guests. Memorize them to avoid “shame” and judgmental whispers behind your back.

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1. Invitation

Before inviting people to visit, you need to decide on the date and time. It is desirable, of course, that it be a weekend, so that you will have enough time to prepare, and the guests.

According to etiquette, the time of the invitation is selected as follows:

  • breakfast – from 10 to 12 noon;
  • dinner – from 15 to 19 hours;
  • tips – from 17 to 19 hours;
  • for dinner – from 19 to 22 hours.

You can invite both in person and by phone. Invitation cards, which are still used for large-scale events (anniversaries, weddings, etc.), have not gone out of fashion either.

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It is advisable to notify about the holiday 1-2 weeks before it. Give people the opportunity to adjust their plans, pick up a gift, and put themselves in order.

1-2 days before the celebration, be sure to specify whether to wait for a person or not, as you will need to think about the number of devices and seats.

Remember, if you want to invite a person who has a partner, you must invite him as well. Even if you absolutely do not like him or you are unfamiliar with him!

Decide in advance for yourself whether it is possible to come to you with children. If not, be sure to mention this when inviting. This will help avoid unpleasant surprises.

2. Reception of guests

Did you know that there are certain rules for guests too?

For example, you cannot be more than 15 minutes late! If your guest is late for any reason, he must definitely warn you about it. However, you have the right not to wait for it. As they say “Seven do not wait for one!”

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It is imperative to meet guests at the door, if you have a husband / wife, then you must do it together.

Do not forget to introduce the invitees to each other. The first to introduce men to women, and after that each newcomer with all at once.

3. Shoes

No matter how you mopped the floors and cleaned your “Persian” carpets the day before, in no case suggest changing your shoes into house slippers! Even if there is slush on the street! Even if you don’t wear street shoes around the house! Even if they are brand new! Remember – no way!

Imagine a lady in evening dress or a man in a suit and rubber slates or “grandma’s” flip flops. In my opinion, a ridiculous sight.

4. Feast

A few days before the holiday, be sure to carefully consider the menu. It is not necessary to find out about the taste preferences of the guests, but it is necessary to find out if any of them are allergic to any product.

5 rules for receiving guests that will make your holiday a benchmark
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You also need to consider the placement of guests at the table:

  • the hero of the occasion should take a place at the head of the table;
  • the hostess (or any other person in charge of service) should be positioned so that she can see all the guests and be able to freely leave the table;
  • it is desirable to place couples next to each other;
  • in no case should you sit next to people who hate each other.

The main task of the hospitable hosts is a pleasant and friendly atmosphere of the holiday. Therefore, think in advance about topics for conversations, entertainment, select music for the general background of the holiday and for dancing.

Remember, there are topics that are not customary to bring up for discussion during the holiday. These include:

  • income;
  • children (illness, upbringing, etc.);
  • politics;
  • religion;
  • health;
  • problems (at work, family, relationships, etc.).

In addition, guests should not insist on trying all the dishes. (“I tried for you!”) and “strong” drinks. The person will feel uncomfortable, which will inevitably lead to a bad mood and regret that he came to you.

5. Dear guests, are you tired of the hosts?

5 rules for receiving guests that will make your holiday a benchmark
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Even if you have planned that your holiday will come to an end by a certain time, in no case should you hint to guests that they have sat too long. There is no need to defiantly yawn, pretend to be bored, start, as if by chance, to clear the table, etc.

According to the rules of etiquette, the serving of the dessert speaks of the approaching end of the festive evening. Any polite person understands that after him the celebration will soon end.

Be sure to accompany each guest to the door, provide him with outerwear, thank him for the visit.

That’s all the simple rules, following which you can arrange the perfect reception of guests.

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