5 ideas from Emma Malinina

Less than two weeks are left until the most fabulous, noisy, magical and merry holiday. And now many are racking their brains over what to give their spouses, children, relatives and friends.

Emma Malinina, who always keeps in touch with subscribers, gave some interesting ideas on which gift to choose and not “miss”. Together with Bologny, we study the tips of the stars regarding New Year’s gifts.

What to give for the New Year: 5 ideas from Emma Malinina and other stars
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5 ideas for New Year’s gifts from Emma Malinina

A good New Year’s gift doesn’t have to be expensive, luxurious, or unique. Sometimes even the simplest thing, presented from the heart, can deliver a lot of pleasant emotions and be remembered for many years.

At least that’s what the wife of Alexander Malinin, a doctor and businesswoman, thinks. Emma Malinina. On her Instagram account, she shared with subscribers several very practical and budgetary gift ideas for the New Year.

What to give for the New Year: 5 ideas from Emma Malinina and other stars
Photo @doktoremmamalinina

“There are only a few days left before our favorite holiday, and not all of them managed to come up with and buy gifts (I am also in the process). I share ideas with you, disassemble – you won’t be mistaken!

1. Christmas toys

In England, personalized Christmas balls are often presented. I already have 4 of these balls – I really like it! Yes, and in general, any beautiful toys are a joy and memory for many years. Each time I decorate the tree with them, I remember with warmth the people who gave them. In my opinion, a great gift!

2. Scarves / shawls

I love giving shawls, headscarves and scarves. First, it’s beautiful. And secondly, for me personally, this is about care, warmth, the desire to warm a person. And then it’s always nice to see friends in your gift – it’s easier to guess with scarves + there are never many of them! I, too, are very often presented with beautiful scarves, and I wear them with gratitude and pleasure.

3. Belts / bracelets

Since childhood, I have a passion to buy bracelets for relatives and friends. I often give them to Ustinya, she also loves them and wears them.
For men, especially, I think a good choice is a good belt (though you need to know the size here).

4. Winter sweaters

Now there are a lot of fashionable options with a New Year theme, or without, (more practical). A sweater is also about care and love, and it is difficult to miscalculate with the size.

5. Candles and home fragrances

When on holidays (or after) I go to visit friends, I really like to give smells. Perfume is too personal, but home fragrances or scented candles are a very appropriate gift. I myself just adore all this, when the house smells deliciously of lemon, orange, apricot, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon. “

What to give for the New Year: 5 ideas from Emma Malinina and other stars
Photo @doktoremmamalinina

Tips from the stars: simple and practical

If you are still wondering what to give as a gift to your loved one, children or parents, it may be worth listening to the recommendations of other stars.

For example, a singer and ex-figure skater Anna Semenovich, admits that she just loves to make gifts, choose, look for them. But he invariably draws attention to the usefulness of a potential present, so that later he does not gather dust on the shelves or is not redirected.

Tina Kandelaki is also a practical person and believes that the best gift will always be a book. “As you know, those who read books will always rule those who watch TV” – the TV star remarked sarcastically. She also considers it reasonable to present gifts for the home: dishes, objects, decor, a bar of good chocolate or high-quality whiskey.

What to give for the New Year: 5 ideas from Emma Malinina and other stars
Photo @tina_kandelaki

Who’s definitely all right with a sense of humor is a blogger and a businesswoman Oksana Samoilova. In her Instagram account, the star showed her gifts to her husband for the 2020 New Year: they turned out to be things decorated with her images – a blanket, a mug, a phone case and even a mosaic. It is very ironic and, by the way, many subscribers appreciated this idea.

What to give for the New Year: 5 ideas from Emma Malinina and other stars
Photo @samoylovaoxana


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