5 personality traits that help you overcome difficulties

Strong personality traitsSome people are more successful in adapting to life circumstances than others – and they not only literally survive, but also bounce back faster. Resilience is their main and common feature, or rather, the ability to quickly recover and adapt to changes.

However, do not rush to think that these people can live a relaxed and carefree life just because they were lucky to be born as such. Being a resilient person does not at all mean not experiencing difficulties or suffering.

Mental pain and sadness are often found in people who have suffered serious adversity or trauma in their lives. In fact, the road to toughness is the result of significant emotional distress.

But still, what helps them overcome even the most difficult times?

1. Self-confidence

Confident people know who they are and what they are capable of, and they do as they see fit.

They have already gained life experience, which tells them that they can achieve a lot if they put in their best efforts. However, ironically, people gain self-confidence only by going through certain difficulties in life.

Self confidence

How to be:

In those moments when you feel like an unnecessary and worthless person, work on yourself. Know that you will experience “emotional hell” over and over again until you get the best of your feelings.

Self-confidence is a key ingredient in resilience because you know for sure that you will be okay.

2. Determination

A persistent person never gives up. Never!

Imagine you are running a marathon. You have covered a third of the distance, but suddenly you have a treacherous thought: “I will not be able to reach the finish line.” A person who does not have a strong character would have stepped off the sidelines a long time ago, drank some water – and he would be quite happy with at least such a result. But – just not a persistent person who runs the entire distance, no matter how unbearable it is for him. He is determined to complete the work he has begun to the end.


How to be:

Before you start doing something, ask yourself – are you ready to make it to the finals, despite the problems and difficulties. The end-to-end attitude and level of determination will be the measure of your potential for success.

3. Flexibility

A resilient and strong person necessarily has flexibility. Well, and the one who believes that only he is doing everything right and does not ask for advice from others – in the end, will be at a dead end and will face considerable problems.

Balancing work and personal life

How to be:

You need to be flexible enough to be able to focus on several areas of your life that excite you: for example, learn how to combine work and relationships, work and family, work and hobbies – that is, find a balance.

You will never be able to overcome life’s difficulties if you are fixated on only one thing.

4. Optimism

Strong people know that no matter what, everything will be fine. They are absolutely confident that they can get through difficult times. And so it turns out – they really overcome all obstacles.


How to be:

If you are not an optimistic person, consider starting to develop this trait in yourself. Know that if you really believe that everything will turn out as it should in the end, it will most likely be so.

Remember that thoughts are material, and faith and hope can work miracles.

5. Ingenuity

Resourceful and resourceful people always have some kind of creative plan in stock, as well as opportunities to bring it to life. They also have reliable friends who will help in any situation.

Creative plan

How to be:

Resourceful people are confident that no matter what obstacles arise in their path, they will find a way to cope with them.

When life is getting pretty rough on you, assess your level of resilience and it will help you move forward.

Self-confidence, determination, optimism, flexibility, ingenuity – these personality traits will help anyone to get through difficult times. Fortunately, you can successfully develop all these qualities in yourself.

Dig deeper and gain self-confidence. Be flexible when needed and know that everything will be fine.

And may your fortitude be with you!

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