5 signs of high self-esteem in a person

5 signs of a person with high self-esteemYour self-esteem reflects how you relate to yourself (in the first place) and to the people around you. You love and value yourself, do not resort to harsh self-criticism, accept yourself as you are, and work on those personality traits or behaviors that do not seem to you the best.

What are the signs of high self-esteem in a person? You probably already know a number of them, since they are obvious, but some may still surprise you.

5 signs of a person with high self-esteem

People like that are happier and more optimistic.

There is no doubt about this: if you meet a pessimist who constantly whines and complains about fate, then his self-esteem is clearly underestimated.

Happy people, on the other hand, do not get immersed in negative thoughts, they always see the positive side of any situation, without dwelling on the bad.

5 signs of a person with high self-esteem

Such people relate better to others.

People who mistreat others are not necessarily bad – they are most likely just having problems with their own self-esteem and confidence, plus inner emotional problems.

People with high self-esteem respect themselves and those around them, so they don’t feel the need to assert themselves at the expense of others in order to feel better and higher.

They already love themselves.

Signs of a person with increased self-esteem

Such people do not envy others, especially those who are important and dear to them.

Envious people feel that they are missing something, and they envy those who have things (qualities, achievements) that they also want to have.

How can I check this?

If you tell your loved one with high self-esteem that you’ve recently gotten an amazing promotion, or you’re lucky in some way, they’ll be sincerely happy for you.

A person with low self-esteem will experience one of the following reactions: feeling sad or depressed (because it didn’t happen to them); anger or bitterness (because nothing good supposedly ever happens to him); threat or fear (because you are better and luckier).

5 signs of a person with high self-esteem

Such people are considered more attractive.

Many people sincerely believe that they will find a partner if they look stunning in terms of appearance. But the truth is, the most attractive person is the person who behaves calmly, confidently and with dignity.

People with high self-esteem do not overplay – and do not try to be better than they are. They just remain themselves.

5 signs of a person with high self-esteem

Such people rarely condemn others and try to discern only positive qualities in people.

They do not focus on the lives of others, and they do not like to humiliate and criticize people. The surest way to find out how others feel about them is to just talk openly.

A simple rule to remember: people who love and value themselves speak positively of everyone else; people who dislike themselves are critical or even cruel when they talk about others.

5 signs of a person with high self-esteem

Of course, we all have our own emotional problems or shortcomings that we have to deal with, but some people deal with it much more effectively. Surround yourself with those who are in harmony with themselves and who do not need to prove their worth to others.

Attempts to communicate (and even more so to enter into a relationship) with a person with low self-esteem will bring you a lot of difficulties, misunderstandings and even heartache. Moreover, it will deprive you and yourself of self-confidence. Do you want such a dubious extreme?

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