5 smartest zodiac signs according to astrologers

An extraordinary mind and a high IQ are the components of the success of a modern person. Perseverance, determination and hard work are not enough without a well-developed intellect. In the age of innovative technologies, the rules are dictated not only by experience, but also by prestigious education in tandem with human capabilities. Astrologers have compiled a rating of signs, among which smart people are most often found.



Agile intellectuals are under the auspices of Mercury, who has endowed the wards with curiosity, activity and the desire to open new horizons. Gemini are trying to get the most out of life, they are distinguished by a flexible mind and an outstanding intellect. Foreign languages ​​are easy for them, they travel a lot, get acquainted with the culture of different countries and are able to read about a hundred books in a short time.

It is difficult for Gemini to satisfy their hunger for information, so they often turn into eternal students. Astrologers call the representatives of the air sign real researchers who can quickly process and remember new information.

There are many outstanding philosophers and scientists among Gemini: Thomas Jung, Socrates, Nikolai Drozdov.


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Another wards of Mercury, who make the most of their natural potential. A characteristic feature of Virgo is an analytical mindset, thanks to which they are able to make forecasts and draw adequate conclusions about the current situation. Unlike Gemini, the representatives of the earth sign stand firmly on their feet and are not prone to fickleness or frivolity.

Virgos are considered incorrigible perfectionists who can waste precious time in pursuit of quality. The representatives of the element of air themselves do not consider slowness to be a problem, since only thoughtful and unhurried actions can lead to the desired result.

This postulate was confirmed by many Virgo scientists: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Jean Foucault, Alexander Butlerov.



Representatives of the water sign are endowed with a passionate temperament and irrepressible energy due to the influence of two planets – Pluto and Mars. A strong tandem of patrons gave the Scorpios an intuitive mind and incredible insight. They know how to consider the essence of each event and person, so they rarely make mistakes in their conclusions.

If a Scorpio is faced with an insoluble problem, he turns not only to mental, but also to emotional memory. Representatives of the element of water follow the news in science with interest, are well versed in technology and do not waste time.

The most famous Scorpio is Mikhail Lomonosovwho has come an amazing journey for the sake of knowledge. Among other prominent scientists and philosophers named: Cesare Lombroso, Albert Camus, Voltaire.



Jupiter’s wards are distinguished by a pronounced zeal for knowledge of the world around them. Sagittarius’s curiosity is somewhat similar to Gemini, but representatives of the fire sign are able to immediately highlight the essence in the flow of information. They focus on those areas through which spiritual growth is possible.

Astrologers call the characteristic features of Sagittarius a mobile mind and broad knowledge in several areas. Thanks to the influence of Jupiter and innate optimism, representatives of the element of fire can easily accomplish their tasks.

The list of Sagittarius scientists may turn out to be too long, so let’s focus on the most famous ones: Werner Heisenberg, Bonifatiy Kedrov, Norbert Wiener.



Astrologers call the representatives of the air sign the intellectual leaders of the zodiacal circle. Aquarians are influenced by Uranus, which increases the creative inclinations, and also endows the wards with a sharp mind and resourcefulness. From a young age, representatives of the element of air learn difficult poems and are able to retell an ornate plot.

Intelligence in tandem with phenomenal memory helps Aquarius reach incredible heights in their studies and professional life. The wards of Uranus are rightfully considered to be the generators of ideas, many of which can be monetized. Aquarians know how to find non-standard solutions in difficult situations, thanks to which discoveries are made.

Outstanding scientists born under the sign of air: Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin, Nicolaus Copernicus.

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