5 star couples who became parents in October 2020

While we enjoy the first days of November, it’s time to remember the main joyful events from the world of stars that took place last month. October has proven to be a prolific month in celebrity families. I wonder how these star children will grow up?

1. Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya

Natalia Podolskaya hid her interesting position from the public until recently. Perhaps she would never have talked about the pregnancy, but the pharmacist did it for her, who sold her some goods at the pharmacy, and then spread the news about the artist’s rounded belly to the media.

Vladimir Presnyakov
Photo @ presnyakovvladimir

Ivan Presnyakov was born on October 22. The couple dreamed of a girl, but they were also incredibly happy about their son.

“The top decided that today. We are very happy. Everything is fine … Vanya, hello “, – reported happy parents on social networks after giving birth. By the way, for 38-year-old Natalya this is the second child, and for 52-year-old Presnyakov the third – he already has an adult 29-year-old son from Christina Orbakaite.

2. “The Dancing Millionaire” by Gianluca Vacca and Sharon Fonseca

The 25-year-old beloved of the “Dancing Millionaire”, who is two times his age, gave birth to a daughter a week ago! If you do not believe the rumors that Gianlukia has an adult daughter, then this is their first child.

5 star couples who were lucky enough to become parents in October 2020
Photo @ gianlucavacchi

“Thank God, she is healthy, and we already love her more than life”, – said the artist on the momentous day in his Instagram account. Everything went surprisingly easy: the man was present at the birth and tried to support his wife in every possible way, dancing with her during contractions and filming funny videos for TikTok with a hospital employee.

We met a young mother and daughter from the hospital in a mansion decorated with balloons and toy animals. Even the numerous servants of the millionaire burst into tears from the touchingness of the moment!

The baby’s full name is Blue Jerusalem Vacca, and she, being born into such a family, certainly hit the jackpot. She is already a happy owner of good genes, the love of her parents and their incredible wealth in advance.

3. Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross

A foreign singer gave birth to a son to her husband on one of the last days of October. They informed subscribers about this with a photo from the hospital and laconic posts.: “10/29/2020. Ziggy Blue Ross. Our sweet boy has arrived! I’m in paradise! We are so happy! “

5 star couples who were lucky enough to become parents in October 2020
Photo @ ashleesimpsonross

Ashley is one of the few who openly shared the details of the pregnancy. Since spring, she has published beautiful shots of a rounded tummy, shared life hacks for expectant mothers and showed the products for pregnant women that she uses.

5 star couples who were lucky enough to become parents in October 2020
Photo @ ashleesimpsonross

She has not yet talked about her condition after giving birth, but, if you believe the words of insiders, she is all right.

Her newborn son already has an older 11-year-old brother from his first marriage and a 5-year-old sister who can’t wait to see baby Ziggy!

4.Andrey Chuev and Victoria Morozova

The couple dreamed of having a child for two years. But the lovers did not despair: they found a good doctor, underwent a course of treatment, devoted a lot of time to spiritual life and a miracle happened – the pregnancy test turned out to be positive!

Andrey Chuev
Photo @ aachuev

On October 26, Sasha Chuev was finally born. The young mother spoke in detail about the process: at 2:40 a.m. she woke up in sweat, feeling the waters recede, and after 9 hours she saw her child for the first time!

View this post on Instagram

My lovely lotus birth ?? How do you like these photos? For or against ?? I am delighted ☺️ I am writing this with tears in my eyes … 10/26/2020. this day was unforgettable, magical, incredible ..? I gave birth myself, without anesthesia, in 8 hours, there was a small gap, was it sewn up with local anesthesia? ⠀ I sincerely want to thank those who were next to me at that moment .. I gave birth to SCHP with @ First of all, Thank God that everything is fine? and for the specialists who were next to me at this hour? ⠀ Thanks to the founder of this wonderful project -Arina @akusherstvo, how much have you done for women ?? ⠀ My beautiful midwife Nastya @paramana_an who was in charge of the entire medical part, received my beautiful son, supported me, answered all questions? ⠀ My dear doula Olga @doula_akusherstvo who gave me water, cooled me with thermal water, held my hand, did a massage, and told me how to breathe? ⠀ My wonderful doctor Pavel Levonovich @doctor_tevosyan I am sure that there is no more sensitive and attentive doctor for childbirth? And also thanks to my Alinochka for these photos @ hi.mom_dad. A sorceress and a wonderful person? glad that she was there? ⠀ Childbirth was fast, easy, airy, I was just in my space, experienced contractions, and during the breaks I just passed out and listened to how they praised me? ⠀ I was treated like the most beautiful flower in the world, this is the best team for childbirth that you can imagine. We listened to music, joked, chatted, laughed? Did I cut the umbilical cord myself and make a wish? Was the golden hour with your baby right after giving birth? At the end of childbirth, they brought me food, postpartum tea, a birthday cake with a candle, a postcard and congratulated me ☺️ I cried … ❣️ ⠀ Childbirth is not suffering, pain and fear – childbirth is the best day in every woman’s life. This is a holiday ??? we do not give birth every day, and we are mothers worthy of being treated with dignity ?? ⠀ Thank you my angels for this day, you have become so dear to me, the second time to give birth only with you ?? ⠀ Everyone who is going to become a mother and wants this day to be special – I strongly advise you to give birth with @

Publication from Andrey & Victoria (@aachuev)

“Thank you, Lord, for my family! Lizonka [дочь Андрея от первого брака], daughter, your brother was born! Thank you all, our dear friends! We will celebrate with a prayer of thanks to our Lord and his son Jesus Christ! Thank you, Mother Matrona, for your miracles and righteous ways, and the people you sent us! “ – said the happy father on social networks.

5. Dmitry Bykov and Ekaterina Kevkhishvili

The 52-year-old writer became a father in the last hours of October. He also did not advertise the pregnancy of his wife, so the news of the birth of the child excited the fans – many, even the most devoted fans, did not even suspect about the forthcoming replenishment in the poet’s family!

Dmitry Bykov
Photo @ dmi_bykov

In the comments on the birth of the child, the lecturer was congratulated by many colleagues in the literary workshop, including the poetess Marina Katsuba and Solo Monova. By the way, many were surprised by the fact that the young mother is 30 years younger than Bykov, who is already raising two children! He looks much younger.

Editorial office Bologny From the bottom of my heart congratulates the happy parents and wishes all the October newborns good health and great happiness.

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