53-year-old Pamela Anderson starred in a candid photo shoot

Age is not a reason to give up bold images and participation in candid photo sessions. Apparently, this is exactly what the actress and model Pamela Anderson, who recently starred in a very daring new photo session, thinks.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson 2

Pamela Anderson 3

Despite the fact that the star of “Rescuers Malibu” is already 53 years old, she still does not hesitate to strip in front of the camera and take part in candid photo shoots, which is why she has been often criticized lately.

Many fans believe that the actress is no longer at the age to pose in lingerie and swimsuits, and it is high time for her to change her role. However, the star herself does not pay any attention to the comments of the audience and continues to tease the audience with daring photographs.

However, in fairness, one cannot but admit the fact that even today Pamela looks amazing and boasts a slender athletic body and a youthful face.

Pamela Anderson 4

A new generation or at 50, life is just beginning

Pamela Anderson is far from the only celebrity in the 50+ category who does not look back at the numbers in her passport and continues to demonstrate her attractiveness to others.

For example, “Bond girl” Halle Berry, who recently celebrated her 54th birthday, is in great shape and regularly posts photos in her bikini and underwear on her Instagram.

Halle Berry
Photo @ halleberry
Halle Berry
Photo @ halleberry

Doesn’t cheat on herself and her habits and 62-year-old Madonna: on her page on social networks, next to photos of her beloved children, there are photos from performances and photo shoots in which the famous brawler poses in corsets and fishnet tights.

Photo @madonna
Madonna 2
Photo @madonna

Does not want to enroll in a pensioner and Sharon Stone… The actress regularly appears at social events, poses for magazines, and uploads bold photos to Instagram, in which she looks just gorgeous.

Sharon Stone
Photo @sharonstone

Elizabeth Hurley, Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Demi Moore, Christie Brinkley and others continue to delight fans with their beauty.

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