6 best methods for the perfect catch

Flirting is a very sophisticated and subtle art. Special lucky ones own it from birth and know how to easily strike up a conversation with a person he likes, but for others such a task seems as difficult as climbing Everest.

In any case, it is possible and necessary to practice flirting, especially in a relationship, in order to maintain the passion and interest of your partner. So, before you 6 proven and effective methods of “fishing with live bait”.

1. Straightness

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A direct approach is usually the prerogative of men, but impudent ladies do not neglect it either. The only caveat is that in order to take the bull by the horns, you must be very confident in yourself. At least this technique saves time and allows you to find out everything quickly and immediately.

Women also like a softer, gradual approach, especially when a mutual friend introduces a new acquaintance.

After exchanging a few general questions and answers, you can move on to a more personal topic, which will finally clarify the situation.

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2. Games with a glance

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To make it clear to the person that you like him, you should talk less and look at him more. A fail-safe strategy looks like this: stare at the object of your interest, then turn away, look again, and look away again until you get his attention.

When your gazes meet, immediately lower your eyes, but only in order to then look at this person again. At this stage, you continue to observe him, focusing your gaze on different parts of the body: eyes, mouth, hair, arms, shoulders.

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3. Light hints

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At the stage of more active communication, take small steps forward. For example, during a conversation, you can whisper something in his ear, but so that your phrase is not heard by others present, or you can fleetingly touch his fingers or hand.

If you do not want to immediately reveal your intentions at the risk of scaring your “victim”, proceed very carefully and gradually in order to ignite this person’s curiosity and make him tormented by the question of whether you really liked him.

4. Physical contact!

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Once you’ve gotten used to the pace of gradual exposure, it’s time to test the boundaries of his space. According to experts, the personal space that needs to be respected (especially if you recently met) is about 45 cm.

Check how the person will react to “boundary trespassing” and how far you can go.

Try to get very close to him for a moment, for example, pretending that you are missing someone or taking something from the table or shelf. If the person does not pull away, then you can take a risk and make physical contact during the conversation. A light and unexpected touch can cause a very sharp and disturbing sensation.

5. Smile on the lips

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When you want to conquer a person, you need a smile. It has long been proven that a smiling face is considered more attractive than a serious or frowning face.

Smiling gives off a vibe of friendliness and openness, and makes you look happier and more confident. This is a real signal that you are ready for contact.

6. Conversation

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Remember the golden rule: less is more. So, if you find that you and your new acquaintance have if there are common interests, the better – this means that you will have additional topics of conversation. Remember to keep your tone and rhythm calm.

In addition, in communication, leave more space for the interlocutor: ask him a few questions and play a little with short pauses. Do not try to suppress a person with your long monologues: it is one thing to be witty and able to support any topic, it is another to occupy the whole space.

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