6 best plumbing detergents and cleaners – how to clean your plumbing?

It is not for nothing that they say that the toilet bowl is the conscience of the hostess, because the whiteness of this porcelain object speaks of the ability of the keeper of the hearth to keep the house clean. And, meanwhile, cleaning plumbing – this is the most difficult type of cleaning. After all, it is there that numerous colonies of bacteria, settles plaque and rust, as well as other dirt

In the long-term struggle for cleanliness, the hostesses have identified the leaders of household chemicals for cleaning plumbing – all of them are in our rating.

The best sanitary ware cleaners

  • Most housewives Cillit chose the best remedy

Many people wonder if there is an ideal remedy that can get rid of both plaque and from rust, and remove yellowness from snow-white porcelain. This tool exists! Cillit really removes all this contamination even from old coatings. Therefore, you can safely not change the old toilet, but simply clean it with Cillit.


Flaw this remedy is that it has a persistent, unpleasant odor. Even if the composition contains aromatic fragrances, they still will not kill this acidic smell. Hostesses need to know that can not use this remedy for enameled surfaces… Since the composition contains hydrochloric acid, which corrodes the enamel. Keep this in mind when you start cleaning the bathroom. But Cillite can be used to soak stubborn dirt even for a day.

The price of this tool is about 120 rubles per bottle.

  • The next remedy is “Comet 7 days of cleanliness”

Many housewives have noticed that his ads really do not lie. This the tool works by itself, which is already surprising. One has only to apply a thick gel to the contaminated surface and leave it in this state for 5-7 minutes. During this time Comet will eat all the dirt, streaks and rust… Thus, the hostess will not have to scrub the tiles for a long time and diligently and clean the toilet bowl with a brush.comets

Comet has the same disadvantage, like Cillit – he smells harsh and untidy. This is due to the content of corrosive acids, which explains its purifying nature. You need to work with such a tool only with gloves and with open windows. And it also has a liquid consistency. If manufacturers thought about a thicker composition, then Cometa would be enough twice as much.

The price of this tool is about 140 rubles, which is 20 rubles more expensive than Cillita with the same quality indicators.

  • The third remedy – Dressing Duckling

This is exactly what is characterized by the phrase “Cheap and cheerful.” This product also contains hydrochloric acid, so the Duckling effectively cleans plumbing fixtures. But, be careful – for the same reason Dressing Duckling is detrimental to enamel. And he is also easy spoils the skin of the handsTherefore, be sure to wear rubber gloves when cleaning the plumbing.

dressing duck

As for the workers, the quality of this tool is good enough. Dressing Duck removes rust, yellow stains and plaque in untreated cases. But the liquid consistency forces the hostess to apply the product in two layers for the perfect result. All this creates some difficulties, which, in turn, are more than covered by the economical price.
The cost of this universal remedy is about 80 rubles.

  • The fourth and most famous remedy – Domestos

Despite his fame, the hostesses did not give him their preference and did not put forward not the first line, there is a good reason for that. After all Domestos handles dirt worse. For example, it will not remove old rust, and limescale will give in only after incredible efforts applied to the brush. But compared to all previous remedies Domestos smells really good… There are even hints of lemon, sea breeze and pine needles, not just the pungent, corrosive smell of acids.Domestos

This remedy suitable for light pollution on the plumbing. So, if you have a new toilet, Domestos will do an excellent job of occasional cleaning and prevention of contamination. In addition, this versatile tool can be used for cleaning floors, with wet cleaning, and even dfor washing refrigerators… Domestos cost – about 150 rubles

  • Sanox is super cheap, super effective and super versatile

Many housewives do not think anymore about the choice of means for cleaning plumbing fixtures, they only use Sanox… Of course, it will not cope with difficult stains, such as three years of rust or two weeks of limescale. But for standard soiling our home Sanox is perfect… It can be used like for cleaning floors, so and for cleaning plumbing… He does not have an unpleasant odor.

From disadvantages can only be distinguished liquid consistency and fragile packaging… This is due to the thin plastic and the lid that breaks quickly. Like most previous products, Sanox should not be left on the surface of the plumbing for a long time. Because he’s fast eats up smooth enamel

The main trump card of Sanox is its price – about 50 rubles

  • In last place is Sarma cleaning agent

It is touted as an antimicrobial cleaner. Unfortunately, eliminating bacteria at home is difficult to assess, but cleaning performance can be easily tested. Noticed, what:

  1. With rust Sarma copes 4 minus – you have to rub.
  2. For cleaning up limescale Sarma receives no more than three. By the way, you need to clean immediately, without leaving the gel on the surface for a long time.
  3. A clear plus of this tool is smell… Very pleasant, non-toxic… As well as good, sturdy packaging.samra

Sarma is excellent for keeping clean and preventing contamination. The price of this tool 40 rubles per packing. Keeping a house clean is not an easy task, but modern household cleaning products make it easy for many people.

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