6 Common Errors in Truck Accident Claims and How to Avoid Them

Are you wondering what you are supposed to do if you are caught in a truck accident? Knowing the obstacles to obtaining your claim is crucial for anyone worried about being in a truck accident.

You shouldn’t have anything to worry about if you do everything right. Read on to learn about common errors in truck accident claims and how to avoid them.

1. Not Taking Pictures of the Accident Immediately

Taking pictures of the incident is a way of preserving evidence. If you wait to do this, some vital evidence related to the accident might be lost.

To avoid this mistake, taking pictures of the accident from many angles as soon as possible is essential. Pay attention to the positioning of the vehicles, road and weather conditions, and other relevant details.

2. Not Getting the Contact Information of Witnesses

Collecting this information is crucial to avoid denying truck accident claims. If a witness can prove that it was not the truck driver’s negligence that caused the accident, then it could help the truck accident case.

To avoid this error, accident victims should always collect their full name, address, telephone number, and any other details that could be useful. Victims can provide solid evidence for their claims and potentially have the claim accepted.

3. Not Getting Medical Treatment

When a truck accident injury is sustained, and the necessary medical care is not sought, the injured party cannot document the extent or cause of their damage. Your capacity to receive fair compensation is significantly diminished.

It’s essential to seek medical aid immediately. Document all treatment episodes, even if the injury seems minor. Make sure that you secure all the necessary medical records for your claim.

4. Not Reporting a Truck Accident to the Police

Insurers may be less likely to recognize what happened without an official report. This leaves the victim of the accident without any form of financial assistance.

To prevent this error, it’s essential to keep an eye out for reporting and claim filing deadlines and, if needed, file a police report immediately after an accident occurs. The police can help ensure the accuracy of the facts and protect those affected by the incident. 

5. Not Declining a Recorded Statement

Recordings of a claimant’s statement are often used to contest their claim. When approached by the defendant’s insurance and asked to give a recorded message, avoid it.

Recorded statements can be manipulated or misinterpreted, thus giving more power to the defendant. Claimants should understand that they are not obligated to answer inquiries except under oath in a trial or deposition.

6. Not Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer

The trucking industry is heavily regulated and the law about these accidents can be complex. A truck accident lawyer is well-versed in the laws and regulations about truck accidents.

They know what evidence and truck accident claim documents should be gathered. They will also help in effectively building a case. A lawyer can negotiate against the insurance company on behalf of the accident victim to help ensure they receive the most favorable outcome.

Avoid These Errors in Truck Accident Claims

If you ever get involved in a truck accident, make sure that you avoid these common errors in truck accident claims. File an accurate claim and get the compensation that you deserve. If you need help filing your claim, contact a qualified attorney to help you understand your legal rights and ensure a favorable outcome.

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