6 life principles of Nastya Ivleeva

How to turn from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan in a few years? Such a question may be asked by someone who does not know the path of Nastya Ivleeva. This talented girl for her 29 years has been an actress, TV presenter of the famous show “Eagle and Reshka”, as well as a popular blogger. But she came to conquer Moscow only 5 years ago!

Nastya Ivleeva
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So, what life principles led Nastya to success?

1. Do what makes “rushing”

Nastya would never have gone to blogging if she did not like it. She speaks about all her projects with such enthusiasm, as if this is the main work of life.

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Nastya’s career began with the so-called “vines” – short and funny videos: “I didn’t plan it in advance … Since there was no work from time to time, I decided to shoot a video.”

2. Develop a sense of humor

This, according to Nastya, is the main criterion by which she defines a real man. Nothing will save him if he has no sense of humor, not even a lot of money and a rich house.

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In life, Nastya looks at everything with humor. She doesn’t understand how to be sad all the time, because life is full of different possibilities. She also says that it was childishness that pushed her up the career ladder: “Without humor, no one would love me …”.

3. Deliver good content

Ivleeva’s main goal is to “provide good content.” Nastya herself understands that this requires constant work. Since she works in the field of television and the Internet, it is important for her not to lose that zest, thanks to which everyone knows her.

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She always brings the matter to the end, and also works always: “I work on my blogs absolutely every day, I always have a camera with me, I constantly think about what to shoot, with whom and how.”

4. Keep everything under control

Nastya always controls what surrounds her. She cannot when someone does not fulfill their duties or when everything does not go as planned. Nastya prefers to be responsible for everything that happens to her in this life: “If you don’t keep the situation under control, then everything will go to hell.”

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5. Constantly look for new things

Ivleeva is clearly aware that she must provide new content – something that no one has done before. If she offers an idea that has already been somewhere, she may lose not only money, but also the uniqueness that she has been cultivating for so long: “You need to find something of your own that is genuinely interesting to you.”

Nastya Ivleeva 6
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If a blogger does fashion, he will quickly become a faded spot. This did not happen with Ivleeva, because she always surprised with new ideas.

6. Treat money wisely

The blogger must clearly understand where he is investing his funds. According to the actress, she could spend everything in a few clicks, however, only a high-quality allocation of resources helped her to make a profit from what she loved.

Nastya Ivleeva 7
Photo @nastyaivleeva

Ivleeva Nastya is an example of a person who came to popularity thanks to his own efforts. If it were not for her principles of life, then she would not have become the one that everyone knows her now.

This is not an instant success story. The actions of Ivleeva are thoughtful steps, thanks to which she was able to reach heights and gain wild popularity, remaining real and sincere.

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