6 passive-aggressive zodiac signs

Passive-aggressive behavior is a fairly common way in which people react to annoying events or circumstances.

A person experiences internal aggression, but does not want to show negative emotions too vividly, and therefore chooses a passive way of demonstrating his discontent in the form of caustic comments, grumbling or even ignoring those who allegedly hurt or offended him.

The following six zodiac signs are especially prone to this manipulative method.

1. Cancer

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Cancers tend not to provoke even minor contradictions and quarrels, but they themselves often feel indignation or disappointment.

The moment they are offended or offended (and Cancers are offended constantly and for any reason), they feel an internal conflict between the desire to express what is boiling in their souls, and at the same time the reluctance to make a fuss.

Cancers will resort to annoyed moaning, complaints and passive-aggressive criticism so that those around them themselves understand what their mistake is.

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2. Libra

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Libra does not want to cause trouble to anyone and usually tries to behave in such a way that peace, tranquility and harmony reign around. In fact, this sign will do almost everything for loved ones and will surround them with care and attention, hoping that they will be treated accordingly.

When this does not happen, Libra becomes passive-aggressive. They will not enter into an open argument, but they will begin to play in silence, ignore opponents, or, on the contrary, make rather caustic remarks.

3. Fish

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Pisces are individuals with intuition and empathy, and they know how to sincerely empathize with people. They also hate strife and disagreements, but they may well be passive-aggressive.

To the credit of Pisces, they control themselves and do not fall into a rage, and then they can even convince themselves to look at things from the point of view of another person in order to get rid of their negative emotions. However, Pisces will not fail to make seemingly innocent, but harsh remarks or use sarcasm and irony.

4. Taurus

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Taurus are straightforward and not afraid to voice their emotions, however, in reality, they would rather that such situations did not arise at all. They have a very narrow circle of close people, because Taurus does not want omissions or misunderstandings.

Nevertheless, if Taurus does not like something, they will take a passive-aggressive position of confrontation and will give clues to those around them and send eloquent signals about their irritation or dissatisfaction.

5. Gemini

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Gemini are emotional and are ruled by the environment or circumstances in which they find themselves. Although this sign can be very pleasant and sweet in communication, he also sometimes becomes distant and annoyed when he tries to figure out how to adapt to a particular situation, and how to react to it.

Most Gemini need to work through their conflicting feelings in order to cope with them, so they “turn on the mode” of passive-aggressive and caustic comments for self-defense.

6. Virgo

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This sign is not globally inherent in passive-aggressive behavior, but it also has emotional breakdowns and moments of disappointment. Virgo can begin to completely ignore the opponent if he really hurt her, but later, having dealt with himself and the situation, Virgo will turn on the icy tone of communication and want to clarify all the moments of misunderstanding.

Virgo never brings contradictions to a serious conflict, but while she studies and analyzes events, she will deliberately and purposefully behave passively-aggressively.

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