6 simple hairstyles with a ponytail like Hollywood stars

Hairstyles with a ponytail are adored by young and old. Why? Yes, because they are from the series – fast and simple, but stylish, beautiful and cool. And also – it is universal. After all, it is convenient with a tail in everyday life, and in sports, walking, and even in stylish places where celebrities like to spend their time so much.


It turns out that the tail is the base. But you can screw something like this out of this design! We offer you to get acquainted with some hairstyles with a ponytail. If you like it, make them for yourself and your daughters, sisters, mothers, if they, of course, want to.

Sloppy ponytail


The main thing here is length and volume. Check out Khloe Kardashian and other celebrities who love changing their hairstyles. The main thing is to make your powerful ponytail look trendy! And there are many ways.

Low tail Pull up your hair at the base with an elastic band. Beat them, comb them with a comb. Small “cockerels” on the sides will give the hairstyle a playful mood.

Low tail

The tail is on the top of the head (or on the side!). Pull it tight with an elastic band. Cover it with strands or keep it in plain sight. Curl your hair or straighten it and cut it straight, like Bella Hadid, who doesn’t have a single strand of hair.


Ponytail at the back of the head or on top of the head Styling with a careless tail of the type “did it at random and ran” looks great. Here it is necessary to comb the strands and, having fluffed, fix it with something. Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner and others like to do this.

Ponytail at the back of the head

Ponytail at the back of the head

It would be good to fix both stories with texturizing spray. As, for example, does the hairdresser-stylist Andrew Fitzsimons. A good product will add both texture and volume. And the ponytail will look very attractive.

Braided tail

Braided tail

This style, oddly enough, is also in trend. The most fashionable catwalks have demonstrated this. There are so many variations! Suitable mainly for owners of long hair – both straight and curly. The image is chic and bohemian. Remember this styling option is ideal for those with long hair.

Styling is easy. It is enough to throw the hair back, secure it tightly with something in the right place and braid it. How long? It depends on what you want to get.

It could be a regular tail. After combing your hair, gather it in a bun and secure with a crochet elastic. Braid, dividing them into 3 parts, into a braid. Secure the end with the same rubber band, and your hair with a good varnish.


Or a half-braided tail. Tightened with an elastic band or ribbon, three strands are braided up to half the length or by a quarter, a third. The rest, gathered with an elastic band or tied with hair, a scarf or flexible tubes, let them either stick out in artistic disorder, or neatly gathered, or combed.

tail 2

Such a hairstyle, fixed with high-quality wax or hairspray, will look stylish and bold.

Retro tail

Hailey Baldwin’s styling is playful, charming and fun at the same time. The main thing is that the dudes know what they need!


Bungee tie looks great. Use it to squeeze your hair with one hand, then wrap it tightly in a bungee bow. Secure with your preferred fixer, then the hairstyle will last longer.

You can collect combed hair with an elastic band. Wrap the gum with one strand. Others, sprinkled with varnish, comb and fix at the ends with an elastic band. Then we will roll up the roller from the tail, fix it with pins at the base, stretch this roller in both directions, fixing them with invisible ones. We open it with varnish and attach a bow of your favorite color. It turns out stylishly.


Here’s another retro ponytail styling.… A high tail is made at the top of the head. It is fixed with varnish so that it does not lie down, but stands. Therefore, we are clearly talking about medium-length hair. Comb the bangs back or lay them on one side.

bushy tail

Bushy tail

The simplest, probably, that you can think of. It will take a few minutes to create a stylish hairstyle.

After combing your hair into a ponytail, comb through the strands and smooth them over lightly. Take a tape or other means and, wrapping them around an elastic band at the base of your hair, secure with varnish.

bushy tail2

Ponytail with curls

Everything is clear here. A few cute squiggles, and your styling is tenderness itself!

You must first curl your hair in a convenient way and in the desired format (large curls, small curls). Tie the tail (above, at the back of the head or below). And, having processed some kind of fixative, fluff the curls or, conversely, give them a specific shape. Do not forget to fix the shape with your favorite means!


curls 2

Twisted tail

In principle, there is nothing complicated. Follow only our advice.

Slick your hair back and tie it in a straight ponytail. Divide it in front of the elastic into 2 pieces and create a space between them. Thread the end of the tail into it. Then, pulling it up, secure the styling.

hairstyle 2

Fish tail

We are dealing with a hairstyle from the category of festive. She looks gorgeous!

The fishtail is braided like this: comb your hair and collect it in a ponytail. It must be divided into 2 parts. Having separated on both sides in a strand, cross them and return to the mass of opposite parts. Taking a curl from the outside of one half, throw it into the second. Do the same with the other side. The braid is secured with an elastic band.

fish tail

In fact, there are many more ideas for a stylish ponytail hairstyle. The techniques are all simple and easy. Connect your imagination, experiment with the usual styling.

For example, add one thin braid to a regular ponytail and you have a chic party look. Or add a bright or classic accessory to match your outfit and you are on trend. Do not forget to fix the styling!

hairstyle 3

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