6 Tips for Dressing Small Women

Clothing for small womenDo not worry and do not become overgrown with complexes if nature has not rewarded you with model growth. The small size definitely has its advantages, and believe me, you can definitely pick up clothes and create chic bows. Just arm yourself with basic style “recipes” for little women. The most basic ingredient in the recipe is to create the illusion of an elongated body, which is quite possible, especially if you know a few magic tricks that visually stretch you in length.

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1.Your choice is high waist for skirts and pants

Trick # 1 – Your skirts and pants should be at the waistline. By the way, if they are a little overpriced, so much the better. Such styles visually add height and, as you understand, make your legs longer.

Not recommended: Alas, you will have to give up clothes with a low fit at the level of the thigh bones. Models like these shorten you mercilessly.

2. Your choice is monochrome

In order to visually lengthen the body, give preference to monochrome colors and shades.

Not recommended: If you choose the top and bottom of different colors, then the effect will not be the best for you: different colors visually divide you in two, so you seem lower than you really are.

Monochrome color

So, shirts, skirts, T-shirts, sweaters and trousers should be within the same color scheme, not “white top, black bottom.” Monochrome gives the body elongation and the illusion of growth.

3. Your choice is dark shades

Do not take this choice as a transition only to black clothing. Just consider what aboutclothes of dark colors (of course, monochromatic) “pulls” you up and makes it visually higher.

Try this option: black skinny pants and a top (blouse, shirt, top, sweater) in dark shades, plus interesting discreet accessories and dark shoes. Such an ensemble will make you taller and, undoubtedly, sleeker and slimmer.

4. Your choice is to refuse capri pants, breeches and flared trousers

In your case, trousers that cover your shoes are a safe bet.

Not recommended: Don’t be discouraged by the idea that capri pants are a trend these days. Better think that you yourself can be a trendsetter for yourself. By the way, no matter how much you love flares, it is also not for you, alas.

Straight trousers

Only tapered or straight trousers are recommended for petite young ladies. All other options will visually “eat up” your growth even more.

5. Your choice is thin straps and belts

Not recommended: Another unwanted “inhabitant” in your wardrobe is a wide belt. Such a bulky accessory will immediately “cut” you in half and visually shorten you.

What if you really love belts? Then you only have to choose narrow options. Also, your thin strap should match your clothes, not contrast with it. As you can imagine, a bright belt will again cut your silhouette in half.

6. Your choice is the right shoes

Don’t fall for the stereotype that petite women are doomed to stilettos or a huge platform. You should choose, first of all, comfortable shoesand the height of the heels should be reasonable, not crippling. In addition, your shoes should perfectly match the length of your dress, pants or skirt.

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