6 Tips for Good Sleep from Indian Yogi Sadhguru

“Sleep is your door to immortality” (Sadhguru)

How often do you wake up in the morning and feel terrible for no particular reason? If this happens to you at least two or three times a year, then before going to bed you must definitely perform a number of actions. And this is really important.

The famous Indian yogi Sadhguru emphasizes the importance of sleep for absolute relaxation and says that you can unconsciously evoke both positive and negative in a dream. So, if you get up in the morning in a sad mood, it means that at night you very powerfully “let in” negativity, and over time this can cause serious problems. Therefore, before going to bed, you need to follow these six tips from Sadhguru.

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1. Take a shower

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Always take a cold shower before bed. Of course, in winter, autumn and spring it is difficult, then the water should be cool or slightly warm, but not hot. A cold shower will cheer you up, but you will still fall asleep soon and you will sleep very soundly, because with its help you remove not only daytime dust and dirt from the skin.

Have you noticed that if you are very tense and anxious, after a shower you come out feeling like a load has fallen off you? This is the most real cleansing that goes beyond the usual physical washing.

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2. Do not go to bed immediately after eating

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You need to eat at least three to four hours before bedtime for the digestion process to complete. Drink some water before bed to flush out the inside of your body.

3. Light the lamp

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Be sure to light the lamp with a cotton wick and organic oil. You can use flaxseed oil, rice bran oil, sesame oil, or olive oil. Place a lamp somewhere in the room where you sleep and you will see that your sleep will be calm and serene.

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4. Remember, time is running out!

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You are truly an ordinary mortal person. Before going to bed, sit on the bed with the thought that this is your deathbed, and you have one more minute of life. This advice is not to create fear or paranoia, but to become aware of reality. Tell yourself: “I am mortal and my time here is limited.”… When you understand this, you will no longer want to get angry, quarrel with others, or clutter your mind with insignificant things. If you are aware of your mortality, you will begin to do only what is really important to you in your life.

So, you have only a minute of your life left. Think about what you did today? And was it worth doing it at all? How have you spent the last 24 hours? If you learn this technique of mindfulness, you will begin to live a more fulfilling life.

5. Put everything aside

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Just do it before bed. When you go to bed, put aside everything – the feeling of your body (muscle tension), restless thoughts in your head and other little things that disturb you. Put it aside and sleep! If you manage to fall asleep in this state, you will wake up completely refreshed. You will wake up with much more light, energy and opportunity than you could possibly imagine.

6. Do not sleep with your head to the north

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When you lie with your head to the north, blood flows more slowly to your brain and you will not sleep well. If you have vascular problems, or if you are of old age, you risk dying in your sleep. It’s all about the magnetic attraction of our planet. When you are in an upright position, it is not so noticeable, but in a horizontal position, the danger increases. This rule works for the northern hemisphere. And if you are going to Australia, for example, then you should not sleep with your head to the south.

The most important thing is to wake up with a smile. You have no guarantee that you will wake up the next morning, and if this happened today, then this is already a reason for joy, for a smile. And if all your loved ones are still alive, smile again.

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