6 types of coffee machines and coffee makers – advantages and disadvantages

Modern people – or, at any rate, most of them – cannot imagine the beginning of the day without a cup of freshly brewed aromatic coffee. Therefore, if you are a coffee lover, then you cannot do without a coffee maker for your home.

It is very important to be aware of the issue of choosing a coffee maker, because now there are a considerable number of types of coffee makers for the home: with a timer, with the function of keeping coffee for half an hour at a certain temperature, and other important commands. This material will be useful to those who have doubts about which coffee maker to choose.

COLADY will help you make the right choice of coffee machine / coffee maker.

Types of modern coffee makers

  • Drip (filtration)
6 types of modern coffee machines and coffee makers: choose wisely

Not too expensive, most popular. The preparation of ground coffee takes place in a filtration way, when a thin stream of hot water passes through the mesh where the coffee is located. Coarsely ground coffee is best suited for these coffee makers.

The drip coffee maker has its own characteristics:

    • The lower the power of the coffee maker, the stronger and tastier the drink you will get.
    • Expensive models are equipped with functions: maintaining the temperature even after turning off the compartment that heats the water, an anti-drip seal that does not allow the remaining drink to fall on the surface of the stove while removing the cup from coffee.
  • Cartridge coffee makers (espresso)
6 types of modern coffee machines and coffee makers: choose wisely
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Translated from the Italian language, “espresso” means “under pressure”, ie. This coffee maker works with pressurization as well as water heating. Connoisseurs of coffee – cappuccino will love this type of coffee maker, because they include a cappuccino nozzle. At home, thanks to her, it is possible to prepare and enjoy a great cappuccino. It takes about 30 seconds to prepare a cup of coffee. Such coffee makers are easy to use, affordable, but you need to practice in order to properly tamp the ground coffee into the horn.

Rozhkovy coffee makers are:

  • Pumpwhere coffee is brewed very quickly under high pressure, while the consumption of coffee is reduced, and the quality of the drink is improved
  • Steam, in which the process of making coffee is a little longer than in pump pumps and are designed for 3-4 servings.

Some espresso machines dispense milk automatically, while others need to do this yourself. Pay attention to this function when choosing a suitable coffee maker.

  • Capsule coffee makers
6 types of modern coffee machines and coffee makers: choose wisely

For this type of coffee maker, coffee capsules are used. The coffee capsule in the coffee maker is pierced from several sides, then the contents of the capsule are mixed with hot water with a stream of air.

As a result, you get a great aromatic, with a unique taste, coffee.

6 types of modern coffee machines and coffee makers: choose wisely

This coffee maker does not need electricity, it is quite easy to use and you can brew both coffee and various teas in it. This coffee maker resembles a coffee pot in appearance: its shape is made in the form of a cylinder and is made of heat-resistant glass. In the middle there is a piston with a metal mesh filter.

To make coffee, you need to put ground coffee on the bottom of the coffee maker, pour boiling water, close the lid and make sure that the piston is in the raised position. After 6-7 minutes, lower the plunger so that the filter retains the coffee grounds. Everything can be poured into a cup. With such a coffee maker, you will need to do a lot of actions: add coffee, pour water, keep track of the time. Other drinks (cappuccino, espresso) cannot be prepared in it.

  • Steam coffee makers (geyser)
6 types of modern coffee machines and coffee makers: choose wisely
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These coffee makers come in two flavors: electric and manual. The hand one needs to be put on the stove, and the electric one has a cord to connect to the outlet. To get a drink, you need to pour filtered water into a specially designed compartment up to a certain mark, and put coffee in the filter (better than medium grinding), but do not compact it, but slightly level it. Place the filter over the water compartment and place the coffee pot.

After the water boils, it will go through a special small tube, passing through the filter and entering the coffee pot. If you want to consider the process by which this coffee maker got the name “geyser”, then open the lid at the moment when water enters the coffee pot. It resembles a natural geyser. A hissing sound will indicate that the coffee is ready, the water in the compartment has run out and it is time to turn off the coffee maker. This type of coffee maker allows you to regulate the process of heating the water. The slower the heating process, the richer your coffee will be.

  • Combined coffee makers

They combine the work of carob and drip coffee makers. This type is perfect for making coffee – espresso and Americano.

By purchasing a combo coffee maker, you get two – this is a plus. The downside is the individual care and the different grind of coffee in each part of the coffee maker.

When choosing a coffee maker, pay attention to technical specifications

Such as the:

  • Power
    If the power is less than 1 kW, then the pressure will be about 4 bar. And for an espresso machine you need 15 bar, i.e. power should be from 1 to 1.7 kW.
  • Filter
    There are disposable (paper), reusable (nylon), designed for about 60 brews, coated with titanium nitride.
  • Applied type of coffee
    For example: ground, grain, in capsules, in pods (ground, pressed in the form of a tablet, coffee).

The coffee machine for the home can be built into furniture, as well as integrated. This type of coffee machine will not disturb the harmony of the interior. With the help of telescopic guides, the coffee machine can be easily pulled out, which makes the process of cleaning it, filling beans and pouring water completely comfortable.

Manufacturers of various types of coffee machines and coffee makers, such as Philips, Saeco, Bosch, Jura (Jura), Krups, DeLonghi.

Which coffee maker do you use? Let us know in the comments!

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