7 best breast pump models according to women

Every second woman uses a breast pump. Even if this device is not used constantly, it is very convenient when a mother is forced to leave her baby for a couple of days, or there is a need to increase lactation.

The COLADY editors present you with 7 of the best breast pump models according to women.

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What kind of breast pumps do women choose?

The breast pump rating was compiled according to the opinion of mothers who, in their own practical experience, had the opportunity to regularly use one or another model of breast pump for expressing breast milk for a long time.

7 best breast pump models according to women
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Medela Mini Electric breast pump with imitation of breastfeeding by a baby


  • Simulating the feeding process, which stimulates the production of breast milk.
  • Possibility of choosing the intensity of expression (smooth adjustment).
  • Material that does not react chemically with milk.
  • Compactness.
  • Easy assembly.
  • The availability of parts for washing.
  • Lack of Bisphenol-A.

Best breast pump according to women from forums.

Philips Avent breast pump stimulates lactation


  • Unique design for easier pumping.
  • A unique shape that allows milk to flow into the bottle even when the back is straight (that is, it is not necessary to bend over).
  • The soft massage cushion stimulates lactation.
  • Easy assembly. The process of joining parts and their shape allows you to quickly assemble the device.
  • Ease of cleaning (minimum of parts).

Chicco breast pump with bottle and anatomical bowl


  • Anatomically shaped bowl.
  • Unbreakable plastic.
  • Purpose – expressing milk residues after feeding.

Ardo Calypso breast pump with manual and electric pumping


  • Easy conversion from manual to electric.
  • 64 modes of intensity of expression.
  • Funnel with antibacterial composition.
  • Use with a simple push of a button.
  • Backlit electronic display with frequency / suction depth information.
  • Silent operation from mains or batteries.
  • The presence of a massage attachment used to reduce pain.
  • Lack of Bisphenol-A
7 best breast pump models according to women
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Compact and convenient manual breast pump Bebe Confort


  • The set includes everything you need for storing and expressing milk.
  • Full and neat encirclement of the breast with a silicone massager.
  • Comfortable handle: can be used with one hand.
  • Ease of assembly, disassembly, cleaning and sterilization.
  • Compactness.
  • Expression force control system.
  • Versatility: Can be combined with Bebe Confort bottles as well as with other bottles.

Manual breast pump Nuby Soft Flex Comfort with massaging funnel


  • Expressing milk comfortably.
  • Stimulation of the parasitic region thanks to the massage funnel.
  • Simulates the natural sucking process.
  • Non-toxic safe material.

Dr. Brown’s breast pump with unique air evacuation system


  • A manual device, a mechanical method of control, but at the same time all the positive properties of an electric breast pump.
  • Unique one-way airflow system that draws air away from the chest and reduces the risk of infection.
  • Soft pulsating funnel that stimulates the breast itself and the area around the nipple for lactation and its enhancement.
  • Vacuum level regulation.
  • Painless use.

What kind of breast pump do you use?

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