7 best multicooker 2014-2015 for the hostess

The best multicooker of 2013The multicooker electric pan that came to us from the east made life easier for many housewives. You can cook almost any dish in it – from cereals and soups to yoghurts, steamed and fried dishes, jams, etc. This fashionable kitchen appliance causes a lot of controversy (is it really needed at all?) home.

In addition, the multicooker has become an excellent gift, for example, for a future mother, or for a family where a baby has appeared.

How to choose the best one?

Powerful modern multicooker BRAND 6051

With this device you can refuse pots and pans at all.

Features of BRAND 6051

  • BRAND 6051A wide range of cooking options – from homemade yoghurt and steamed dishes to fried and stewed dishes.
  • 14 automatic programs.
  • Delay in cooking time.
  • Manual control mode – pressure, temperature and time (from minutes to 10 hours) can be adjusted manually.
  • Ceramic non-stick coating.
  • Upper temperature sensor.
  • Temperature setting from 25 ° C to 130 ° C in 5 ° C steps.
  • Book of recipes.
  • The presence of a carrying handle.
  • Ability to cancel automatic heating after cooking.
  • Heating function for food.
  • Yogurt mode.
  • Keeping food hot for a long time (automatic heating).
  • Easy operation and maintenance.

Weissgauff MC-2050 – high quality and flawless preparation

The main advantages of this model are – safety and convenience in use.

The main features of the Weissgauff MC-2050 are:

  • p318435-0mwNon-stick Teflon coated bowl.
  • The volume of the bowl is 5 liters.
  • A book with recipes.
  • Many modes for cooking.
  • Uniform baking.
  • Temperature regulation.
  • 3D heating.
  • Steamer function.
  • The function of keeping food hot (up to 24 hours).
  • Possibility to postpone the start.
  • Compact size, energy saving (average power).

Panasonic SR-TMH181HTW will not allow liquid to escape during cooking

Do not remember such a brand as Panasonicof course not.

So, the features of the Panasonic SR-TMH181HTW model

  • p247229-0mwQuite affordable cost and one of the best functionalities in this segment of household appliances.
  • Strict solid appearance.
  • Internal BINCHO carbon coating for improved drinking water properties.
  • Electronic control.
  • 4.5L non-stick bowl (removable).
  • 6 automatic modes for cooking dishes (baking, stewing, pilaf, porridge, steamed, etc.).
  • Stock of recipes for the multicooker.
  • Heating and slow extinguishing modes.
  • Keeping warm after the end of cooking.
  • The presence of a programmable timer.

Convenient feature set and delayed start in Polaris PMS 0517AD

The multicooker enjoys the well-deserved attention of the hostesses, thanks to the mass useful and necessary functions and ease of use of the device.


  • Polaris PMS 0517ADSpacious internal bowl for 5 liters.
  • Automatic heating mode (up to 24 hours).
  • The presence of a handle for easy carrying.
  • Light weight.
  • Touch control.
  • Possibility of temperature selection and the presence of a delay timer for a day.
  • The presence of a sound signal, indicator on / off.
  • 3D heating technology.
  • 16 cooking programs.

Philips HD3039 / 40 will delight modern housewives with reliability in work

This model is characterized as very convenient “helper” in a farm with many functions:

  • 5_prevQuick and easy detachable cord.
  • Non-stick coating of the bowl (gold plating).
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Indicator of the level of liquid in a dish in relation to food.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • The presence of a handle for moving the multicooker.
  • 3-sided heating.
  • Automatic heating of food for twelve hours.
  • 9 cooking modes.
  • Compactness (suitable for any kitchen), light weight, accessible instructions.
  • Reliability and quality of work.

Redmond RMC-M4502 with 34 cooking programs and 3D heating

One of the best Redmond models: huge set of functions, full compliance with all consumer needs and, most importantly, “multi-cook”, a unique program with endless possibilities.

So what are the features of this model?

  • The best multicooker 2014-2015Tactile symbols on the control panel for visually impaired people.
  • 26 temperature modes in the Multipovar program.
  • Ability to disable the auto-heating function.
  • Display of the last individual changes in the settings on the display.
  • Programs for cooking pilaf, cereals, yoghurt, stewing food, deep-frying, homemade preparations, sterilization, etc. There are 34 programs in total.
  • Possibility of baking bread, in particular proofing of dough.
  • Ceramic non-stick coating (dishwasher safe).
  • A book with recipes for a multicooker.
  • Three-dimensional heating of the bowl: reducing the risk of burning food, eliminating excess condensation, choosing the optimal temperature, even heating the food.

Multicooker-pressure cooker Bork U700 with voice prompts and self-cleaning function

Quite expensive, but fully justifying its price model of a multicooker, which can replace a lot of kitchen appliances

The main features of the model

  • Multicooker-pressure cooker Bork U700The presence of an induction heating element (the ability to accurately maintain the selected temperature).
  • High cooking speed.
  • Ideal alternative to pots, oven and steamer with grill – 4 in 1.
  • Multi-cook mode.
  • Possibility of a delayed (up to 24 hours) start.
  • Nine-layer container design, which saves electricity and shortens cooking time.
  • Non-stick heavy duty coating.
  • Voice prompts – informing about the readiness of the dish or the release of steam.
  • Self-cleaning function.

What kind of multicooker do you use? We would be grateful for your feedback!

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