7 best office games of 2014 on PC – for fun breaks at work

Computer games are a very popular phenomenon that has become popular since the first computers appeared in offices. They are not difficult, they are great at relieving stress and tension, and besides, surprisingly, if not overused, they can improve results at work.

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Office workers just need to be distracted for a while, to switch their attention, and for this office games are perfect.

Office games

So, we present to your attention the best office games of 2014, which have already won recognition from office workers:

  • Farm Frenzy 4 – Five Worlds! This is a game that over the years of its existence has managed to fall in love with users of various ages and social strata. Different parts of the “Farm” are played by young and old on phones, tablets and personal computers. Due to its simplicity and, at the same time, fascinatingness, it did not go unnoticed by office workers. As in all previous versions in the game, you need to grow grass, feed animals, save all kinds of products in a warehouse, travel to the city to sell them – in a word, manage a farm. However, this time, users do not have a farm at their disposal, but a real city. Why is this game so addicting during your workday? Because, it has a lot of fun, excellent graphics, as well as sound, and like all office computer games, it does not take up much space on the PC.


  • Secret bunker of the USSR. Legend of the Mad Professor 2014. This game is very attractive to users for its unusual plot, and besides that, the Soviet theme. Undoubtedly, the older generation will like it more, but the younger generation will not get bored either, since the game is very intriguing. The point is that the vacationers found an old bunker, which has been preserved since the times of the USSR, and was urgently abandoned. Naturally, curiosity is a strong feeling, and you cannot deny yourself the idea of ​​plunging headlong into an exciting new journey. If you love solving complex puzzles, solving problems, finding disguised traps, then you will not find the best game for office workers.


  • Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded. You have probably either heard of this game or have already played it. It was invented back in 1987, and since then there have been several versions of the game’s updates. Larry Laffer is somewhat obsessed with sex, and due to his direct nature, he constantly finds himself in very unusual, sometimes even awkward situations. All office games on PC from this series, as always, prepare a very funny and unforgettable journey, while the main character’s main occupation will be the flirting of a funny hero. The plot of this game is that Larry comes to town to find a girlfriend. And if he had at least a little bit of charisma and charm, everything would not be so funny, otherwise he only wants to get into bed with some woman.


  • Treasures of Montezuma 4. This game is a sequel to one of the best puzzles of recent years. The Treasures of Montezuma editions are the best office games for fans of this genre. Ordinary users and office workers were lucky enough to while away the time with Anna, and help her in a difficult task. You will have to restore the sanctuary of the Indians, unite Anacaone and Emperor Montezuma. To complete the game, you need to collect powerful totems, as well as bonuses. The points that you will earn in the game will help you complete the following levels.


  • A dark story. A vampire in love. As a rule, such office games for the computer are to the liking of the beautiful sex. The plot is quite simple and is based on the vampire theme, which is very relevant now. So, the young son of Count Dracula fell in love with a simple girl. Naturally, the father is against the relationship of the offspring with a mere mortal. Users will have to explore many bright locations, find all the necessary inventory and items to solve all the problems and connect the lovers.


  • Mysterious stories, lost hope. The main character, the alchemist Emmett, was offended by the whole city because when a disaster struck with his wife, none of the inhabitants of this city helped him. He was even accused of practicing black magic, kicked out of the city, and even took away his little sister. In short, your task is to save the young man and not allow him to become a necromancer. Users need to investigate and ultimately return Emmett to the bright side, restore the broken justice.


  • Fruit ninja. This game has already migrated from tablets and other mobile devices to office personal computers. The meaning of the game is very simple – you need to have time to cut as many fruits and vegetables as possible with a samurai sword. The number of points received depends on this. The good thing about this game is that it does not require mental effort, while it perfectly relieves stress and distracts for a while from the main work in the office. Another advantage of Fruit Ninja is that you can play it together with friends and colleagues at work, earning points.


Many modern offices still have computers with low-power processorsthat do not pull complex computer games. Therefore, the most popular office games do not weigh very much, besides, they are very simple.

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Managers need to be aware of the fact that their employees play office games during the lunch break, because after the break they work with double activity

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