7 celebrities who look like cats like two peas

Did you know that animals become remarkably similar to different famous personalities? And the best masters of reincarnation, as it turned out, are representatives of the feline family. We have selected 7 celebrities who are incredibly similar to cats. Take a look at these impressive examples and see for yourself!

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Myayu-Moore: 7 celebrities who are like two peas in a pod

1. Adrian Brody

There is no doubt that the cat of this breed is an exact copy of Adrian Brody. Just look how they look alike! Even their look is the same!

Adrian Brody
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

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2. Angelina Jolie

Introducing Malificent’s furry counterpart. Look like, don’t they?

Angelina Jolie
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

3.Andrey Arshavin

And this cat managed to repeat the facial expressions of a football player! Seems like a fuzzy soccer fan.

Andrey Arshavin
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

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4. Steve Buscemi

How are they similar to each other? Perhaps with the eyes.

Steve Buscemi
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

5. Donald Trump

Another funny example! This cat looks exactly like Trump. What unites them? Of course, the hairstyle.

Donald Trump
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

6. Albert Einstein

How do you like the reincarnation of Albert Einstein? The great physicist is very much like this cat.

Albert Einstein
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

7. Ron Perlman

Take a look at this striking similarity! This Hollywood actor was probably a cat in a past life.

Ron Perlman
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

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