7 cool games for a small female company

Have you decided to have a bachelorette party? So this article will come in handy! Here you will find some small games that will make you laugh and create a great company atmosphere. Choose the game that suits you or try everything to choose the best!

Games for a group of friends

1. Guess which song the dance is to

To play this game, you need headphones and a player or smartphone. One participant chooses one of three melodies, which she lists out loud. After that, she turns on the song, inserts headphones into her ears and begins to dance to one audible melody. The task of the rest of the participants is to guess which song the host has chosen from the three options.

The player who did it first wins.

2. Guess the movie

Each participant writes several titles of popular films on pieces of paper. The players take turns pulling pieces of paper. Their task is to show the hidden film without words. Naturally, the winner is awarded to the player who guesses the name the fastest. You can enter an additional prize for the most artistic pantomime.

3. I have never …

Participants take turns calling an action that they have never performed in their lives. For example, “I have never traveled to Europe,” “I have never gotten tattoos,” etc. Players who also did not perform this action raise their hands and receive one point each. In the end, the player with the most points wins. This game is not only a way to have fun, but also an opportunity to learn a lot of new and interesting things about your friends!

The game "I never ..."

4. Guess a famous person

Participants write the names of famous people on adhesive stickers. These can be actors, politicians and even fairy-tale characters. Each player receives one piece of paper and sticks it on his forehead. However, he should not know what kind of character he is. The task of the players is to ask questions that suggest either a positive or a negative answer, and guess the envisioned person, real or imagined.

5. Fork-tentacle

The participant is blindfolded. An object is placed in front of her, for example, a toy, a cup, a computer mouse, etc. The participant must “feel” the object with two forks and guess what it is.

6. Princess-Nesmeyany

One participant plays the role of the princess Nesmeyana. The task of the other players is to take turns to try to make her laugh, using any techniques: anecdotes, funny dances and songs, and even pantomime. The only thing prohibited is to tickle the host. The winner is the player who managed to bring a smile or laughter on Nesmeyana’s face.

7. Songs-reversals

Participants think of a popular song. All words from one verse are replaced with antonyms. The task of the rest of the players is to guess the hidden song. As a rule, the new version turns out to be quite funny. You can try to replace the words in such a way that the rhythm of the song is preserved; this can be a great clue. However, it is not necessary to do it this way: in any case, the game will turn out to be funny!

To sing songs

Now you know how to have a good time with the company. We hope these games help you have a lot of fun!

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