7 famous women who fought for their family happiness – and won

Famous women who fought for their family happiness - and wonWe strive for strong eternal love, which must be with the only beloved – for life, to the very gray hairs and common great-grandchildren, to the grave … But life throws up many surprises on the way, and sometimes you have to fight for happiness. Especially for the stars, whose personal life is always at gunpoint – it is much more difficult for them to preserve family happiness when there are so many temptations around!

However, even celebrity couples are able to create strong families. And the secret of family happiness, of course, is different for each couple.

Barbra Streisand + James Brolin

Barbra met James at the age when both crossed the 50-year mark. Each of them had a family relationship behind him, but their love came as the first (or the last?) – and stayed with them forever.

Barbra met her imposing future husband in 1998 at a friend’s house. They were not particularly interested in each other’s personal life before this meeting, but they could not resist the attraction that had arisen. Just one meeting – and they no longer wanted to part.

The marriage was concluded in the same year, and since then the couple have lived together – happily and in perfect harmony, in spite of everything. The number of Barbra’s fans never decreased, and even grew along with the number of her roles, with her wisdom, with the emergence of that special beauty of her special age. But neither the fans, nor the lovingness of Barbra herself did not interfere with the relationship.

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin

After 16 years of marriage, the crisis still overtook this stunning couple – despite the fact that both were already over 70. The reason is banal – jealousy, suspicion of treason, James’s beautiful young partners on the set. But Barbra and James overcame it all.

The secret of the couple’s successful family relations has become 100% frankness and absolute trust in each other: despite the rather violent quarrels, James and Barbra make up no less violently, again and again opening a new stage of family idyll, despite their age.

Meryl Streep + Don Gummer

Many can envy the family experience of this couple: for more than 40 years, Meryl and Don have gone hand in hand, maintaining the freshness and strength of their feelings. They sealed their love with an official marriage back in 1978 and gave birth to 4 children.

Their love story began at a time when the actress was experiencing the loss of a loved one: Meryl’s brother invited her to temporarily go through life’s difficulties in the workshop of his friend Donald – who, suddenly returning to New York, “found” Meryl there.

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer

In an attempt to make Meryl’s life easier, Don fell in love with her more and more, and once he could no longer hide his feelings. Love for Don did not come to Meryl’s heart right away – much later than the wedding march sounded. But intuition did not disappoint the actress, and a happy long marriage was a reward for both.

Meryl considers the secret of happiness to be mutual understanding in the family, the ability to remain silent when needed, and psychological flexibility.

Don and Meryl – even after 40 years of marriage – are happy to go on a 2-hour walk to the store for a regular light bulb, because being together is always a joy.

John Travolta + Kelly Preston

Repeatedly newspapers around the world came out with headlines about the divorce of Kelly and John. But? contrary to evil tongues, they have been together for over 20 years, no matter what.

Their first acquaintance happened much earlier than a serious relationship started – but? once becoming a fan of a charismatic actor, Kelly no longer lost sight of him, even when she got married. But from a spark that broke out in 1989, a flame nevertheless kindled, and already in 1991 the couple got married in the French capital.

It seemed that their life would always be happy and cloudless, with surprises for each other and forgiveness of little weaknesses. In 1992, their son was born – and Travolta, who attended childbirth, was ready to forgive his wife everything just for the mere desire to become a mother. According to John, all women who have gone through the agony of childbirth deserve worship.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Soon the couple had a daughter, and there was no happier parents. Until 2009, when their first son accidentally died in the bathroom during an epileptic seizure.

From that moment on, a real test began for Kelly and their relationship with John. The gap between them grew faster and faster, and the pain of loss was moving away from each other every day. Despite everything, Kelly managed to pull herself together, and already in 2010, heaven gave the couple a second son, who became their new meaning in life.

Contrary to any rumors, Kelly and John’s family boat is steadfastly on course and the family remains one, no matter what the difficulties.

The actors admit that trust, the ability to talk to each other, mutual respect and … lists help them to save love. Lists in which they write not only the menu for lunch, but also all their needs, so that later they can discuss them together and find a compromise.

Cate Blanchett + Andrew Upton

Everyone, looking at this strange couple – gorgeous Kate and swimming in fat, far from handsome Andrew – raises his eyebrows in bewilderment, asking – “what did she find in him ?!”. However, for more than 20 years, since 1997, Andrew and Kate have been living together, enjoying a relationship – and “they didn’t care” who was there and what they two thought of.

The actress married producer Upton just 3 weeks after their accidental kiss at the poker table, and their four children are proof of their marital happiness.

Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton

Despite the appearance of her husband, despite the whispering and constant gossip behind her back, Kate is happy, and still looks at her husband with tenderness and admiration. She was able to bypass all potential obstacles on the way to their marital happiness, rubbing the noses not only of gossips, but also of close friends who did not believe in them.

The secret of happiness for a spouse is in absolute support, respect for each other, mutual understanding and lack of jealousy (even a couple has one mail for two).

Kate, smiling, always talks about her relationship the main thing: to meet a person who understands you is a pleasure that cannot be compared with anything. Kate and Andrew can talk to each other about everything in the world for hours – and even days – and they never get bored together.

Grace Kelly + Prince Rainier

The history of this couple is still being debated. Was it a marriage destined to be made in heaven, or was it a bargain? A business deal between Rainier and Grace, as well as a deal Grace with her own conscience, when she gave up everything for the family.

You can argue endlessly, but the main thing of this song cannot be thrown out – Rainier and Grace played a royal wedding in 1956, and nothing could force the new princess of Monaco to abandon her prince. Neither her dreams, nor secret desires, nor other people’s protests – silent, and not only.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier

It seemed that the Hollywood star and the Crown Prince of Monaco could not have anything in common for a family union, but fate decided otherwise: a meeting, an “epistolary romance” and many obstacles to happiness.

In spite of everything, Rainier and Grace lived a happy family life.

At the moment when her husband needed Grace more than ever, she managed to find the strength to give up her career and filming with Hitchcock for the good of her family and country.

Michael Douglas + Catherine Zeta-Jones

Another strange – and happy, in spite of everything – a couple, united not only by joint work, passion and love, but also by the joys and troubles that they shared between two. Catherine and Michael are so different people that few believed in their love, and even more so in its longevity. But a couple, who have been walking hand in hand through life for many years, cherish every day, realizing the value of living together, the happiness they have suffered and its fragility.

“Mesalliance” (a quarter of a century – the age difference) shocked the public. But neither an abyss at 25, nor evil tongues, nor a different social status became an obstacle in love – for many years now, the eyes of Catherine and Michael have been shining with mutual love.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael became the true love of the amorous beauty Katherine. Together they fought the cancer (and won!), Which they found at Douglas, and the more valuable now is their relationship, in which they have already gone through fire, water and copper pipes. Catherine gave up her career to help her husband cope with the disease, and Douglas – even in a sick condition – easily fit into fights for his beautiful wife.

The secret of happiness, according to Katherine, is the man’s maturity and the desire to protect and protect each other.

Vladimir Menshov + Vera Alentova

In the recent 2012, this wonderful couple, well known not only to Russian viewers, celebrated their golden wedding.

They met at the Moscow Art Theater, and all the teachers, upon learning about the novel, dissuaded the promising Vera from “the greatest stupidity.”

But feelings are not a hindrance. And, having overcome the first difficulties, they got married for another 2 course. And in 1969 they already had a daughter, Julia, who is loved by the Russian audience today no less than her parents.

Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova

Oddly enough, the marriage cracked at the moment when prosperity had just begun to appear in their house, and stability appeared, which was so lacking … Separate (in different cities) living was not absolute – Vera and Vladimir switched to “epistolary” form of relationship.

By the time the first school bell for her daughter was supposed to ring, Vera collected all the letters and … returned to her husband.

The secret of the relationship, which has been happily going on for more than 5 decades, according to Vera, is that, despite frequent disagreements with each other, they have become truly one. Unbreakable. And they remained friends, despite the marriage. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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