7 Great Reasons for Becoming a Real Estate Photographer

There is always a need for great real estate photographers. With the housing market more competitive than ever, sellers need a way to make their homes stand out and attract high-quality buyers. And when high-quality professional photos help homes sell 32% faster, a real estate photographer will always be in demand.

Are you considering becoming a real estate photographer as a career and unsure if it’s the right choice? Read on below to learn why photographer careers make sense.

1. Constantly Find Work

One of the best things about real estate is that there are always homes and buildings for sale. People are constantly moving and need places to live. For the people who are selling, they need a way to show potential buyers why their home is worth purchasing.

That happens on the internet these days. Homebuyers will browse listings websites to learn about homes and view every picture they can.

If a seller doesn’t have pictures, it puts them at a severe disadvantage. Because of that, you’ll be able to find jobs constantly from sellers and agents who represent sellers. You can do this as a freelance gig or work with a real estate photography agency.

2. Get Creative With Photos

One of the hardest parts of being a photographer is figuring out what to take pictures of. Some people just want to take photos for the sake of taking photos. The problem is that this doesn’t always pay.

You can still use your creative side when you start real estate photography. You offer much more than a camera when you take photos of a home. You get to tell a home’s story and why it’s an amazing place to live.

This is a great way to exercise your creative muscles. You’ll be able to do what you love and work in an industry that pays well.

3. Work in Any Market

The best thing about real estate is that it’s everywhere. It’s in every market — no matter how large or small a location is. Even if you live in a small area, you can work in that region and the locations around it.

This means that location isn’t a big deal when you become a real estate photographer. You aren’t tied to a city to work large jobs or smaller areas if you want to work in factories or other professions.

You have a chance to live wherever you want because of this. Real estate firms hire photographers in every location, and you can probably find photography companies to take you on for a job wherever you move.

4. Manage Your Own Hours

One of the great things about real estate photography is that you aren’t tied to an office chair during the day. You’ll be out and about taking pictures of homes.

This gives real estate photographers a lot of flexibility with their time. As long as you get the job done, the people who hire you likely don’t care about when you do it.

You have even more flexibility if you don’t work directly for a photography company. Many real estate photographers work in a freelance capacity. They build relationships with realtors and other industry professionals and rely on them to send photography work throughout the year.

5. Little Education Requirements

Unlike other professions, you don’t need a lot of education to get started with real estate photography. Many other jobs still require candidates to have a college degree, and in some cases, a master’s degree.

The same isn’t true with photography.

What matters with photography is your skills. If you can purchase a nice camera and practice your work, you can become good enough to be hired in the industry.

This opens the door to a great job without jumping through educational hoops. All the information you need to learn the trade is online, so you can learn on your own until you’re ready to take your first job.

6. Learn Repeatable Skills

One of the best things about learning photography is that you can use your skills in many situations. Yes, you’re learning to take pictures to help make houses stand out — and that takes a unique skill set. However, you can also use your photography skills in other industries.

This means you aren’t stuck in the real estate industry if you get tired of working there. You can transfer your skills somewhere else if you want to change.

You have even more options if you learn digital editing and video work. Check out the information linked here to see what you can do.

7. Pick Your Income Level

One of the best things about real estate photography jobs is the variety of income levels. Since you will likely work on your own, it’s on you to set prices and choose how much money you want to make.

Take a photographer that offers a lower-priced service. You can charge a lower amount of money for photos but offer fewer perks. Take several of these jobs every day to get how much money you want.

Other photographers take on higher-quality work in expensive homes. You only need one job per day to reach your desired income level for these jobs.

Becoming a Real Estate Photographer Is Worth It

The real estate market is a great one to enter. People always need a place to live, so there are always people available to serve and jobs to be had. And if you have a creative eye, becoming a real estate photographer is a great way to enter the industry.

Now that you understand why working in real estate as a photographer is a great choice, think carefully about choosing a career in the industry. Think about what you want in a job and if becoming a photographer is what you want to do with your life.

If you’ve chosen to become a photographer, you’ll need to start the job hunt to find your next position. Check out more guides on the blog that will help make finding a job easier.

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