7 household chores you shouldn’t do during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time of maximum caution. Including – and within the walls of your own home. Indeed, while the spouse of the expectant mother is working for the benefit of the family, all household chores fall on the shoulders of a pregnant woman, including those that can negatively affect the health of the mother and the baby. In the period before a baby is born, such “feats” as rearranging furniture, climbing ladders and even cleaning cat litters are extremely dangerous.

Therefore, we temporarily stop being a hero and remember what household chores should be passed on to those close to you …

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What not to do when pregnant at home

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  1. Cooking food
    It is clear that the dinner itself will not be prepared, and feeding the husband with canned food and “doshirak” is fraught with a hunger riot. But a long watch at the stove is a risk of worsening venous outflow, edema and varicose veins. Therefore, we leave complex dishes “for after childbirth”, attract relatives to help, simplify the entire process of cooking as much as possible.
    • Be sure to take breaks.
    • Feet tired? Sit down on the “front” and raise your legs on a low bench.
    • Tired of the uncomfortable posture while plowing cabbage? Place a stool next to it, on which you can rest your knee and relieve the spine.
  2. Appliances
    The use of electric kettles, stoves, microwave ovens and other appliances should be as careful as possible.
    • If possible, avoid using the microwave during pregnancy or keep it to a minimum. It is strongly not recommended to use this device if the door does not close tightly (electromagnetic radiation will not benefit either the baby or the mother). And during the operation of the device, keep at least 1.5 m from it.
    • Also, try not to turn on all appliances at the same time, so as not to create an electromagnetic crossfire.
    • Do not leave your laptop, mobile phone and chargers near the bed at night (distance – at least 1.5-2 meters).
  3. Wet cleaning of floors
    Many people know about the vulnerability of joints and cartilage during pregnancy. Overloading the spine during this period is not recommended and is dangerous.
    • No “gymnastic tricks and fouettés” while cleaning! Be careful with body turns, bends.
    • Wear a special bandage (sized) to relieve the load.
    • If possible, shift all the heavy household chores onto your spouse and loved ones.
    • Bending down or lifting an object from the floor, bend your knees (stand on one knee) to distribute the load on the spine.
    • Cleaning the floors “on your knees” is unacceptable – use a mop (your back should be straight during cleaning), and with a vacuum cleaner, adjust the length of the tube.
  4. Cleaning products, “chemicals” for cleaning
    We approach the choice of these funds with extreme caution.
    • We leave the cleaning of the plumbing to our loved ones.
    • We choose odorless detergents, ammonia, chlorine, toxic substances.
    • Powder products (they are especially harmful) and aerosols are replaced with liquid products.
    • We work only with gloves and (if necessary) in a gauze bandage.
    • We do not clean the carpets ourselves – we send them to dry cleaning.
  5. Pets
    Quadrupeds, winged and other pets can become a source of not only allergies, but also serious diseases. Therefore, we strictly follow the rules for caring for pets during this period: after communicating with the animal, wash my hands with soap, monitor its health (if there are any suspicions, we take it to the veterinarian), do not feed the animal with raw meat, we shift the cleaning of the toilet and feeding / sleeping places of the animal to loved ones (this is especially true for the owners of the baleen – striped – the cat’s trays for the expectant mother cannot be washed!).
  6. Lifting weights, rearranging furniture
    These actions are strictly prohibited! The consequences can be premature birth. No amateur performances! Almost every mother-to-be is itching to “renew” the furnishings, but it is strictly forbidden to move sofas, drag boxes and start general cleaning alone. Empty and fill pots and buckets with water only with a ladle.
  7. “Rock climbing”
    It is not recommended to climb a ladder or stool to perform any work.
    • Want to change your curtains? Ask your spouse for help.
    • Get a tumble dryer so you don’t have to hang your laundry while jumping from stool to floor and back again.
    • Leave all repair work to your loved ones: swinging a spatula under the ceiling during pregnancy, changing light bulbs, gluing wallpaper and even cleaning an apartment after renovation is dangerous!

What not to do when pregnant at home

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Cleanliness is a guarantee of health, but you must not forget about rest. Feeling tired, heavy, or pain in the lower abdomen – quit cleaning immediately and rest

You should be doubly careful if there is a threat of termination of pregnancy. Remember, an uncooked lunch or an unassembled cupboard is not a disaster. your main concern now is your future baby!

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