7 tricks for women that annoy men

“My husband tolerates my jerks, tantrums and tears. But there are things that can piss him off in a couple of minutes. “

Women often skillfully use their beauty, weakness and charm. She rolled her eyes, let out a tear, pouted out her lips – and your strong and mighty man is already ready to get the Moon from the sky for you.

However, there are things that annoy men greatly. Feminine behavior that they cannot accept and understand.

Bologny shares 7 habits of women that annoy men.

1. Tears for no reason

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Women’s tears always baffle men. This is a tremendous stress for them. By their nature, men are accustomed to solving all problems by force and “with battle”. But with a woman, such solutions do not work.

Many women skillfully manipulate their men with tears. This method often works flawlessly.

There are situations where tears are justified. But when they “With or without” – this begins to repel the man from this woman.

2. Excessive control and overprotection

Men value women’s care very much. Hot supper, shirts ironed “Put on a scarf, it’s cold outside”… Such attention from the weaker sex flatter any man.

But when a woman writes SMS every 20 minutes, she calls and asks: “Where are you?”, “With whom you are?”, “How long will it take?”, this is getting annoying.

Men value their freedom very much, therefore, excessive violation of personal boundaries entails only unpleasant sensations from a particular woman.

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3. Involvement of third parties in family problems

Women often use techniques that involve other people. “Sasha bought Masha a fur coat, but what do you mean to me?”

Men are very annoyed when others are set up as an example to them. And to the great disappointment of women, the meaning of this phrase reaches them absolutely the opposite.

A woman thinks that in this way she motivates her boyfriend to become better, while a man perceives this as humiliation, criticism and dissatisfaction.

The same thing happens when all the nuances of the family are brought out for everyone to see. The man had not yet had time to move away from the conflict, and the woman had already told her mother, three girlfriends and a neighbor on the staircase.

4. Frequent unnecessary questions

“Do you love me?”, “How much?”, “Show me how?”, “What are you thinking?”, “Oh, that’s it! You do not love me!”

Sound familiar?

Women always need to know everything, but for men this behavior is close to hysteria. He can endure for a long time, but one day this patience may end.

5. Cleaning his things

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This does not apply to cleaning the closet with clothes or shoes. But if a woman encroaches on the “sacred” – a garage, shelves with personal belongings for a “hobby” – this is unacceptable for a man.

Women already completely occupy all the space in the apartment – cosmetics, shelves, vases – all the attributes that make a home cozy. A man should have his own corner, where only his rules apply.

6. Deception and insincerity

Men really do not like falsehood. Excessive lisping, manipulation and lies repel the stronger sex. Your chosen one will quickly understand that not everything is going smoothly in the relationship.

There is an opinion that men love naive and silly girls. However, an accomplished, adequate and serious gentleman wants to see a smart woman nearby, capable of becoming a companion, advisor and just a friend at the right time.

7. Hints

This is one of the main stumbling blocks in family life and relationships in general. Men don’t take hints. The sooner a woman understands this, the easier it will be for her to communicate with her chosen one.

Sometimes it’s easier to say: “Give me a new phone”than half a year to hint that “Sasha gave Masha a phone”… Believe me, the more clearly the task is announced to the man, the faster the woman will get the result.

The relationship between two people is a complex structure. Still, you need to learn to understand each other, love and give in. The Bologny editorial team wishes everyone love, understanding and less annoyance.

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The fact is that if a man is interested in a woman, then all her techniques and manipulations work flawlessly at first. But this is only at the beginning. Any mature man eventually studies his chosen one and understands perfectly where she is sincerely upset and cries or rejoices and admires, and where she manipulates. Of course, there are men who are looking for their mother and taking care of themselves in a woman, but here we are talking about mature and adult men.

Therefore, girls should remember that manipulations make sense only at the beginning of building relationships, when in this way you study each other and determine whether they fit each other as partners or do not meet each other’s expectations.

With the development of a more serious relationship, it becomes dangerous to manipulate a man, because the partner has already studied you enough and now what used to make him go to great deeds for your sake can simply cause him a feeling of rejection and distrust of you. Therefore, in order to avoid resentment and disappointment, a woman should first of all learn not to manipulate her man, but to discuss issues of concern with him and raise painful topics, and, of course, speak openly about her desires and needs. So she will have every chance to maintain the trust of her partner and receive his help when there are really important issues that require his intervention.

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