7 unusual New Year stories from the stars

New Year is one of the most traditional holidays with familiar attributes and a well-established scenario. However, sometimes something can go wrong and then the holiday will definitely be remembered for a long time.

Russian stars talked about their most unusual New Year’s evenings and the adventures that happened to them on the New Year.

liza arzamasova
Photo @liza_arzamasova

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Anna Peskova and a real miracle

Photo @ anna.peskova

If you think that the atmosphere of magic on the New Year is exclusively for children, then you are mistaken. For example, the actress Anna Peskova at the New Year’s party faced a real miracle.

The star was with friends and their children when Santa Claus came to them and invited everyone to stand in a circle, and then began to guess the secrets of everyone present. For Anna, this was not surprising (the parents themselves told the secrets of their children to the invited animator) until it was her turn.

Mysterious Santa Claus told several very personal little-known things about her. How did he know about them? The answer turned out to be simple: the arrived actor studied at the same university with Anna, but a year younger.

Rita Dakota and a series of troubles

Photo @ritadakota

As a rule, New Year’s Eve is a time of fun, however, singer Rita Dakota was not laughing when she met 2020. The singer said that on December 31, troubles rained down on her like a cornucopia: her brother got stuck in an elevator, her daughter had a fever, and an attempt to measure it led to a broken thermometer. In addition, Rita clearly missed the choice of the animator, and the arriving Grinch only scared the girl to tears.

“I could not calm down Mia, who huddled in the closet and screamed. I remember that I burst into tears myself. Friends calmed me down, trying to convince me that I was not the worst mother on earth. In general, I only hope that “as you meet, you will carry on” – this is gon “, – summed up the star.

Anna Khilkevich and the ill-fated dances

Photo @annakhilkevich

A sad incident on New Year’s Eve once happened to actress Anna Khilkevich, however, she later recalled this with a laugh. The fact is that in the midst of New Year’s fun, the star broke her nose with the participation of the phone and her own husband.

As Anna said, she decided to film the dancing husband and daughter on the phone camera, did not calculate the distance, and the leg of the enthusiastically dancing husband accidentally hit the phone, and he already flew into the nose of the poor actress. It should be noted that the star has a great sense of humor: she later published that same ill-fated video with stormy dances.

Anna Kovalchuk and sobbing in the cabin

Photo @ annakovalchuk313

Anna Kovalchuk absolutely knows that the New Year is an exclusively home holiday that needs to be spent in the circle of her loved ones. The fact is that once the star, at the insistence of her friend, decided to celebrate the New Year in an unusual way – in the cabin of a European liner making a cruise. It would seem that you need to rejoice, but the actress admits that she sobbed that night, missing her loved ones.

“How did I even think of leaving my relatives, my city, country, husband and go somewhere? So all New Year’s Eve and sobbed in the cabin. “

Anna Semenovich and the night at the airport

ann semenovich
Photo @ann_semenovich

Anna Semenovich also once “was lucky” to celebrate the New Year not at home with family and friends, but far abroad. And it happened not on board a comfortable liner, but in … a Kazakhstan airport.

Then Anna performed in the “Brilliant” and their flight was delayed right on New Year’s Eve. But Anna and the other participants were not taken aback and decided to celebrate at the airport, taking out everything that was with them.

Anfisa Chekhova and not a fairy tale about Santa Claus

Photo @achekhova

All of us in childhood (and sometimes being older) believe in Santa Claus, who carefully puts gifts under the tree. But not Anfisa Chekhova!

The future TV star, while still a child, learned from her mother that no Santa Claus exists, and that a disguised artist comes on holidays with gifts from his parents.

But once the skepticism of little Anfisa was shaken thanks to the assurances of a friend who put notes with wishes in the closet, and then found gifts there. What a disappointment Anfisa was when this trick did not work for her and there was no present in the closet!

By the way, now the star is trying in every possible way to maintain faith in a fairy tale in her son, although she fears that modern progressive children still know everything.

Liza Arzamasova and magic markers

liza arzamasova 2
Photo @liza_arzamasova

An incident with the legend about Santa Claus happened to little Liza Arzamasova. Once she hid a letter with a New Year’s wish so well that her parents simply could not find it and had to buy a gift at random.

“And I was very much surprised, they say, I asked Santa Claus for felt-tip pens (some with sparkles), and he gave me all sorts of things instead. The parents explained to me that he could have confused something: there are a lot of children, a lot of letters. And then I became very worried that he brought me gifts from other children, that someone there would not wait for their dolls “, – the actress said with a laugh on her Instagram.

However, the ending of this story is happy: a few days later, under the tree, the desired markers appeared with the answer from Santa Claus, and all the worries of little Liza subsided.

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