73-year-old Charles Dance is spotted on the beach with a young girlfriend

Love has no age and barriers – 73-year-old Charles Dance, known for his roles in such projects as “Game of Thrones” and “Another World”, demonstrates this by personal example.

The British actor was spotted in the company of a mysterious youthful blonde on a beach in Venice. Not embarrassed by the photographers who shoot them, the couple had fun, swam and showed their feelings with might and main, passionately embracing and kissing in the water.

Charles Dance 2

It should be noted that despite his considerable age, Charles looks great and still causes admiration among fans, who are now wondering who that beautiful stranger was who accompanied the actor on the beach.

Charles Dance

Previously, Charles Dance was married to Joanna Haythorn, who bore him two children: a son, Oliver, and a daughter, Rebecca. However, after 34 years of joint marriage, the couple decided to divorce. After that, the actor had a relationship with actress Sophia Miles and sculptor Eleanor Burman, but none of these novels ended with a wedding.

Today, Charles is still actively acting in films, and also tries himself as a director in a joint project with Peter Dicklage “Quasimodo”. This year, the actor came to Venice for the premiere of a new film.

Charles Dance 3

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