8 lifting points – secrets of youth prolongation

More and more women understand that in order to stay young and beautiful, it is not at all necessary to go under the surgeon’s knife.

In addition, on the Internet you can find so many photos of celebrities who decided to rejuvenate with the help of an operation – but it turned out, to put it mildly, not very well.

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Unsuccessful plastic

Unsuccessful plastic2

And this – with a long recovery period and a bunch of side effects from medications.

Unsuccessful plastic3

Of course, an alternative to surgical methods was found long ago, and this is – contour correction with hyaluronic acid… This method allows you to rejuvenate quickly and without rehabilitation, and the results are sometimes not worse than from plastic surgery.

But we girls are not so easy to please, are we?

We do not want to look with pumped lips, overly prominent cheekbones or a huge chin after the injection of the filler.

What do girls really want?

And I want the beauty to remain natural, and no one even under a microscope could see that we had a little visit with a beautician. Others need only notice how we have become younger, prettier and fresher.

This procedure was proposed to us by Mauricio de Mayo, who claims to have discovered unique facial codes. 8 lifting points, a new technique in contour plastics.

According to the creator, the procedure will help restore the missing volume, tighten the oval, eliminate skin sagging and emphasize naturalness.

What we will see after the procedure:

  • “Traces of fatigue” have been eliminated.
  • High pronounced cheekbones.
  • A clear oval of the face.
  • The skin is firm and firm.
  • Less visible nasolabial folds.
  • The corners of the lips are raised.

Lifting result

At the same time, the face will maintain proportions and will not lose its naturalness.

Lifting result2

The procedure is suitable for young girls who want to correct and improve some areas of the skin. But adult women will be surprised at the result no less.

Lifting result3

Where will they be injected?

According to the protocol, the doctor will inject the filler at 8 strategic points – or, as Mauricio himself called, MD-codes.

1 and 2 point – is introduced in the cheekbones. Here, the filler will help eliminate the severity of the nasolabial folds, highlight the outlines of the cheekbones – this will instantly give a youthful look.

3 point – will help to eliminate emptiness under the eyes, which give “fatigue” to the look.

4 point – the introduction of hyaluron into the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle, according to cosmetologists, will further improve the condition of the fold, complementing the effect of the first point.

5 point – the injection is made in the corners of the mouth, creating a support filler, lifts them. As a result, the “sad” facial expression disappears and the woman looks happier :))))

6 point – filling the volume at this point can immediately erase 5-10 years on the face. With age, the chin slightly decreases in volume, and may even deform, so we see the effect of “flews”, when all soft tissues slide onto it.

7 point – the lower third of the face, and in particular the angle of the jaw, also tends to lose its shape. The doctor, introducing the minimum amount of the drug, will help remove this defect – and at the same time eliminate the sagging of the skin in this part of the face.

8 point – elimination of sunken cheeks. They not only give a gaunt look, but can also provoke sagging skin and wrinkles in adjacent areas. Filling this area with gel will help restore the natural contours.

Men, by the way, also go to the procedure because everything looks very natural.

Lifting for men

When will we see the result?

The best thing about the procedure is that the results can be seen instantly. The doctor will show it periodically during the procedure to make sure you enjoy everything.

And now the drum roll: the effect will last from 1.5 to 2 years! Despite the fact that the budget will have to be invested less than with the usual filling technique. On average, it takes 2-3 hyaluronic acid syringes.

So, girls who want to look naturally young, attractive and well-groomed – go for a procedure to a good doctor!

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