8 rules for the perfect walk for a real lady

A beautiful female gait is the very skill that adorns and rejuvenates any woman. This is a completely free and rewarding way to attract admiring men’s looks, which does not require any natural background or talent.

COLADY will reveal 8 secrets of the perfect gait to learn how to walk beautifully. Take note!

How to walk beautifully - 8 secrets of the perfect gait for a real lady
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  • Correct posture
    A sadly hunched spine, lowered stoves and an extended head do not attract people. After all, they symbolize a tired person, laden with deeds and problems. And the whole point is in the wrong posture, which is not difficult to correct at first.

Just straighten your chest, lift your chin, and draw in your stomach.

Legs should be parallel to each other.

Make sure that the gluteal and thigh muscles are in good shape, i.e. slightly tense.

This is the position to observe while walking.

  • Straight foot for a beautiful gait
    Keep your heel and toe in line with each step. Never turn the sock inward, except slightly outward. During the movement, the heel is placed first on the ground, and only then the body weight is transferred through the middle section of the foot to the toe and is repelled from the surface for the next step. This is the main secret of a beautiful gait.
  • Harmony between foot and body
    Have you noticed beautiful women with strange gaits? Their body seems to be walking in front of their feet! Of course, such a gait can hardly be called graceful and feminine.
    Do not repeat this mistake – the foot must go first, then the body, and the weight must be transferred gradually.
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  • Optimal step
    Do not mince, but do not spread your legs too wide. Leg by leg, “figure eight” is a model step that looks beautiful only on the catwalk. The distance between the legs for your correct stride is equal to the length of your normal foot.
  • Arms
    Don’t wave your hands, but don’t keep them in your pocket either. Hands should move freely to the beat of the steps and accordingly to their length.
  • Head
    Must be straight, not swing. The chin should not be lowered, but also not raised too high.
    Experiment with how beautiful it is to walk in front of a mirror.
  • Back exercises
    Repeat them several times a day, and the desired result will not be long in coming.
      • Lying on the floor with your arms spread out to the sides, lift your upper and lower torso for 5 seconds, gradually increasing the range of motion.
      • Sitting on a chair, put your hands behind your back in the lock and freeze for 9 seconds.
      • Lying on your stomach with arms extended along the body, raise the lower and upper parts of the body for 5 seconds.
      • Turning on your back, rise up without raising your arms and legs. Bending back, hold your breath, and then relax again.
      • Lying on your back and bending your knees, bend your lower back up. Lean on your hands and head and stand in this position for a few seconds.
      • Try a simple toe-heel exercise. Just walk in place, rolling your foot from heel to toe.
      • Jump rope to help you. It will disperse the blood, relieving blood stagnation and the onset of varicose veins. After a couple of workouts, you will feel lightness in your legs, even with long walking.
  • Quality shoes
    You shouldn’t wear high heels if they spoil your mood and take away the smile from your face.

Learning to walk beautifully – video lesson

What secrets of a beautiful gait do you know? Please leave a comment below!

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