8 trendy pairs of summer shoes you won’t want to take off

Now that the cold weather has finally receded, and summer has finally come to all cities, it’s time to think about shopping.

What you definitely can’t do without when drawing up images is a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes. Our new article will tell you which models are in trend now.

1. “Fishing” sandals

The main characters of our collection are “fisherman’s sandals” or “grandfather’s sandals”. In principle, the model received these nicknames quite justifiably, but such sandals are very comfortable and the most fashionable in the new season! We wear them with pantsuits, jeans and romantic dresses for contrast.

Zara Photos

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2. Platform sandals

Such a platform was in trend in the 2000s, and now it comes back to us in a more concise version. This is a great choice for those who want to look taller, but don’t like heels and prioritize comfort.

Platform sandals
Photo by H&M

3. Pantolet

Perfect for hot summer in the city. Complement them with a linen dress and a woven bag – and a luxurious look for a leisurely stroll along the embankment is ready!

Mango Photos

4. Heel-glass

A small heel called kitten heel turned out to be so comfortable that it still does not give up its positions. In the new season, models with a glass-heel are especially popular. Stylish and still comfortable!

Glass heel
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5. Grooved outsole

Chunky sandals with grooved soles are a great choice for grunge style looks. But even with cute dresses, this pair will look quite harmonious.

Grooved outsole
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6. Wooden clogs

For those who want something new, wooden clogs are a must-have. These shoes look very expensive and are great for boho looks.

Wooden clogs
Bershka Photos

7. Rubber “slippers”

Inspired by the popular Slide model from the Yeezy brand, now these clogs have appeared in the collections of most brands and have become a real trend in the summer of 2021. Admittedly, not everyone likes their design, but it’s hard to argue about comfort.

Rubber slippers
Stradivarius Photos

8. Espadrilles

Natural materials will ensure comfort even in the hottest weather, and a variety of designs will allow you to choose espadrilles for a variety of occasions, whether it is a walk or dinner in a restaurant.

Photo Pull & Bear

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